5 Effective Ways That Tell You How To Generate Leads Through Your Blog

How to Generate Leads

Blogging has not been the same as you find them now. In the earlier days, blogs used to resemble online journals and diaries. They consisted of the thoughts, memories, and beliefs of the one who was writing them. But with the advancement blogging has changed and become an influential platform for marketing needs. So, the hobby bloggers moved away and the professional ones made their way in. People started blogging in order to generate leads and more revenue in their accounts.


How To Generate Leads Through Blogs

In this article, we are going to discuss the ways that can help your blog (if you are having one) to generate leads.

1. Use Exit Intent Popup

These are good to generate leads. These are the screens that come when you get ready to switch a page or close the page you are on. Though they are annoying they actually work. So, when all of your other options stop working you can utilize them. The exit-intent popups also track the results. They leverage as a part of lead generation.

2. Host a Webinar

There is more engagement among internet users. There is a voice behind every post with the users need to understand. The webinars are actually a great way to generate leads. In days and consecutively in months you will see the leads increasing. It is something more than collecting an email address and plugging it into the spreadsheet. The webinar should comprise certain questions from which one can get several ideas of blogging in the future. You would also be able to understand what your audiences really want.

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3. Engage Yourself in Comments

The comment section of a blog remains unnoticed. You can get some comments on them. Make sure that you reply to them but don’t take it as an afterthought. If your readers are driven to the comments section then you can be sure to generate leads. You can simply answer questions in the comments part to generate more leads. If someone is facing a problem you should direct them to the landing page with the right opt-in form.

4. Use the Sidebar Real Estate

These are the most underutilized areas of the blog. The sidebar is actually not used or remains overcrowded. Both extremes are bad mistakes and you have to be sure that they are used in the right way. When you intend to generate leads the sidebar is then a gift to you. Sometimes the header and the footer are visible and so the sidebar is also. You should include value adds and opt-in forms. This keeps the readers engaged with the blogs.

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5. Use Social Influencers

When you are sharing blog posts you are definitely not able to reach out to the maximum number of audiences. There is a significant uphill battle when you try to generate leads. So, in order to reduce that you have to connect to the social influencers around you. A noted help desk software leader says that one should start identifying the influencers in the industry. Then they have to build relationships with them by liking, commenting or sharing their posts. The ultimate goal for this is to get noticed.

Start Generating Leads Through Your Blogs Now!

So, when you are using the above-mentioned tools, your leads would definitely multiply. The strategies of lead creation are even enriching these days with robust SEO use, backlink creation, and most importantly updated content. Only maintain that you know the target audiences and have a clear idea of the purpose of the blog. Getting to know what clocks the audiences will make your target achieving easier. Yes, it is true that it will take some time but the effort will be worth it and will definitely generate leads.

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