List Of Web Design Trends That Will Take Over Our Screens

Web Design Trends

For the non-tech readers, allow me to explain what Web Design is – it is the designing and maintenance of websites and web pages. It covers a variety of areas including graphic designing, user interface design, SEO, content production etc and is a subset of the broader term web development. Through the years, web designing has of course evolved and seems to be doing so perpetually due to the dynamic nature of this industry. We have put together a list of the most popular updates we hope to see in web design over the course of the next year. Here they are –

Web Design Trends 2022


Web Design Trends
Web Design Trends

As expected, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has made an appearance within the first few lines of this article. However, chatbots do really seem to be getting very prevalent due to the further development of Artificial Intelligence. You can already see the benefits being witnessed by customers and businesses through their experiences. Chatbots are able to perform all sorts of tasks in fact in some cases right from taking requests and all the way to close them. You can expect this technology to be taking over the front-end customer service is a much more aggressive manner in the year to come.

Minimalist aesthetic 

Minimalism includes simplification of design, reduction in the number of colors, or sometimes complete removal as well. Also, the use of geometric patterns and shapes with a much cleaner and neater aesthetic. Though users have started to feel the need to see lesser things on their screens, they still want the functionality to be increased somehow. We can be so demanding sometimes, can’t we? Thanks to the designers of the world though, that is exactly what is being delivered now.

3D Rendering

This is a very useful and powerful tool for designers across industries. We have already seen this technology being used in a number of applications on web pages, but now with its mainstream availability, it is really becoming popular. It is also a very unique way to not only display content but also tell stories about your company and yourself.

Voice assistants

With the prevalence of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and the likes, we humans have become used to ordering our digital slaves in a verbal manner. This technology is quickly spilling from our devices over to our online activity, simply because that is where most of our time on those devices is spent. It also helps people with disabilities to have more accessibility to things across the web, which is certainly a noble effort.

Full screens 

Web Design Trends

This point is an extension to the minimalist idea, essentially with lesser things on the screen, users want lesser toolbars and settings on their screens as well. And with the screen to body ratio on the rise, the same seems to be the case with mobile phones as well.

Data Collection 

It is said that ‘Privacy will be the new the new celebrity’and this bold statement does make you pause for a second and think. With pretty much every website now trying to get some sort of information from me as soon as I visit their landing page, the data repository will keep growing. Along with that our social networks not only seem to be multiplying in number but are also getting a lot more integrated into our daily activities.

Push Notification

The average phone user in the US is hit with 46 push notifications daily and it is certainly a very effective way to capture a mind-space of the user. Exactly why so many websites and applications are so aggressive in asking for you to turn on your push notifications. However, with enough incentives for users, they will succumb to the pressure of convenience eventually.

White Spacing

Web Design Trends

Though it does not specifically have to be white, the white spacing referred to all the empty space on your web pages. With more space available for the user on your webpage, it is easier for them not only to navigate through the website but also to understand the points you’re highlighting. Having your pages bombarded with information heavy content can cause users to jump off earlier then they would otherwise.

Augmented Reality

Apps such as pokemon GO and FaceApp have become very popular over the recent past and have also gained a lot of attention from the tech community. The underlying technology has a variety of applications that have not been explored yet, perhaps the coming year is when AR becomes far more widely implemented.

Video content

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People are starting to realize that not only a lot of content is being consumed in the video format but also a lot of purchase decisions are being made through it. In fact, 54% of users say that they want more video content to be available on the internet your brands they support. In the digital era, not too many people want to read a lengthy article (ironic to the writer of this article) and most people prefer watching a quick video instead.
These are just a few of the trends that might actually end up taking precedence in the coming year. However, the tech industry is so innovative and dynamic that the biggest cliché is to say that the only constant here is change. You can never really know what new innovation might be right around the corner and can change the entire scenario. It is our duty as users and consumers to explore this innovation and technology as much as possible. The consumption does not need to be in the form of actual purchase but could be just in the form of gaining information about it as well.

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Sid is a Content Consultant. He is also a proud father of four rescued dogs and two Flemish giant rabbits. Besides being a full-time dog father and rabbit home planner, he is a freelance content writer and an educationist, with more than 6 years’ experience in the field of content writing.

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