Conversion rate optimization is a goal for every website, whether the brand behind it is offering products or services. Even blogs want the majority of their audience to sign up for their newsletter and keep coming back.

There are numerous ways to improve your conversion rates. In this post, we will explore how you can optimize your content with the clever use of images to ultimately help you boost conversions.

Show the Product

The most straightforward way to use images for boosting conversions is to show the actual product in your content. While this rule naturally applies to your product pages, you want to apply it to your blog posts as well as your homepage.

The more often visitors are exposed to your product, the more likely they are to convert. Especially if they spot a product while reading a blog post.

Take a look at this post on the best mattresses in 2022. It pairs an image with each product, making it much more likely a reader will click through to check out the product that has especially caught their interest.

Promote a Lifestyle


Apple has made a fortune promoting a lifestyle instead of a product, and you can take a leaf out of their book and do the same. When selecting the images for your website, use them to tell a story and to appeal to a specific kind of customer.

You will first need to settle on the kind of lifestyle you want to promote, and then shoot all of your product and other images to align with that goal.

Huckberry has done this very well. Their images evoke a sense of freedom, a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle centered around travel and the outdoors. Everyone who would like to live that kind of life is much more likely to convert.

Showcase the End Result

You can also use your images to show your visitors what they can expect as the end result of making a purchase or using a product. Don’t just think of this as before and after images.

For instance, you can use images of smiling and happy people to show how your clients feel after they have used your services. If you are selling vacuums, you can show clean floors. If you are selling a cleaning product, you can show how it has removed a stain.

Preset Love does this to show you the effect of their lightroom presets. Visitors are much more likely to convert once they have seen what they can expect to get.


This kind of image use is especially important when there is a clean effect you can achieve, which is also the main selling point of your product or service.

Stick to a Theme

Customers also like to know what they can expect to see as they are browsing through your pages. If there is very little uniformity, and if you keep surprising them with different image formats and styles, they are much more likely to click off due to the clutter.

By keeping all your images the same size and sticking to the same kinds of images on each page, you will do a lot to improve user experience. And that, in turn, will lead to higher conversion rates.

Lindex does this well for their products. They always show an item in all the different colorways and from roughly the same angles. They feature the same number of images for most of their products as well, and the entire browsing experience feels clean and understated.

Make Yourself More Relatable

People like to do business with brands they can relate to, and a great way to make yourself more relatable is to show images of yourself or your customers. Seeing people who look like them and who have solved the same kinds of problems with your help is much more likely to inspire conversions.

Do make sure that your images are inclusive and that you speak to various members of your audience, though. Just because most of your customers fall into one category does not mean you should exclude others.

Skillcrush makes itself much more relatable with its homepage images, which show different women who have learned to code and which will attract a varied and diverse audience.


Break Your Content up

Don’t forget that you also need to use images to break your content up, especially on your blog. You don’t want to feature large chunks of text that will be difficult to read. Instead, intersperse your words with images that relate to what you are writing about.

Take a look at this post on the best coffee makers. It features just the right amount of images to keep the content easy to read, without them ever taking over from the actual tips and advice.

Make sure that the images you select have something to do with the surrounding words. Don’t just insert random ones for the sake of having something visual on the page.

Keep It Bare

Finally, there is something to be said about not using any images on your pages if you feel they would be distracting and would not serve any particular purpose. This may be a rare case, but there are times when images would be superfluous.

For example, the UnscrambleX Scrabble Word Finder page has no image. However, this does not make a conversion any less likely, as all a visitor will want is to use the actual feature. They don’t need an image of Scrabble tiles to understand what the page is about.

Final Thoughts


Choosing the right images can significantly boost your conversion rates by providing more interest and communicating your messages in a simple manner. Make sure you carefully consider each one to ensure your customers get the best possible experience.

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