Authentic Learning Through Advances In Technologies

Authentic Learning Technologies

Technology has been a buzz word in the current world. It could be said that the world is heavily dependent upon the means of technology that have now become an integral part of each of the fields in the world. Technology has impacted the fields of business, healthcare, and education. However, one of the things that have been impacted the most, in my opinion, is education.
Authentic learning was said to be one of the questionable things that were discussed when the world talked about the integration of education and technology. Authentic learning is a term that is referred for the learning that is bringing the real world experiences and issues to be solved and learned. Moreover, it is also a term used for developing the concepts and skills that could be learned at this time. Authentic learning is not only about having knowledge about things but also being able to implicate the same. In this blog, we will discuss how authentic learning has been contributed to advances in technologies.

Access To Information All Around The World

Authentic Learning Technologies,wikipediaa elearning
Authentic Learning Technologies: Gets information from wikipedia

The advances in technology have made the world to have websites of every organization as well as have another online encyclopedia that can be used to access the information and share the same. One of the biggest online encyclopediae in the world is Wikipedia and everything in the world could be found on it. Moreover, Wikipedia editors keep all the information to be updated on this platform. Furthermore, many of such platforms could be stated to be used for gathering information from all around the world and this is what I think has contributed a lot in authentic learning. This has become the base for a number of learning processes and the internet is considered to be one of the biggest aid in the learning now.


elearning through webinars
Authentic Learning Technologies: elearning through webinars

What is ever possible for people to interact or learn from the experts that were in different parts of the world? Did you ever imagine that it would be possible for you to learn from a university that is in a different region of the world? Well, with technology that is now possible for everyone and one of the biggest aids to get the same done is webinars. Webinars are one of the greatest additions of technology that has brought learning to be increased for people. It makes the world to have a better connection to share their expertise with people all around the world.

Learning Management Systems

WordPress LMS Website Screenshot
WordPress LMS Website Screenshot

LMS (Learning Management Systems) is one of the things that have been introduced in the field of education after the induction of technology in it. The educational institutes have started to develop their learning management systems in order to share all the content and curriculum with the associated personnel and entities. This has made ease for everyone in respect to bringing the people a facility to learn from wherever they can. This is one of the developments made through technology that has added convenience to the learning for the people.

Self-Sufficient Learning

Self-Sufficient Learning With Youtubev
Self-Sufficient Learning With Youtube

One of the greatest phenomena in learning is that when people learn something by themselves it makes them remember it for the rest of their life and this is what one of the things that technology has brought along with it. Through different means of information sharing and learning platforms the individuals have been made to learn on their own and this is one of the things that has made the world to have self-sufficiency and independence in learning.

Collaboration Through Community Of Learning

Authentic Learning Technologies,Social Learning: Sharing progress in community
Social Learning: Sharing progress in community

One of the biggest things that technology has brought along with it is the integration of people collaborating with each other easily. This although is regarded as a benefit in the domain of communication yet it has also been a reason for impacting the authentic learning through technology. The community collaboration has made people get help on things that they want to learn in exchange for their expertise. This has contributed to making the learning to become cheap and easy.

Final Thoughts On Authentic Learning Technologies

These are five important areas that are explored and benefitted through technology. Technology, as stated, is not only bringing people closer to each other but the technology is also bringing people closer to new experiences and it is bringing exposure to the world. This is what people in today’s time seek for the learning. More than anything they require authentic learning and real-time experience to get better ideas of things and to implicate the better ideas in the world. Without technology probably a person would not have learned about the global context and there learning might have been limited to the region they are living but technology has changed it all around.




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