5 Unique Fundraising Ideas We’re Sure You Haven’t Tried


Fundraising is a massive source of revenue for charities, companies, organizations, and thousands of different causes. The overall giving has also been growing in recent years. The goodwill of the public helps keep these operations, and fundraising is a huge part of many business plans. However, with so many fundraisers out there, making yours stand out could prove difficult.

As a result, you should try to make your fundraiser as unique as possible to draw people in and maintain their interest. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few unique fundraising ideas that we’re sure you haven’t tried.

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A Sock Fundraiser

Unique Fundraising Ideas
Image from pixabay Unique Fundraising Ideas

Clothing fundraisers do happen from time to time, but they usually focus on the creation or sale of shirts. Why not try something a little different, like a custom sock fundraiser? We all wear socks, and in recent years, they have become a larger fashion statement and bigger part of our outfits than ever before.

These socks can be personalized for a school, a sports team, an organization, a charity or a company. They can be designed in many ways in terms of their colors and the logos that are added to them. Selling them can be a great way to raise money, and allow people to show off their pride in a specific school, organization or team.

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Animal Yoga

Unique Fundraising Ideas
Image from pixabayUnique Fundraising Ideas

Yoga has been growing in popularity rapidly in recent years in the west, and now animal yoga is all the rage. Animal yoga is exactly like it sounds, doing yoga with animals. It is not only fun and incredibly cute, but can help participants leave the yoga session free from all stress and incredibly happy.

It can be done with anything from puppies, to kittens, to the famous goat yoga. There are many options you can choose from. People will certainly pay for a once in a lifetime experience like this, and if the event takes place in public, there are sure to be people coming up and asking to participate.

Unique Fundraising Ideas
Unique Fundraising Ideas live

A Themed Run

5k and 10k runs for charity have been common, as participants will pay to enter and then raise awareness and money for their favorite causes. If you go across America, you will see several of these races for a ton of different charities.

If you want to take things a little bit further, you could organize a themed run. This could be a tie dye run, a costume run, a santa run or anything in between.

It could even be a team relay event where each team has a different uniform or team outfit. This is not only fun for those racing, but people will often be more interested in watching, pledging and donating if the run has some fun quirks like this included. You could also sell custom shirts, and other items so people can take home and remember the event.

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An Auction for Activities

Auctions have long been a popular way to fundraise. However, instead of auctioning off items, why not auction off some activities? People would often pay a good amount to have someone clean their home, shovel their driveway, help them move or a variety of other things.

It could even be things like an afternoon of sports with a pro athlete, dinner with a CEO or any number of other things. This is a good way to help people out who need it, have a little fun and raise some money for a worthy cause.

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Used Book Sale

Unique Fundraising Ideas
Image from pixabayUnique Fundraising Ideas

While digital books have become more popular recently, there are still those who appreciate a good book. As a result, you could organize a used book sale to raise funds for a specific charity or organization. It is very simple, and can be incredibly effective. Just have people go through their old books and donate some that they no longer want.

These can then be sold for a couple of dollars a piece, which is often a good deal for the buyer as well. If possible, you could even organize the auction book sale to be online to allow more people to take advantage of the sale.

In conclusion, any of these great and unique fundraising ideas would be great for your next fundraiser.

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