10 Best Price Comparison WordPress Plugins 2024

Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

If you are selling online, you need to find ways to make more sales. Price Comparison WordPress Plugins tables are one way to boost conversions and sales. When people shop online, they tend to search for the best deal concerning the features and price of a product. This is where comparison shopping comes to play. With your website, you can help people find the right product according to their needs. 


Why do you need a price comparison plugin for your online store?

Before using the price comparison plugin you need to know why you need it and how it going to help you in your business. When you built your online store with WooCommerce, you will get a basic website structure. For a better user experience, you have to add many other things to your website and for this you need add-ons. So the price comparison plugin add-on is one of these. You can create a price comparison block for two products with product features and price comparisons. When you give products comparison on your online store, your customers will choose the perfect products for themself.

We have listed below some of the best price comparison plugins for your WordPress site. These plugins can be used to create simple or detailed product comparisons using responsive tables to help your visitors make better decisions. Continue reading: 

1. WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables is a free pricing table plugin with a clean design. It is responsive and user-friendly. You can present the features and prices of the products in mainly two different ways: By displaying product features separately, or by comparing the features of products using comparison pricing tables.

It helps to create feature rows and columns as many as you want. Also, you can use drag-and-drop sorting to rearrange rows and columns. 

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2. Datafeedr Comparison Sets

Datafeedr Comparison Sets

Datafeedr Comparison Sets is a cool plugin that lets you compare products and prices with the use of extremely simple shortcodes. Overall, it is an affiliate eCommerce subscription service. It automatically creates different kinds of comparison sets for any desired product! It fits perfectly per your needs and has an excellent support team that takes care of all your queries in the shortest possible time. 


3. Pricing Table by Supsytics

Pricing Table by Supsytics

Supsytic is yet another great plugin that has been designed to keep your needs as the prime focus. It typically works as a pricing table but it works great for comparisons. The plugin is flexible and you can also use it to promote your affiliate orders. Moreover, it has a high degree of customization and you can include things such as product images, descriptions, ratings, and CTA (Calls To Action) buttons. The plugins are responsive and are meant to look great on all user devices. Download it right away to get an idea of its detailed features. 


4. WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables

Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

Made with your requirements in mind, this plugin is designed awesomely. WordPress Pricing Tables has all the basic features you need and so much more. Since flexibility is important, these tables are flexible and detailed. Additionally, you can compare products with different kinds of custom features. It also provides you with additional items such as pricing sliders and traditional pricing tables. Lastly, it has 50+ designs to choose from! If you want a plugin that works according to you at a reasonable price, this is it! 

5. Content Egg – all-in-one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, and Deal sites

Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

Content Egg is filled with so many amazing features that will give your website an edge over your competitors. It also provides you with affiliate marketing tools in addition to product comparison tables. The best thing is that such tables are easy! Now you can add particulars such as the price, logo, and ‘buy now’ buttons. You can also give your visitors an option to subscribe to price drop notifications and they shall be notified of the same automatically. The features don’t end here – it also has auto blogging tools, automatic price updates, and price alters. Grow your business the easy way with Content Egg! 

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6. Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

Now you can create great WordPress pricing and comparison tables with Go Pricing plugin! It has everything you need. It also supports different media elements such as audio, video, images, and so on. All in all, this plugin is compatible, responsive, has an easy-to-use interface, has 2000+ font icons, lets you decorate your columns, and shows you a live preview of the changes you have made. In short, it is a classic yet modern theme suited to your needs. Go ahead and create tables for your use! 

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7. Getwid – Gutenberg blocks

getwid price comparision plugin

Getwid is a free plugin for Gutenberg blocks it has a collection of 40+ blocks that extend the WordPress core blocks for more features. Also, you will have 35+ premade template layouts for blocks. So when you see the 40+ blocks, you will find a price box WordPress block. If you already using the Getwid plugin then you don’t have to add an extra price comparison plugin.

You can set different background colors for both packages that you are going to compare. You can use bullet points to describe the features of your products to compare.

8. Pricing tables WordPress Plugin

pricing table WordPress plugin

Pricing tables WordPress Plugin is also one of the best price comparison plugins to use. It makes it easy to create a beautiful pricing table on the WordPress website. You are allowed to buy or customize the pricing table according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about coding to build a pricing comparison table.

This plugin is Gutenberg-compatible and works with any WordPress theme. Built your pricing table in a few minutes. 

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9. Responsive Pricing Table

responsive pricing table

With the Responsive pricing table plugin, you can add a price comparison table anywhere on your website. This plugin is totally free with many features that require building a price comparison table. You can edit the pricing table from the WordPress admin panel. You can easily customize the pricing table color that goes with the product.

Download this plugin from the WordPress dashboard for free, you can upgrade its features by investing 19/year for a single website.

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10. YITH WooCommerce Compare    

YITH woocommerce compaier

YITH WooCommerce Compare is a WooCommerce extension that adds a product price comparison feature to your website. The purpose of this plugin is for your customers can compare the products with their features and price and more. This plugin comes with specific price comparison templates so you can easily create your price comparison blocks.

It improves your customer’s usability experience on your website which can help you to generate more traffic for your business. 

BuddyX Theme

Final Thoughts on Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

Well, there you go! These were our picks. We hope you can now decide which plugin to opt for your price and product comparisons! Thank you for reading and all the best with your website! 

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