15 Years Of WordPress !!!

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WordPress turned 15 years old on 27th May 2018 and it was a complete delight for all of us working with WordPress. Since last 15 years, WordPress has come a long way and today it has become the most popular and loved platforms of all time. WordPressers around the world celebrated this day with great delight and excitement. WordPress started a hashtag #WP15 tweet series where tweets from everywhere were shared by people on different social media accounts. These hashtag tweets were also being shared live by the WordPress event page https://wp15.wordpress.net/. Therefore, we decided to bring to you some of the really amazing celebrations that took place in the world on this occasion. Let us discover 15 Years Of WordPress !!!

WordPress 15 Celebration

Our most favorite human and the man behind WordPress, Matt tweeted on this occasion and shared his blog called WordPress at 15. He thanked everyone and all the dedicated folks who worked hard in making WordPress a grand success.



WordPress Cape Town celebrated the day in style with such a grand cake having the cutest Wappu of all.


Lucknow WordPress Meetup also celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone told their individual user experience of using WordPress. They also shared the problems they faced while using the platform and how we can try and make things better.

WordPress Manila Meetup community celebrated this day with all the community members coming together and enjoying the day with those pretty WP Balloons.


The love of Jazz is not unknown in the WordPress community. All the major releases of WP have been named after famous Jazz artists. On this occasion, BobWP shared an amazing blog on Twitter the videos of all the famous Jazz artists in one place. He named it as “WordPress Turns 15 Years Old. Celebrate With Some Great Jazz”.


JetPack’s celebration seemed like a weekend picnic with all the delicacies, fun and frolic. They celebrated this day with WordPress Madrid community members.


They are beautiful. Aren’t they? This isn’t just enough. We just gave a list of a few WordPressers who celebrated it grand. There is so much more than just these. If you wish to see some more amazing celebration pictures, you can search it using the hashtag #wp15 on Twitter. I hope you liked this list and enjoyed this day as much as we did. WordPress is growing and we wish it grows and becomes huge every coming year. 🙂



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