How To Backfill Job Board

What is a Job Board

A job board is a place where you post your resume and wait for someone to find it. Job boards are usually free, and they allow recruiters to browse hundreds of resumes in one spot. While there are many different types of job boards out there, some specialize in certain fields, while others cover a wide variety of jobs.

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Indeed is one of the most popular job boards in the world. Started in 2000, Indeed is headquartered in Chicago, Ill. Indeed focuses on career professionals, offering a wide range of jobs. Indeed does not charge employers to post jobs. Instead, it takes a small percentage of every to hire it helps make.

Other job boards offer specialized lists of jobs in specific areas. For example, eHire is a job board dedicated to IT workers. Ziptask is a job board geared toward freelancers. Simply Hired offers a variety of jobs in a number of different sectors.

Backfill Job Board From Indeed

Indeed integration is basically a paid plugin for your WP Job Manager plugin. Using Indeed integration, you will be able to query and show sponsored results from Indeed. You will easily be able to list the jobs from Indeed by means of a shortcode. In this way, Indeed integration allows you to display jobs from Indeed along with your own jobs.

Backfilling job listings from Indeed

What are the features of Indeed integration?

Mentioned below are some of the most useful features of Indeed integration:

  • You will easily be able to fill your job board by automatically including jobs from indeed.
  • You can use different shortcodes to list the Indeed jobs at any corner of your website.
  • Indeed jobs come with click tracking and affiliate links which will be provided to you by indeed itself.
Indeed integration

Why is Indeed integration useful for your job website?

Indeed integration will help you to fill your empty job board by backfilling job listings from Indeed. All you need is a Publisher ID from Indeed and you are good to go. Indeed jobs will be listed in a way similar to that of your own jobs. However, in these cases, the listings will be done through Indeed and the job description will be visible on the Indeed website. Your viewers can also have a look at Indeed jobs by clicking on the “:jobs by Indeed” text.

Jobs will be displayed to the viewers based on the default search parameters that they have defined in the settings. Once a user performs a certain search operation, the Indeed queries will show the relevant results to the users. You will also be able to list the jobs from Indeed by using a separate shortcode. Using this shortcode, you will be able to list the jobs based on the parameters that you define on your shortcode.

How to register for an Indeed publisher ID?

If you wish to start listing jobs from Indeed, you will have to register yourself for the Indeed Publisher Program. Only then will you obtain your publisher ID. The approval process may take a certain time. The request may also get rejected. We do not have any such control over the process. Once you have successfully registered and entered your Indeed account, you will have to navigate to the XML tab and look for the Sample Request section. From there you can find the status of your publisher ID. Next you will have to copy and paste your publisher ID in the Job Listing section and from there you can access Indeed Integration.

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What are the different settings available for the plugin?

Few important settings available for the plugin include:

  • Publisher ID: You will be able to include jobs from Indeed only if you have got a Publisher ID.
  • Enable backfilling jobs: You can enable the backfilling jobs options if you want to display the job listings from Indeed.
  • Site type: This option determines from which site your results should come.



In this way, you will be able to use Indeed integration in order to include jobs from Indeed to your job website. Use this plugin to the fullest and create an extraordinary website for your customers.

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