WordPress Starter Themes 2024

WordPress is one of the most popular and highly efficient content management systems out there are if you are looking to learn WordPress, you are at the right place. Wanting to build a custom website requires diving deep into the core of WordPress. 

A WordPress starter theme is a blank template with minimum design. It usually has a basic or no layout. It allows developers to build an entirely new theme by adding their styles. Starter themes are different than parent themes and theme frameworks. There is no styling and a developer needs to alter the theme and design it according to their needs. Starter themes can help you in many ways. It gives you a skeleton template that can be used to build and design amazing things. 

In this article, we will go through some excellent WordPress starter themes 2023 for you.

WordPress Starter Themes

1. BuddyX Theme


BuddyX is a modern and multi-purpose starter theme for WordPress developers. This theme comes with great features that will help you to create a successful and very professional-looking website. You are free to make any changes to make it more attractive. BuddyX theme is compatible with BuddyPress Nouveau & Legacy Templates.

BuddyX theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, so you can use it to create an online shop and sell your products or services to make handsome revenue. This theme is perfect for creating all types of websites using pre-built layouts without any coding knowledge.

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2. Reign Theme

Reign Theme

Reign is one of the best multi-purpose WordPress starter themes for developers that helps them to build WordPress sites that are highly optimized for performance. This theme offers you a premium Visual Composer so you can easily create stunning designs for your site with the help of a drag-and-drop interface.

This theme is a fully responsive, extremely flexible, and retina-ready WordPress theme, and your site will look great on all kinds of modern devices. Reign theme is also compatible with a variety of contact forms and works flawlessly with BuddyPress and bbPress plugins.

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3. Underscores

WordPress Starter Themes

Underscores is one of the most complete starter themes and it is provided by the WordPress theme. Lots of developers have contributed to making this fine theme. It helps you to understand and learn to build a theme. The most amazing thing is that you can learn the very core concepts of WordPress theme development quickly and effortlessly with this theme. All you need to do to get started is download this to generate specific themes. 

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4. Sage


Sage is a reliable WordPress solution for all your needs. It is a solid starter theme that has modern features for front-end development. It ensures a smooth and fast workflow. Moreover, the default template of Sage is markup-optimized and ready for search engine visitors. The whole process is quick, efficient, and highly sought. Moreover, if you want a true ‘from scratch’ experience, all you need to do is pick a blank framework and style everything! In short, it is an awesome starter theme with a modern development workflow.

Know more – here.

5. Astra


Astra is used by businesses all over the world. It is ideal for a starter site and is one of the most popular themes. With a user-friendly interface and professionally designed templates, Astra is chosen by professionals worldwide. You can build a website in minutes. All you have to do is choose a template, change the content according to your brand, and then go live. It has pre-built websites, allows for customization without code, and is made for page builders. 

Check it out – here

6. Naked


Naked is a basic starter theme with a strong foundation. It only has basic units of a  website such as a homepage, the about us page, and so on. It has responsive styling, custom menus, customer sidebar, and widgets and allows blogging. Naked is a powerful design option and is used by developers around the world. You can create themes without necessarily dealing with the WordPress Codex. 

Check it out – here

7. Highstarter


Highstarter is a lightweight theme that combines core WordPress functions with custom CSS and vanilla Javascript – to optimize the overall performance of your website. It is compatible, flexible, and has a plethora of features. It provides you with a wide range of options in the theme customizer and is ideal for developers and people with no coding skills. Some notable features include a static homepage, custom header image, Call To Action (CTA) button, parallax scrolling, and accent colors. So download it today and create a content-rich site that’s neat and user-friendly!

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8. Brook


Brook is an amazing WordPress starter theme with 37 and counting index pages. With its out-of-the-box features, you can create amazing themes. IT has pre-designed and ready-to-use themes for you. It also has internal pages, blog layouts, an online store, and portfolios. Whatever you need – Brook has it. From Accordions, carousels, contact forms to testimonials, slider revolution, and lists – the collection goes on and on!

Check it out – here

9. Joints WP

Joints WP

This theme gives developers the flexibility and power needed to build amazing and mobile-friendly websites. It has a modern workflow that makes creating easier and hassle-free. You can use this to create great designs for your site. It has everything you need – navigation menus, sliders, recent posts sidebars, templates and so much more. It is based on the Foundation 6 framework and comes in CSS or Sass. 

You can check out Joints WP – here

9. WP Bootstrap Starter

WordPress Starter

This theme can be the basis of any WordPress project. It is free and completely customizable. There are fight page templates – right sidebar, left sidebar, full-width, Blank with the container, and blank without a container. It is compatible with plenty of popular plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce, and Visual Composer. It is based on the most powerful frameworks in the world. There is a link at the footer which can be removed – and that’s it – now you can design your theme according to your preferences. Moreover, the theme is updated from time to time and has excellent support. 

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10. Ultimatum

WordPress Themes: Ultimatum

There are a lot of reasons to choose Ultimatum as your starting theme. It is ideal for your admin dashboard and creating designs is as simple as writing a new post. Additionally, this theme is drag-and-drop based. Choose a grid size and start creating a layout as per your preferences. It works well for everyone, from beginners to advanced designers and developers. This is a great theme to understand how drag-and-drop can be used in the development of themes. In short, it has 4 exemplary things: a drag-and-drop layout builder, premium extensions, developer-friendly codebase, and simple to update the core. Create premium quality themes with Ultimatum right away!

Check it out – here

We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you for reading and all the best!

Reign BuddyPress Theme

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