7 Top Game Changing Social Media Trends Of 2017

7 Top Game Changing Social Media Trends Of 2017

Well, this is an undeniable fact that social media has an impeccable impact on our modern life style. Due to its immense popularity, nowadays most of the organizations use this social media platform as one of the most potential marketing tools to maintain the smooth growth of business. This is the very beginning of another year and if you’re looking for an effective and efficient marketing strategy kit, this social media platform can be that one! Here is a list of the latest game changing trends of social media that can bring a lot of change in the business market of 2017.

Live Video Will Become Immensely Popular

You may have noticed that recently Facebook Live has become quite viral. Some recent survey and research have reflected a change in the TV viewers’ opinion. Most of the viewers are switching to various social media or digital platform from TV. Hence, those days are not very far when the TV subscribers would sever their subscriptions from TV to digital or social media. Content and network providers would obviously go with the trend and invest where the most of the eyeballs are! Isn’t it?

Ecommerce Business Will Prosper Through Social Media

E-commerce business is already booming in the field of digital marketing. Those days are not far when e-commerce business transactions or money sending process would be much easier through different social media platform. Some of the popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are already allowing the purchase procedure directly through the apps. However, in the near future, this direct call-to-action via social media would bring a revolutionary change in the face of online shopping.

7 Top Game Changing Social Media Trends Of 2017

Messaging Apps Will Become More Popular for Branding

Messaging apps have become remarkably popular compared to the traditional texting method due to its sheer effectiveness. Many brands can establish an instant communication in the one-on-one process with their customers. Obviously, with the help of these messaging apps not only the branding gets popular, but providing a quality customer service becomes easier as well. Instant messaging saves time; customers do not need to wait for hours or days to get a reverted email.

Mobile Advertising Would Become More Vying

The mobile advertising sector would become the place of making great investments for the marketers in this year. While talking about the ad revenues through various social media platform, Facebook is almost ruling the market. Last year, Facebook gained almost 80% of the total ad revenue from various mobile ads only! The ad revenue of Twitter is also increasing in a mentionable manner. This year, the social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat are going to leave an enormous impact on the digital marketing field.

Virtual Reality

Although in the year 2016 virtual reality was one of the most discussed topics, we did not get enough scope to see or to explore much about it. 360 virtual reality videos were the only content regarding this VR. Recent research has shown that this virtual reality is going to be the future of the digital marketing and one of the trendiest things of 2017.



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