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Having an online digital presence is extremely crucial in today’s world. You have to constantly engage with your audience and provide them with valuable content so that they interact with you and thereby provide you with necessary conversions. While there are many ways to gain engagement, one of the best ways is through video backgrounds. They tend to make a good first impression with your visitors and your viewers are compelled to stick around and browse your website more. As WordPress is an ideal content management system for most companies and industries out there, we decided to take advantage of its amazing feature: plugins. In this article, we will list down some video background plugins that we think will help your website. Read on to explore their features! 

1. Supaz Easy Background – Easy way to add a parallax image or video background:

Supaz Easy

If you want to take a dynamic approach for your website, this is the one for you. It adds a new meta box into your post editor that can be seen below your posts and you can add custom backgrounds with the help of this feature. Go ahead and create as many custom backgrounds as you wish without any inconvenience! Some other extraordinary features include different configurations for videos, the addition of various configurations, background overlay options, different options such as volume mute, video volume level, play the video when visible, and so on. 

You can check out this plugin – here

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2. Advanced WordPress Backgrounds:


With this plugin, you can add videos to your background without any hassle within your posts and pages. You can use it for simple background colors and images. Additionally, you can use self-hosted videos or embed it from Vimeo or YouTube according to your preferences. If you want more customization features, you will be happy to know that the plugin includes colored overlays, a shortcode generator, custom start/end time for videos, and other features. So go ahead and use parallax backgrounds with images and videos with this plugin! 

Know more about this plugin – here

3. Video Background Plugin:

Video Background WordPress Plugins

If you want an easy to install and use plugin, this is perfect for you. The configuration is simple, the plugin is responsible, mobile compatible, and can support self-hosted videos and YouTube videos. You can choose the quality of video you want, the playback speed, the start and end time – everything according to your preferences. It includes a variety of layouts to make your website more attractive. You can even mix different kinds of media in the same playlist! Some other API methods are play and pause, next, previous and load media, add tracks to playlist, set playback rate, toggle random, get duration, and so much more. Download it right away to know what we are talking about! 

If you want to check out this amazing plugin, click here. 

4. Video Player & Fullscreen Video Background – WP Plugin:

Video Background WordPress Plugins

This is an amazing plugin and works seamlessly with WordPress. You can also use it to handle regular video embeds. Accordingly, the visitor can expand the full width of his screen, if he wants to. As the player is responsive, it looks great on all user devices and screen sizes. Some other notable features include bottom navigation, 30+ video parameters, mobile compatibility, fullscreen video background, texture over video, border, free updates, and so on. Companies across the world choose this plugin for its awesome design and excellent support system! 

Explore this plugin – here

In conclusion, we hope you have understood the importance of having video backgrounds on your website. By now, you may have gotten a fair idea about which plugin to choose for your website. Thank you for reading and we wish you make the best decision for your website! All the best! 

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