5 Best WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Plugins 2024

WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Plugins

Multistep checkout, also known as multi-page or multi-stage checkout, is a process commonly employed in e-commerce websites to streamline the user experience when making a purchase. Instead of presenting all the necessary information and actions on a single page, the checkout process is divided into multiple steps or pages, each focusing on a specific aspect of the transaction. This approach aims to simplify the process, reduce cart abandonment, and enhance user satisfaction.


What is the WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Plugin

These plugins aim to improve the default WooCommerce checkout process by breaking it down into multiple steps or pages, which can enhance user experience, reduce cart abandonment rates, and potentially increase conversion rates. They typically offer customization options, support for various payment gateways, compatibility with WooCommerce themes and other plugins, and sometimes additional features like custom fields or progress indicators.

It’s essential to evaluate these plugins based on your specific needs, such as customization options, ease of use, compatibility with your theme and other plugins, and support.

Popular WooCommerce multistep checkout plugins

1. YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout

YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout is a plugin that divides the WooCommerce checkout process into clear steps, improving user experience and reducing cart abandonment. It simplifies the checkout form, reduces overwhelm, and increases efficiency. With customization options and seamless integration with WooCommerce, it’s a user-friendly solution for streamlining the checkout process and boosting conversions.

YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout

  • Split the checkout into steps (Login, Billing, Shipping, Order Info, Payment)
  • Customize transition speed
  • Edit button labels
  • Customize step dividers
  • Show/hide the “Back to Cart” button
  • Enable customer login
  • Allow guest checkout


Price: $79.99 per year
Duration: 1 year of updates and support
Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

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2. Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

The Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plugin enhances the checkout experience by organizing the process into clear and manageable steps. It simplifies the default WooCommerce checkout page by breaking it down into sections such as billing and shipping details, order review, and more.

Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

Key Features of Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

  • Easily add new steps to your checkout form.
  • Choose from 14 different layouts to streamline the checkout process.
  • Ensure a seamless checkout experience on mobile devices.
  • Include login and coupon forms directly within the checkout steps.
  • Customize the checkout process by combining or splitting steps.
  • Personalize the Next and Previous buttons for better user navigation.
  • Enhance visual appeal by uploading icons for each checkout step.


Price: $39.00
Usage: Single site

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3. Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce by ThemeHigh

The Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce plugin offers an effective solution for simplifying the checkout process and enhancing the user experience on e-commerce websites. With its customizable features and segmentation of the checkout flow, the plugin aims to streamline the process and improve conversion rates for online stores.

ThemeHigh plugin

Key Features of Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce

  • Segmentation of checkout into login, billing, shipping, and order details steps.
  • Customization for checkout form details like colors and tab positioning.
  • Ability to collect accurate customer information for efficient order processing.



4. Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce by SilkyPress

The Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plugin enhances user experience and boosts conversion rates by breaking down the checkout process into multiple steps. This segmentation simplifies the process for customers, reducing overwhelm and making it easier to complete purchases. Developed using WooCommerce standard templates, the plugin ensures compatibility with the majority of WordPress themes.

SilkyPress plugin

Key Features of Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

  • Enjoy a modern and visually appealing checkout experience.
  • Seamlessly access and navigate the checkout process on mobile devices.
  • The layout adapts to various screen sizes for optimal viewing on different devices.
  • Easily adjust the main color to match your theme’s aesthetic.
  • Inherit the design of forms and buttons from your existing theme for a cohesive look.



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5. CheckoutWC

CheckoutWC is a game-changing plugin for WooCommerce that revolutionizes the checkout experience for online stores. By replacing the default WooCommerce checkout page with a sleek and intuitive design reminiscent of Shopify’s cart and checkout pages, CheckoutWC aims to address the shortcomings of the traditional WooCommerce checkout process.


Key Features of CheckoutWC

  • Tailor the checkout process to match your brand’s identity with customizable templates.
  • Easily view and manage items in your cart without leaving the checkout page.
  • Speed up the checkout process with convenient express checkout buttons.
  • Increase sales with strategically placed order bumps that encourage additional purchases during checkout.


$99 per year

Final Words of WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Plugins

WooCommerce multistep checkout plugins offer a transformative solution to enhance the user experience and streamline the checkout process for online stores. By breaking down the checkout journey into manageable steps, these plugins mitigate user overwhelm, reduce cart abandonment rates, and ultimately boost conversions. With features such as customizable templates, built-in side carts, express checkout buttons, and order bumps, these plugins empower store owners to create a seamless and efficient checkout experience that drives sales and fosters customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to improve your checkout flow, increase sales, or reduce cart abandonment, investing in a WooCommerce multistep checkout plugin can significantly elevate your e-commerce business.

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