WordPress Versus PHP: The Better Platform To Build Your Business Website?

Imagine you are a business that wants to start having an online presence. The first thing you would be required to do is create your business website. Does this mean that when you approach a website designing agency to build the website, the first thing that they are going to ask you is- WordPress or Website?

If you are an entrepreneur that does not know the basics of both these platforms, you have landed on the right article. Being the first step in establishing a digital presence, a website is one of the most essential components for any business.

Businesses need to understand a website as their 24×7 shop. Anyone who comes on the website needs to know what the business is about, what are its various products/services and how can I get in touch with the business?

In this article, we try to answer a question that most business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves right at the very beginning- PHP or WordPress?

PHP: What is it and why you should take it seriously?

The standard acronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor is the most commonly used and famous programming language. It has been used for website development for a very long time thanks to its multiple advantages.

Thanks to being around for more than 20 years, you are sure to get talent that is well-versed at different levels of PHP. This means that you will not have any issues in sorting any problems that come on the website.
You can think of PHP as a scripting language that is used by programmers and coders. It is an open-source platform that means that you do not have to get any licenses or permits from anyone to create a website using PHP.

Being one of the most dynamic programming languages in the world and boosted by a great community, 8 out of 10 websites in the world are created using it.

WordPress: A Content Management System (CMS)

As opposed to PHP that is a programming language, WordPress is a Content Management System. Imagine building blocks or frames. If you add content, videos, or images to the same, it can show directly in the form of a website according to pre-configured templates.

That is what a WordPress website does. Content management, designing, and alterations require a lot of work. A WordPress platform does this for you. It allows you to set and operate your website in a simple and efficient manner. If you do not have experience in coding or programming, you will still be able to set up a WordPress website!

It should be pointed out that WordPress is one of the many CMS platforms in the world today. However, as it is so convenient, functional, and supported by a great open source community, it is by far the leading CMS platform in the world today.

Advantages of using a PHP Programming Language Website

In this section, we are going to list down three major advantages of creating a website using PHP-

1. PHP is Scalable- According to web development experts, creating a website on PHP means you can scale it according to the needs of the future. This means there are no restrictions in terms of integrations or expanding the scope of design and functionality.

2. PHP is Affordable- You do not need to buy a theme to get PHP to start working. For a startup, this is one of the most cost-effective solutions that can help them lessen the financial burden for the business. This is why many start-ups prefer PHP to WordPress.

3. PHP is Flexible- many web developers say that when it comes to native applications, PHP is far better than any other programming language. It can allow for a high degree of customization options and integration with different software and functionalities.

Basic Advantages of using a WordPress Website


Let us now turn out attention to some of the major advantages of a WordPress website-

1. WordPress is Simple- in today’s world, you do not have to be a coder or a programmer to create a high-sum website that drives thousands of dollars in sales. All you need is a simple, clear, and functional WordPress site that has all the bells and whistles.

2. WordPress is Fast- when it comes to optimizing speed and on-page performance, a WordPress website can be optimized in a matter of minutes. A PHP website needs to be looked into and checked to find faults that are making it slow.

3. WordPress is SEO-Friendly- if as a business you are looking to drive digital performance, you will be planning an efficient SEO strategy. WordPress has been found to deliver greater results when it comes to SEO than a PHP website.

The Final Word

Many experts point out that for smaller to medium scale organizations, WordPress is the better option. However, bigger businesses that need to improve and scale in the near future should invest in a PHP website. It is essential that as a business, you need to list down the pros and cons of your business before you make a final selection. If you would like us to help you make a decision on which is the better option, let us know your questions in the comments section below.

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