B2B Prospecting Tools

A B2B prospecting tool is software salespeople use to find potential clients, learn more about them, and then get in touch with them. Salespeople’s lack of knowledge on developing meaningful connections with decision-makers was a significant impetus for their creation. Factors such as company size, annual income, sector, job responsibilities, work environment, employee personality, and more are all considered. They consider these resources crucial for expanding their customer base and increasing sales.

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Best B2B Prospecting Tools

If you were to look for the most excellent b2b sales prospecting tools in 2023, what would they be?

1. UserGems

Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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What if you could find leads three times more likely to buy without spending hours on mundane administrative tasks? UserGems’ popularity among B2B sales and demand generation teams stems from the fact that we streamline the processes by which they may find qualified leads and close more deals in less time than with any other approach they’ve tried.

You may use User Gems to keep tabs on client work changes, discover new customers in your target accounts, and convert your calendar into a lead generator, to name a few of the app’s most valuable capabilities.

In addition, we work with programmes like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Slack, and Marketo that your company probably already uses.

2. Leadfeeder

Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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Thanks to Leadfeeder, you can learn the identities of the companies browsing your site in secret and convert them into potential customers.

You can learn more about your site’s visitors, including how they found you, what they did while there, and why they came. Using custom segmentation, you can easily score and qualified site visitors, allowing you to supply your sales team with high-quality leads while saving them time.

You can find the correct contact and their updated information in Leadfeeder Contacts. Also, it can generate robust reports and provide smooth assistance for rollout by integrating with the industry’s leading customer relationship management systems.

However, some users on review sites like Trust Radius have cautioned that it may not be suitable for selling to government agencies or large corporations.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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Benefiting from LinkedIn’s vast user base of over 600 million people is easy with the help of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

Leads may be found using the advanced search features of our B2B prospecting tool. You’ll also receive notifications about important accounts, such as when a key person leaves or a new article about them is published.
In addition, networking and maintaining connections with potential clients is simplified on LinkedIn. Their most basic, feature-limited, and non-reporting Core plan costs $79.99 per user, each month.

4. Zoominfo

Zoominfo- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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B2B companies can utilise ZoomInfo to generate more leads by discovering new prospects in their niche market.
ZoomInfo allows you to learn about a buyer’s intent by tracking anonymous website visits and conducting online research on a wide range of related topics and keywords. In addition to gathering email contact information, the software connects with numerous customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms, enables data segmentation and filtering, generates reports that can help you better understand your high-value prospects, and more.

ZoomInfo has three different pricing tiers plus a free trial. For example, their real-time buying intent signals are only available at the most expensive plan.

5. Cognism

Cognism- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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With the help of Cognism, B2B companies may employ high-quality data to gain access to previously inaccessible potential opportunities. It’s constantly being updated to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Cognism provides access to a global database, which is ideal for companies seeking to expand their customer base internationally. The programme helps sales teams save time and get off to a fast start by providing them with data and contact information. Furthermore, teams may easily split accounts and lead lists to meet individual profiles, allowing for the rapid development of tailored campaigns.

6. Clearbit

Clearbit- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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If you want to target high-value prospects who have already visited your website, Clearbit can help you collect data from anonymous website visitors and analyse it.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this software, especially those in the middle range. Build your target lists using the data, then save time and effort by automating your outbound sequences and sending only relevant ads to your ideal audience. Clearbit also notifies you right away when your targeted accounts take action.

Create contacts that reflect your ideal client on the platform of your choice (Clearbit or Salesforce, for example) after you’ve built your account lists there. Contact sales for a quote that considers your company’s usage and volume specifics.

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7. DiscoverOrg- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

DiscoverOrg- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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You can reach out to influential B2B decision-makers with the help of the information provided by DiscoverOrg.
This online service offers advanced data analysis, up-to-date customer information, and timely purchasing signals. These enhancements lessen the time spent researching while raising the number of qualified leads in your pipeline. Similar to how successfully HubSpot and Salesforce connect with DiscoverOrg, so do they with each other.

The sales, marketing, and HR departments can all benefit from using DiscoverOrg. Multiple plans at varying prices are mentioned on the website, but additional information is only available upon request.

8. Outreach- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

Outreach-Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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After LinkedIn, Outreach is one of the top online b2b prospecting platforms. It’s a technology sales teams use to improve prospecting through streamlined processes that take information and turn it into action. When using Outreach Engage, salespeople can make well-informed choices across the board.

To help sales representatives maximise pipeline production and tailor interactions with customers at every stage of the buying process, Outreach Engage streamlines and automates routine tasks. This results in less time spent on data entry, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

To top it all off, Outreach leverages insights produced by AI to enhance interaction with leads. The Outreach Engage tools and analytics allow sales reps to determine their most productive processes, eliminating the guesswork from prospecting and engagement and resulting in more reliable outcomes.

