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Imagine a world where you could purchase almost any item online with just one click. That is the world companies like PeachPay are trying to build, one store at a time. For now, the stores offering this level of convenience have been few and far in between. Within the next 1-2 years, however, this state of affairs is likely to be completely upended.

This should not sound crazy. In fact, one-click checkout is long overdue. The truth is that Amazon has done e-commerce a great disservice. After thinking up the idea of one-click checkout, Amazon kept it under lock and key — that is, it patented the very idea of one-click checkout — until 2017. Since the expiration of Amazon’s patent, we have only gotten more of the same: elaborate, beautified multi-step checkout flows that are sadly ineffectual. If you struggle to believe that, then just look at the cart abandonment rates, which testify to the fact that the online shopper values convenience over everything else.

There are those online store owners who have utterly resigned themselves to cart abandonment, reasoning that many shoppers abandon carts simply because that is their way of browsing a selection of goods. In reality, however, most cart abandonment can be attributed to high extra costs, and most importantly for our purposes, a complicated checkout process. Those merchants who collect emails from shoppers by forcing them to create an account might think that they are being clever with their follow-up emails. However, it’s been shown that the average open rate for an abandoned cart email is only 15%. In addition, the very insistence on collecting a customer’s email before they make a purchase is in itself a contributing factor to cart abandonment. Shoppers are tired of keeping track of countless accounts and their corresponding credentials. The solution, therefore, is a password less one-click checkout solution.

PeachPay WooCommerce One Step Checkout Plugin

Woocommerce One Step Checkout Plugin
PeachPay Button for WooCommerce One Step Checkout Plugin

PeachPay is just such a solution, currently exclusive to the WooCommerce ecosystem. PeachPay generates a streamlined form that is already more elegant than the vast majority of checkout flows out there. And it does not stop there. PeachPay remembers users’ information so that the next time they come across the button they can simply check out with one click. To account for the varying payment preferences of many shoppers, PeachPay gives users one last opportunity to review their information before placing an order. PeachPay’s supplementary mobile app also offers post-checkout features, such as order history aggregation, item tracking, and more. All these features make PeachPay an absolute must-have for WooCommerce stores. Today, one-click checkout is a neat way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Tomorrow, one-click checkout will simply be an absolute must-have for any and all online stores.


PeachPay Activation Instructions:

  1. Download the PeachPay for WooCommerce plugin by going to your store’s dashboard > Plugins > Add New and then searching for PeachPay.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. When the prompt appears after activation, give the plugin permission to place orders (this is the only thing the plugin does, but WooCommerce doesn’t support finer permissions, so that’s why you see it asking for more than just permission to place orders).
  4. After activation, click the link in the banner at the top to set up your Stripe Connect account.
  5. After signing up, we’ll email you shortly with the activation key!

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