9 Best Text Editors For Developers In 2024

Text Editors For Developers

A text editor may not appeal to everyone, but works like a spark plug for many enterprises all across the globe. It covers all aspects be it development units or publishers and speeds up everyone’s workflow. Whether you’re scripting PHP, or taking small notes related to a project, an array of tools exist that simplifies such tasks.


Text Editors For Developers

Here in this article we will illustrate some of the best text editors that cater to developers, programmers as well as beginners and facilitate tasks like real-time code sharing, teamwork, document sorting, besides a host of other features.

So, let’s take a plunge into these best text editors that makes coding at your fingertips with absolutely no formatting issues:

1. Sublime Text

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Smart interface

+ Writing mode with no distraction

+ Split editing

A favourite among developers, Sublime Text sets a high standard as it is packed with a feature-laden text editor that edits code and levels up the user experience.

With its modular approach Sublime Text is apt for developers having various skill sets and has an user interface that resembles Atom.

Key Features:

  •  A writing mode with zero distraction
  •  Split editing
  •  Fast shortcuts and powerful search options
  •  A plethora of keyboard shortcuts that enables you to open files, displaying and concealing the sidebar, arriving at a particular line number, replicating lines and viewing the spell checker
  • Code autocomplete and syntax highlight
  • Can be completely customized via plugins
  • Offers minimap to keep a tab on your file size


  • Identifying the various vendor coding within the text.
  • Convenient to use and offers many preferences which caters to all user’s needs.
  • The functionality to add package controls
  • Manipulating text is simple and efficient.
  • You can evaluate the app freely
  • Text highlights are superb for debugging
  • Improved find-replace feature in comparison to others
  • Can easily task with many projects without being confusing
  • Accurate syntax recommendations


  • Frequently prompts to buy a new version
  • Cannot highlight a specific portion of text

Download Sublime Text 

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2. Atom

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Oriented on the electron framework

+ Cross-platform

Whereas text editors such as Notepad++ seem to have begun with the easiest plain text editor then included features that could be useful to developers, Atom seems to have been launched with developers in mind. That’s not very startling considering that it arises from GitHub itself and is an extremely customizable code-writing platform. Install the software on Windows, macOS or Linux, and you’ll receive a host of helpful features. 

Atom constitutes a desktop program that runs through the use of Electron framework and is designed on Node.js, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Key Features:

  • Includes Packages and themes
  • Inbuilt package manager
  • Cross-platform editing
  • Supports Command Palette
  • File system browser
  • Real-time sharing and editing
  • Code exchanging and collaboration employing teletype


  • Beginner friendly
  • Free and open source
  • Multi-line select and edit
  • Permits instant file switching
  • Command line integration out of the box
  • HiDPI support
  • Can also employed as an IDE
  • Finest support for Arduino with Platformio
  • Autocompletion to lessen your bugs and accelerate coding


  • Heavy memory usage
  • Crashes or hangs with big text files

Download Atom 

3. Notepad++

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Autosave feature

+ Tabbed document interface

Notepad++ constitutes a free code editor, open source available under the GPL (General Public License), featuring multi-document management, folding and syntax highlighting, auto-completion, besides a customizable GUI (Graphical User Interface). You can download it from the official website as a 32-bit or 64-bit version. As it is written in C++, the installer file is only 2.7 MB big.

Notepad++ carries an extremely dynamic community behind it and is therefore present in many languages. After being loaded on your hard drive, the editor just uses up nearly 4MB. Nevertheless, it is extremely powerful in that small space and following the installation, it starts immediately.

Key Features:

  • Solid Standard Features that backs over 50 scripting, programming and markup languages and containing code folding and syntax highlighting. 
  • Search and replace functionality that allows it to search across different documents. Line operations such as join, split, sort and move are also included.
  • Wholly Customizable User Interface
  • Document Map and Multiple Cursors
  • Tons of Plugins
  • Macros
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Simple file read and write access
  • Simple coding in many languages
  • Reads multiple file formats
  • Choosing a programming language that offer user with Auto fill syntax
  • Choice to save in Google Drive or any storage allowing access of files
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Supports over 60 programming/scripting languages
  • Cutting or copying the data on the basis of the number of characters in a row is also superb
  • Plenty of plugins present


  • Your code errors are not simple to locate
  • Restricted documentation with limited scope for troubleshooting to find the error

Download Notepad++ 

4. Coffee Cup

Text Editors For Developers

While the likes of Wix and WordPress are awesomely popular, there is still space for more conventional HTML editing software for a quick loading site. This is where Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor makes its mark.

Coffee Cup’s software comprises an HTML editor in the purest sense of the term. There is no dropping and dragging of elements, no visual editor, and none of the different luxuries which you may see in other tools.

The real HTML editor part of the software supports WYSIWYG as well as standard text/html editing mode. The editor completely supports syntax highlighting of all the important scripting languages that most websites employ these days: XHTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, and many more. Besides, it also alters the way your code is displayed through the Document Display Properties option. The integrated code cleaner function provides you better control over the way you clean up your code, which is truly handy for those who do plenty of inline coding annotations.