9. Lusha- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

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Email and phone numbers for business-to-business contacts are instantly available through Lusha. Your sales team can now find, prioritise, and connect with prospects on websites and LinkedIn with the help of the Lusha add-on. You can see only the leads that meet your requirements using the advanced filters. Lusha is compatible with popular CRMs like Salesforce and marketing automation platforms like Outreach and SalesLoft, and their data is CCPA and GDPR-compliant.

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10. Lead Forensics

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Identifying and contacting anonymous B2B website visitors is now possible with Lead Forensics.
The system functions by recording the IP addresses of visitors to your site. With Lead Forensics, you can see exactly who is visiting your site by comparing their IP to the records in their comprehensive B2B IP address database.
The programme may also tell whether an established consumer is looking around your website. Your staff will be able to target individual users in real-time thanks to the data sent to them on how they interact with the site.

There are two programmes available at Lead Forensics, both of which include a free seven-day trial. Sales can provide a demonstration if you’re interested in upgrading to a paid plan.

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11. Bombora- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

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Bombora offers B2B intent data that is both private and dependent on the user agreement. Thanks to sophisticated BERT-based machine learning, the Company Surge tool helps you better comprehend the motivations and preferences of your customers. Based on the data you collect; you can sort your lead list in order of importance and customise your communication with potential customers.

Several G2.com evaluations state that the site’s surge data could be more frequently adequate for locations outside the United States. The CRM and sales acceleration platforms that Bombora is compatible with include Salesforce and HubSpot, among others.

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12. Lead411- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

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Lead411’s verified information on millions of contacts makes it simpler to identify new business prospects. This programme was developed for use in the fields of sales, SaaS and technology, marketing, and personnel recruitment.

Lead411 offers triple-verified email data and double-verified direct dial numbers to ensure quality. They also give potential customers their mobile, direct office, main line, and HQ numbers when possible. Also, their information on future expansion plans will help you pinpoint the optimal time to contact potential customers.

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13. Sales Lead Pro

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Sales Lead Pro is a web-based lead creation and management system for those in the home improvement industry.
It is a web-based tool for handling and analysing leads. Sales Lead Pro also has a Contractor Director to assist companies that provide residential services in locating potential clients. You can add a photo gallery, video, and business description to the listing. Unlike the technologies above, their website needs more information regarding their lead generation process.

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14. Ricochet

While browsing any firm’s website, Twitter profile, LinkedIn corporate page, or Google search results, Ricochet’s free Chrome plugin rapidly locates relevant B2B information.

The plugin streamlines your investigation by giving instantaneous access to data like firm size, investment data, and more. To help you find new customers, the Competitors and Peers section compares your service to its rivals.
This free tool is for you if you’re a small firm searching for a lightweight sales prospecting plugin without the requirement for native integrations.

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15. LeadIQ

LeadIQ- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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LeadIQ helps sales teams be more productive during outbound prospecting by reducing administrative tasks and facilitating prioritising and customisation.

With just one click, you may import the contact information you’ve found, captured, and sorted into your chosen sales tool. And keep your data fresh with intelligent features like auto-enriching new records and updating old ones. LeadIQ has numerous pricing tiers to accommodate a wide range of corporate requirements.

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16. AeroLeads- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

AeroLeads- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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AeroLeads, which searches a database of over 425 million records to identify business and personal emails and then delivers that information to your CRM with one click, is another service that consistently ranks highly among the finest B2B prospecting tools.

All emails are verified in real time by AeroLeads to ensure you have access to trustworthy data. You may use their Chrome add-on to import leads from places like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other websites. You can use their upload function to add your information, such as contact details and company/LinkedIn profiles.

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17. RocketReach- Best B2B Prospecting Tools

RocketReach- Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools
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Using real-time verified data for 700 million professionals at 35 million firms worldwide, RocketReach puts you in touch with potential clients.

Using their database of legitimate emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles, this technology can quickly zero in on the person who has the keys to the kingdom. In addition, you can find companies that fulfil your requirements precisely, which will help you fill your pipeline. In addition to letting, you personalise your outreach campaigns, RocketReach’s sophisticated search tools help you choose the ideal contact to have. Salesforce and other CRMs can be integrated with it.

They provide a freemium service. However, it only allows for five searches each month without paying anything.

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Conclusion of Best B2B Prospecting Tools

Hopefully, this list has helped you discover a fantastic B2B sales prospecting tool that meets your business demands. We invite you to get in touch if you need help refining your approach to prospecting. In conclusion, equipping your sales force with a sales team network such as Partnered is the quickest and most straightforward approach to capitalise on your strategic alliance partnerships.

These are just a few examples of the many online resources accessible for b2b prospecting. A B2B prospecting tool assists salespeople in conducting research and following up with leads, as well as automating the development of new leads. Sales prospecting efforts and their efficiency can be significantly improved with prospecting tools such as those listed above, which make it easier to locate your target customers and monitor your b2b sales growth.

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