If you own a WordPress website and you wish to include video content on your website, then this is the place for you. WordPress provides you with a number of YouTube plugins using which you will be able to import videos directly from YouTube.

Why add WordPress YouTube plugins to your website?

Viewers like to get information in an easy way and as soon as possible, giving them what they want is your responsibility. The YouTube plugin helps you add videos to your website pages, and adding YouTube content to your website can provide many benefits. 

YouTube is the second largest search platform after Google, people are most likely to watch videos to get to know about something. It gives you the option to create, add, share, and promote YouTube videos. Having a video on your website or a tutorial video on your blog post can improve the user experience and drive traffic to your WordPress website.

WordPress YouTube Plugins

Using these plugins, all the videos would work beautifully with your website. The people will also start to spend more time on your website. You will also be able to increase the conversion rate and keep your visitors engaged for a longer duration of time.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a few of the best WordPress YouTube plugins 2022: 


1. WP YouTube Hub

WordPress YouTube Plugins

WP YouTube Hub is a premium WordPress YouTube plugin using which you will be able to create a video gallery. You will be able to import videos from channels, playlists, and searches. You need not have to manually enter the categories and titles. All these can be automatically done.

You will be able to set the starting time of your videos. You can also mute the videos using the WP YouTube Hub whenever required. WP YouTube Hub allows you to create a playlist that can be displayed on your website. The plugin also allows you to automatically schedule the videos. It is SEO friendly and efficiently utilizes your YouTube data. WP YouTube Hub is highly responsive and also allows bulk video import. 

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2. WP YouTube Lyte

WordPress YouTube Plugins

WP YouTube Lyte is an excellent WordPress YouTube plugin that will allow you to embed YouTube videos on your website. The plugin will let you upload all your videos effortlessly.WP YouTube Lyte is a very popular plugin and video rendering is much faster. Using this plugin, you can also post multiple videos on the same page.

WP YouTube Lyte has a number of features using with you will be able to modify the look of your player. You can also set the players’ size and the starting time of your videos. You will also be able to add a link to an entire YouTube playlist. The plugin is multilingual and is cross-platform compatible. It can also force HD and support video object microdata.

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3. YouTube Videos & Shorts Plugin by Tagembed

Streaming videos on the website is an amazing way to make a website more lively and engaging. But sometimes, embedding videos one by one might consume more time & resources and also affect the website speed. To overcome this, you have a plugin – YouTube Widget for WordPress Website by Tagembed.

The plugin helps you collect, curate, customize, and display YouTube feeds on the website with ease from channel, playlist, YouTube Shorts, keyword, etc., methods. By following a few simple steps, you can easily embed YouTube videos on the WordPress website and add liveliness.

Alongside easing the embedding process, the plugin also provides various featureres that add great value to it. Like, it allows you to personalize your widget as per your choice, moderate the content from the feed and more. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with 19+ social media platforms and showcases all types of content without affecting website performance and speed.

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4. ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

WordPress YouTube Plugins

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder is one of the most powerful WordPress YouTube plugins. The plugin is extremely flexible and is also ultra-responsive. You can use this plugin on any popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will be able to set the description and custom title of your videos using ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder is also SEO ready. You will be able to add powerful shortcodes to your web page. It is also highly intuitive and has responsive CSS embeds. The plugin is also extremely easy to use. ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder comes with WYSIWYG support. Some of the other interesting features include a loop mode, privacy mode, and subscribe button.

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5. Video Gallery by YotuWP

WordPress YouTube Plugins

Video Gallery by YotuWP is a very flexible and responsive video gallery plugin. It is a WordPress YouTube plugin which will allow you to import YouTube videos to your WordPress website. The plugin also allows you to import multiple videos from playlist and channel. You can also import videos from usernames.

Video Gallery by YotuWP is retina ready and works well on devices of any screen size. It is also highly customizable which makes the plugin extremely flexible. Your video gallery will look exactly the way you want it to. Video Gallery by YotuWP comes with Shortcode Generator which is very easy to use. There are multiple thumbnail styles available. The plugin also uses Google API caching. A number of style setting options are also available.

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6. Widget Responsive For YouTube

WordPress YouTube Plugins

Youtube Widget Responsive allows you to add YouTube videos to your website with ease. You can add the videos to the sidebar of your website. You can also add custom widgets using which you will be able to embed video without any effort. A number of shortcodes are available using which you can insert video to the pages and posts. The videos also support the jio object fieldvideoObject fields.

Youtube Widget Responsive is SEO ready and is highly flexible. You will be provided with a lot of customization options. You can change the color of the progress bar. The plugin lets you select the time when the video begins. Youtube Widget Responsive enables tracking on your video so that you can get detailed analytics.

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7. Youtube Showcase

YouTube ShowCase

Youtube Showcase allows you to play YouTube videos on your website in the best possible way. This plugin lets you create video galleries as per your choice. It is a free plugin and has amazing features. You will all be able to automatically set up your video gallery page after installing the plugin.

Youtube Showcase is super intuitive and even a person with no technical knowledge will be able to use the plugin. YouTube Showcase comes with a lot of in-depth documentation to help you out. The videos can also be displayed using the grid layout also. You will be able to use your sidebars to promote your YouTube video. You can set an autoplay and video resolution. Youtube Showcase also allows you to add categories and titles to your videos.

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8. Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

video gallery - youtube gallery plugin

Video Gallery is a responsive and user-friendly plugin. It supports other video platforms other than youtube such as Vimeo and Wistis. It has a user-friendly editor so if you don’t know much about technical terms still you can customize this plugin. To build a video gallery you will get pre-built themes and layouts that help you to create an attractive gallery for your users.

You can hover effects, video lightbox effects, and gallery pagination in those pre-build themes. This plugin allows you to change the color so you can match the video and video gallery with your website color. You will get this plugin in 2 versions, premium and paid. Its free version gives you all the basic features that require to add a video to your website. But in the premium version, you will get hundreds of more fonts, hover effects, and styling options. 

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9. Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube

embed plus plugin

You can download Embed Plus Plugin for free from WordPress. You can customize this plugin according to your requirement and match the video gallery with your website format. It is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. And you can embed the YouTube video, Channel, and Playlist with the Gutenberg block editor. 

You can feature the YouTube Channel or Playlist in the website video gallery. You will get the setting to set your gallery video automatically after opening the video gallery page. It defer critical and noncritical java to improve the initial load time of your page and give a better user experience to your users. There are several setting options in its dashboard to create your video gallery more effective.

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10. Feeds for YouTube

feeds for youtube

Feeds for YouTube allow you to embed your YouTube channel on the website. You don’t have to embed single videos one by one on your website. Its free version has many features that require a YouTube video publisher WordPress plugin. You get three layouts: a grid layout, a list layout, or a gallery layout. 

If you have two or more two YouTube channels you can create multiple pages or widgets. Whether your customers’ screen size is big or small, feeds look great on any screen size. This plugin helps you to increase traffic to your website. The plugin gets updated regularly with new features, bug fixes, and API changes. 

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So, these were some of the best WordPress YouTube plugins. Just by installing these plugins, you will be able to import video content to your website. You will also be able to present the videos to your visitors in an attractive way. Which WordPress YouTube plugin do you like the most?

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