WordPress SSL Plugins

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol to encrypt data exchanged between a user’s browser and a server during an online financial or retail transaction. If you want to keep the information visitors enter on your website safe, select an SSL plugin with all the bells and whistles. Please find below a list of the best WordPress SSL Plugins to protect your online presence. There are hundreds of choices, but choosing which will work best for your website can take time. If so, you’ll want to check out the WordPress SSL plugins mentioned below. Each offers specific benefits toward your goal of reassuring end consumers, in this case, about the safety of their data. If you’re running an online store, an SSL plugin is a must-have. Visitors will only stay on your site if they see it. Some WordPress SSL plugins are available at no cost, which is a big help.

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WordPress SSL Plugins

Recommended SSL/HTTPS Plugins for WordPress

1. Simple SSL- WordPress SSL Plugin

Simple SSL
WordPress SSL Plugin
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Obtaining an SSL Certificate is a mandatory step before implementing Simple SSL. Several companies offer SSL certificates. Otherwise, activation is as simple as clicking a button. Keep your data safe by making a backup before you leave. The name alone gives away the fact that it is lightweight and straightforward. So you’ll have more time for other things to improve your website. The free version can supply the information you need to secure your website.

Premium is a great way to show your support for the devs. Of course, it also offers other features and functions that you could find helpful. Such as the ability to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security. In addition, HSTS preload list configuration is supported. More so, the Premium Edition will send you an email warning when your SSL certificate is about to expire. It has a superior security header and other characteristics, so it’s safer.

2. WP LetsEncrypt

WP-Encryption- WordPress SSL Plugin
WordPress SSL Plugin
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It’s nice that this plugin can create an SSL certificate automatically. Instant HTTP domain verification with no additional configuration required. Additionally, if you’re using WordPress on a specialized VPS/Dedicated Server without cPanel, you can create certificate files and put them on your server to your apache or Nginx.

If all of this sounds too complicated, the Premium version comes with support from the developers. Even the free edition has specific bonuses. A more robust set of tools are available in the Pro edition. This WordPress SSL Plugin monitors when your SSL certificate is due to expire and renews it automatically every 90 days. Furthermore, it supports wildcard SSL certificates and automatic DNS verification. Lastly, protecting your website improves its visibility and Google rating, bringing in additional leads.

3. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL- WordPress SSL Plugin
WordPress SSL Plugin
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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a must-have for any thriving website. It takes numerous measures to prevent access by unauthorized parties, such as hackers. Apart from that, it safeguards against malicious software and information. The presence of an SSL certificate prevents cookie hijacking and downgrade attempts. With this WP Force plugin, you can increase your site’s security and give visitors peace of mind. Simply installing and activating this plugin is all that is required. Because of this, all HTTP connections are sent to HTTPS instead.

Once the certificate has been activated, testing can begin. As a prerequisite, you must, of course, acquire an SSL certificate. Website trustworthiness increases when SSL is enabled. This plugin includes a tool to check the validity of an SSL certificate and determine if it is up to date. A quick click of the “Test SSL Certificate” button will reveal the certificate’s current health.

4. SSL Zen- WordPress SSL Plugin

SSL Zen- WordPress SSL Plugin
WordPress SSL Plugin
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The SSL certificate needed to safeguard your website can be generated with the help of this plugin. This SSL Zen can be installed and configured to change all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. You can get the free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit Global Certificate Authority. You may find that installing the SSL certificate on your website is more complicated than you anticipated. Some settings and actions on your part will help bring about the HTTPS. This plugin makes it easy to do so. It’s like having a personal assistant that gets things done. If you upgrade to the premium edition, you’ll get automatic SSL renewals at no additional cost. The SSL certificate is created mechanically, and domain ownership is validated.

5. Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL)

Easy HTTPS Redirection
WordPress SSL Plugin
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Installing this plugin will make your site more search-engine friendly. Just remember to activate it after you’ve installed the SSL certificate. When ready, you can switch to HTTPS to give your site an extra layer of protection. This plugin changes your page’s URL from HTTP to HTTPS. Visitors will be compelled to use the encrypted version of your site rather than the unencrypted one. It will have a positive effect on user experience and search engine optimization. Another thing it does is ensures that only static files with an HTTPS URL are loaded.

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6. Auto-Install Free SSL

Does your WordPress site require an SSL certificate, but you don’t want to spend any money on one? If yes, then this add-on will handle everything for you. To ensure that your SSL certificate is valid before it is renewed, you are given 30 days’ notice. An SSL certificate will be installed immediately if you use a web server that uses the cPanel control panel. To put your mind at ease, your WordPress database is encrypted to protect critical data like passwords and API keys. After installing and activating this plugin, your site will be HTTPS-only, ensuring the safety of your visitors’ data. Then the lock icon in the address bar will turn into a padlock. Last but not least, your Let’s Encrypt account and SSL certificate can be revoked at any time. Enabled SSL installation, a curl extension, an OpenSSL extension, and Linux hosting are all necessities.

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7. WC SSL Seal- WordPress SSL Plugin

WC SSL Seal- WordPress SSL Plugin
WordPress SSL Plugin
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When clients use their bank accounts, credit cards, and other sensitive information on your WooCommerce site, you must reassure them that their data is safe. They know they can safely purchase from your site when they see the SSL symbol. At checkout, you can show the customer the seal. With this add-on, you may incorporate an SSL provider and show both user-supplied and pre-set images for the provider’s Secure Seal. In this case, the WooCommerce purchase confirmation page. First, you’ll need an SSL certificate to enable this. Providers of SSL certificates typically stock them on their websites. When you have your SSL certificate, you can install and activate this WC SSL Seal. If you activate this plugin, you won’t have to do anything else with it. The SSL Seal Tab may be accessed from the Settings Screen in WooCommerce by selecting the Settings menu. The speed of the website will be immediately apparent.

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Conclusion of WordPress SSL Plugin

A free SSL certificate is included with some of the above products. However, others provide instantaneous HTTPS web traffic generation. Rest assured that your visitors will feel more secure providing personal information on your site if you take this precaution. If you want to rank higher in search engine results, SSL is a must. Once you implement security measures on your website, search engines can still access it. Because of this, select one of these SSL options.

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