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Are you a business owner who wants to market their products and extend their reach? Or a creator who is willing to take on the next step to introduce their ideas to the world? Well, there could be numerous reasons to make your website and make your content available to your target audience. During current times of high boom of information technology and especially social media, it is hard to deny the importance of having your website. Whether you are starting your small business or you are an educator or only a blogger who wishes to put forth their opinions, having a website proves to be a backbone for the purpose. From marketing to sales, a website is the pivot point of your success.

Though several content management websites can help you build your website, there is one that holds significant popularity among many website owners, WordPress. According to a 2020 survey from W3Techs, WordPress enjoys 63% of market share and powers almost 34% of the web, with a whopping number of 64 million websites that use WordPress in absolute terms. So what makes WordPress a groundbreaking success and first choice of millions of people out there? In this blog, we are going to deep into WordPress’s success as a leading web solution to web development and unfold some of its key advantages over others. 


The most appealing quality of WordPress is that you do not need to be a programmer or even someone who has a basic knowledge of coding. It is purely based on the WYSIWYG idea, and the GUI is user friendly where you simply drag and drop features you want. There are numerous sliders and options panels to create beautiful sliders, select colors, update background, and so forth. Probably the best part of WordPress’s popularity is that there are different web development and service providers in the market right now to choose from. They help to build WordPress websites, optimizing them, and even establishing online security. Amidst the worth mentioning service providers, Labinator provides all the web development services that have proven to be efficient. Alongside they offer the best multifunctional WordPress themes and add extra functionality to your websites like analytics, membership area, and contact forms by providing various plugins. The significance of themes and plugins is evident on every platform as they can transform your website completely, making it stand out among others.

However, while choosing the themes, there are certain features that you need to keep in mind to optimize the performance of your website. Some significant aspects are:

  • It should be light and fast so that the user does not get distracted away during slower loading.
  • It should be secured, meaning source code for themes must be valid and safe.
  • The themes should enable your website to run and render on various devices.
  • Last but not least, it should be bloat-free.


Since WordPress is open-source, it has led to the opportunity for many web developers to customize it in numerous ways. It goes without saying that WordPress is simple to manage, on the go, and even from WordPress mobile applications. It comes with an admin dashboard that allows users to update themes and plugins. Moreover, there is a built-in updates management system and also notifies users whenever there is a new version of WordPress is available. However, for power users, the built-in features might not suffice their needs. Luckily there are various tools available that will help manage multiple websites from one single dashboard and eventually save your time to be more productive.

These tools are readily available, either free or paid. Free versions usually take care of managing themes, backing up sites, core updates, and essential downtime monitoring for protection. While paid versions provide advanced features, for instance, client monitoring and data analytics, broken link checker, managing comments and posts, malware protection, etc.


Many people have a common misconception that WordPress is merely used for blogging. Although born as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into what I would call a publishing platform. As a content creator or a business owner, you would love to have various media types from pictures to videos and different animations on your websites, catering to different needs. WordPress can handle all the media types you could wish for and comes with a built-in media uploader. One can embed YouTube URLs and videos, tweets, and even music from SoundCloud. Furthermore, there are specific media file formats for document, audio, and video that can be uploaded when you buy WordPress.com Premium or Business plan.


Being a website owner, your main aim would be to reach as many audiences as you can. There is a reason why Google and other search reasons love WordPress and make its websites readily available to users. WordPress, though majorly written in PHP, creates HTML pages that are easy for search engines to comprehend. The title tags and headings help Google to specify what the content is about, thereby improving not only readers but search engines to scan your site. Therefore, when you provide logical and scannable structure, search engines will reward you for it. In a nutshell, using WordPress already put you ahead in the SEO game.


As discussed above, how important it is for your website to be SEO friendly, here comes another aspect that deals with many other things as well as helping you to achieve better SEO recognition. Numerous shady individuals in the web world are always prying on loopholes, compromising your websites’ integrity. Furthermore, utilize it for their purposes. Fortunately, WordPress has already got your back as it is highly secure. Its security team, comprising of 50 experts of lead developers and security researchers, work tirelessly to identify any vulnerability in the system. On detection, they send out updates promptly.


There are numerous other benefits related to using WordPress. However, highlighting above mentioned benefits will help you clarify your next steps towards making your websites. The best part is that you are not alone whenever you come across any issues on your way. WordPress community is enormous; you will find many support forums that will guide you. Lastly, the best way to explore anything in life is to experience it, so give it a try and find what is best for you.

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