Best WordPress Author Box Plugins 2024 Updated

Best WordPress Author Box Plugins

There is a sure level of trust that is picked up when a group of people knows a bit about the author whose work they are reading. An author bio, first observed on book covers, adds a tinge of personal touch. On blogs and sites, an author bio box fills this need. These advanced author bios incorporate a photograph of the author alongside a couple of sentences about him and his work or achievements. For site proprietors, author bios are an extraordinary approach to reward the writer for their work by giving them appropriate credit and presentation since these bios can incorporate connections to an author’s site or social profile.

How to Add an Author Box in WordPress Posts?

To serve this purpose, the WordPress repository has several Author box plugins that help the site administrators add an author’s profile. Let’s find out more about these WordPress Author Box Plugins.

Author bio section in a blog post using plugin enables you to include your own biography as well as other information such as links to your website, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc., which will be displayed at the bottom of each article published on your blog. You can also customize the look of the Bio Section with CSS styles. Creating a blogging community website is super easy with WordPress BuddyPress addon BuddyPress member blog. It allows site members to be contributors in site blogs and easily create from member profile front end form.

Blog post contribution widget allows users to contribute posts directly into any existing blog without having to register themselves. The user just needs to enter some basic details like name, email address, and choose the category where he wants to publish it. This feature helps to promote content sharing among bloggers.

Best WordPress Author Box Plugins 2021 Updated

Allow guest post contributors and freelance writers to contribute to your site. This is a great way for you to get more content on your blog, while also getting paid at the same time!.

1. Simple Author Box

WordPress Author Box
WordPress Author Box

If you are searching for a completely responsive author box plugin for your site, Simple Author Box could be the one for you. This lightweight plugin will include an appealing author box toward the end of your blog entries. The author box shows the author’s name, portrayal, and connections to different online networking accounts.

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2. Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget is an author box plugin that permits the site administrator to show the author/client bio inside the WordPress widget. The keen element of this plugin is client/author “auto location” which implies that it can alternatively demonstrate the author of the current post on single post formats or on a particular author chronicle.

3. Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box is a beginner-friendly WordPress author box plugin. It works right out of the box. By using the author bio box plugin, you can quickly display a short author bio and social media links at the bottom of your posts or pages. It offers customization options that include gravatar size, background color, text color, title color, border size, color, style, etc.

4. WP Author Bio

WP Author Box is one of the best-selling author box plugins. It is precisely a tool you need to build beautiful author boxes that do more than just look good. This plugin is a true contender for the WordPress author box plugin. Treat yourself to unlimited tabs, widgets, Facebook authorship and a host of alluring designs.

5. Ultimate Author Box

Ultimate Author Box plugin changes the game for all WordPress author box plugins. This plugin making waves thanks to a great sense of design direction and an extensive suite of features. It ships with more than 19 amazing author box templates, custom tabs, and unlimited colors. Other features include contact form integration, author posts list, 20+ social media icons, and a responsive design to mention a few. Ultimate Author Box comes with lifetime dedicated support, future updates, and full documentation.

6. WP Post Author

WP Post Author
WordPress Author Box Plugins

The author’s name, role/designation, social contact icons, etc are displayed in the “Post author box” There are 3 different things that it has for post’s author, custom author and selective author. There are also shortcodes for the author profile.


1. Post Author Box

Section Title option is available in the main module of the author box, which includes left/right/center and your profile image shapes. The number of social contacts can be added to the custom fields with the add on. The data comes from the user profile dashboard.

2. Widgets

WP Posts Author Widget: It reads the post’s author data from their WordPress profile dashboard.

WP Posts Author (Specific) Widget: You can enter the specific user id to read the selected author data from their WordPress profile dashboard.

WP Posts Author (Custom) Widget: The widgets have a number of custom fields like Section Title, Name, Image Upload, Biography along with social links inputs to make a custom author box.

3. Plugins provides  Shortcodes and social and media links options

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7. Starbox – The Author Box for Humans

The Author Box is gorgeous to look at and it makes your readers click all the way through to read more about the Authors.  You will love Starbox if you have a super-star team of Authors on your website. You have the option of choosing from professional themes and landscaping.

The Social Profiles of your writers will be obvious and clickable, giving you Humans that will engage with content on your website and also on social media streams.

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Final Thoughts WordPress Author Box Plugins

Out of all the plugins mentioned, we strongly recommend Simple Author Box because of its ease of use and very advanced features. What’s more, Simple Author Box has a PRO version that gives you an impressive amount of control over every aspect of an author box.

If utilized appropriately, author boxes could turn into a superb method for keeping your readers locked in. What’s more, in the wake of reading this post about the top WordPress author gadget modules, you just got to know about more author box plugins that you could use for your future sites/blogs. For any suggestions or feedback, kindly drop a comment below.

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