Marketing Mistakes Your SaaS Company is Making

Regardless of the type of SaaS company you are, marketing is essential. And getting your marketing efforts right is not an easy feat. Unfortunately, the rising competition is becoming fierce by the day, and you cannot afford to make mistakes. So the best time to make changes to your marketing efforts is now. Therefore, your SaaS company should examine the five marketing mistakes this article discusses.

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Marketing Mistakes Your SaaS Company is Making

Learn how to avoid the most common marketing mistakes made by SaaS companies. Continue reading…

1. Ignoring User Experience (UX)

Creating a user-friending experience for visitors to your site is essential. Because of the short human attention span, capturing your audience’s attention within 15 seconds is crucial.

Mobile users are even much more difficult to please than PC users. Studies show that, on average, PC users are likely to spend 39 minutes on your site, while mobile users will only use 17 minutes if you are lucky.
Furthermore, mobile users are pretty impatient. So, if your site is not optimized for phones and tablets, the users are five times more likely to leave.

Also, you can’t afford to make errors in your website design strategy. Visitors will likely get lost if you don’t have a clear purchasing path. Thus, it would be best if you had customer support tools readily available to attend to your visitors whenever they reach out with their questions.

Furthermore, your UX should work for you and your staff. Because your site is your biggest marketing tool, it should be optimized such that you can get potential leads you can follow up on. An unoptimized website is a SaaS marketing mistake that you can easily avoid.

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2. Ignoring Your Audience’s Content Consumption

Audience's Content- Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes

Marketing experts at Getuplead recommend looking at your website objectively once in a while. Your website should not be designed for end-users if your marketing goal is to sell a B2B SaaS product.

B2B users are minimalistic and hate clutter, especially when using their mobiles. And all users like to scroll, including enterprise users. So, giving your users space is best. In addition, you should avoid overfilling or delivering your killer content in one section of your site.

B2C users, on the other hand, respond more to effective branding, influencer marketing, and exceptional usability.

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3. Neglecting SEO- Marketing Mistakes

Local SEO Audit- Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes

Except your SaaS company is popular, most of your site visitors will come from a search engine. Therefore, you will lose out to your competitors if you are not spending time and resources on improving your site’s rankings on Google.

In addition to keywords, using visuals is also essential. Sites that use various images get more engagement. Furthermore, videos increase your search engine rankings.

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4. Not Incorporating A Blog- Marketing Mistakes

Blogs increase site visitors, create interactions, and retain customer interest long enough for conversion. In addition, blogs contribute most of a company’s monthly traffic while generating leads you can follow up on.

When creating blogs, the trick is to produce high-quality content that visitors will find helpful regardless of their stage in their customer journey. For example, you can create a short daily blog post with a well-curated industry news digest. You can also embed a few insights and fun videos or gifs. Generally, promotional links should be secondary or included deep in the blog post as they can be off-putting to your readers.

Another way to boost interactions is to share your posts on social media. The best interactions come in the form of comments. Then, selectively responding to the comments makes you appear approachable and creates new leads.
Furthermore, ensure you use searchable and shareable headlines. If you are using WordPress, tools like Yoast can drive up SEO. You can also host your blog on your site, drawing more traffic to the site and, eventually, your product pages. Investing in a content marketing strategy is not optional but necessary.

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5. Not Fully Harnessing Social Media

Social Media- Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Mistakes

Many SaaS companies lack the human resources and technical know-how to utilize social media opportunities. However, you can promptly and efficiently remind your customers that you are a relevant part of their lives through social media. In addition, you can use this media to remind them of your product’s new features and forthcoming updates.

Managing your social media channels well and creating good content can increase your product’s validity. It is best to ensure that your content is regularly updated and a mix of fun and stimulating information. Furthermore, regular content poses your company as an active and prospering one with personality and plenty of time to spend on outreach.

Statistics show that video content generates more engagements than text and images combined. So, if you have a video to share, it is best to do so.

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Marketing Mistakes- The Bottom Lines

If you have made the mistakes discussed in this article before, do not beat yourself up. Now that you can identify them, you can turn the mistakes around to create a foolproof marketing strategy.

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