Key Features

  • Starts up in seconds
  • Components library
  • Visual code selector plus live preview
  • Learn cool languages
  • Publish anywhere
  • Prepared for the semantic web
  • Customizable responsive themes


  • Useful code completion
  • Decent assortment of templates
  • Power site management and uploading
  • Simple to use editing features
  • Extremely helpful split-screen preview of HTML code
  • Useful analysis of code, and helpful advice for corrections
  • Wizards to direct inserting tables, images, links, audio etc.


  • Needs complete manual coding
  • Not ideal for starters

Download Coffee Cup 

5. Visual Studio Code

Reasons To Buy

+ Source control tools

+ Tons of integrations

+ Customizable

Visual Studio (VS) Code comprises a free, cross-platform and open-source code editor created by Microsoft. It can be operated on Linux, Windows, and Mac and you can run it anywhere.

It contains an extensive suite of debugging and editing tools, lightweight integration with different services besides being extensible.

The latest Live Share function launches potent pair programming abilities that allow you and your crew to collaborate on the same codebase conveniently and without any requirement of environment settings and development tools.

Moreover, VS Code includes a solid Git Integration, strong Intelisense, syntax highlighting for a few of the most common languages and multiple awesome features.

If that’s insufficient, you can quickly improve and customize VS Code employing a huge selection of available plugins offered by Microsoft or built by the community.


  • Auto-completion for different types, imported modules, and function definitions
  • Extensible and customizable
  • Debugging with call stacks, breakpoints, and an interactive console
  • Git Version Control
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy-to-use-interface 


  • It doesn’t consume much space on RAM
  • Lightweight tool
  • Plenty of helpful code-editing features loaded in a single software
  • It conserves time by automatically writing the remainder of the code (Intelligent Code Completion)
  • Extendable through plug-ins
  • TypeScript integration
  • Embedded Git control
  • JavaScript Intellisense support
  • Integrated terminal


  • Occasionally the system runs slowly on Linux
  • Excessive battery consumption in a short period of time

Download Visual Studio Code 

6. Brackets

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Free

+ True-time visualization

+ Adobe Photoshop integration

Brackets comprises an HTML text editor built by Adobe. In the matter of front-end development and web designing, Brackets stands apart from other text editors. As Brackets constitutes an Adobe project, it functions splendidly in everything associated with design integration. It is wholly optimized for CSS, HTML, and JS and is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The program presents a live preview tool which is extremely popular amongst numerous users. This feature permits you to edit code and view how the alterations are working in real-time within a preview window.

Brackets also provides code hint incorporation with Photoshop, permitting to import useful files from Photoshop like colors, fonts, or measurements. Additionally, Brackets contains some useful keyboard shortcuts that will simplify the process.

Key Features

  • Syntax highlighting and automatic styling to display code in various colors.
  • When you access the opening tag the list of probable options will come in the drop-down for selection.
  • Select any tag to view the matching, opening or closing tag. This will be extremely helpful if you have longer code and are attempting to locate the code blocks.
  • Automatic closing quotation aids to prevent mistakes of not remembering closing quotes.
  • It is simple to apply relative links and join all files within a project folder when employing “href” and different attributes.
  • Displays all possible forecasts as the CSS code is entered that helps in selecting the proper syntax.


  • Fistful of extensions
  • Free and open source
  • Inbuilt browser that updates live
  • Inbuilt extension manager
  • Can style a tag without moving over to the stylesheet
  • Actively developed
  • Popup previews
  • Multi-line (multi-query) editing
  • Supports Adobe PSD content


  • Omits a few basic text editor commands
  • Supports web languages by default

Download Brackets 

7. Coda 2

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Big plugin repository

+ Attractive UI

Coda2 constitutes a web editor, SSH client, and file manager rolled into one. Coda2 enables web programmers to obtain a well-organized, clean, color-coded text editor with an inbuilt preview function so they can conveniently swap in and out between the source code and what their target audience will really see. Every programming language utilized is color-coded, and codes are instantly indented, folded, and completed. It also contains a Search and Replacement function not prevalent among text editors, along with a pop-up function having rounded corners and gradations.

However, Coda2 isn’t simply a glorified text editor. It’s even a SSH client and file manager, making it easy for you to straightaway edit files on your FTP server, local hard drive, WebDAV, SFTP, or even Amazon S3 server. You can copy, rename, move, or transfer files across servers. Besides, with the inbuilt Webkit preview activity, you can test out how your scripts and pages appear and debug them prior to uploading them to your server and turn them live for the world wide web.

Coda2 is crafted for Mac users and is solely available through direct sales. Users who have earlier bought a copy of Coda2 from the Mac App store can just download the updated version without needing to buy a new license.

Main Features:

  • Code folding
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Project wide autocomplete
  • Indentation guides
  • Quick find and replace
  • Rapid commenting and shifting of code
  • Automatic tag closing
  • Superb file management


  • Contains Clippings
  • Standard “Sites” layout
  • CSS Helpers
  • Opens fast
  • Inbuilt Transmit
  • Terminal 
  • Real IDE having all the advantages


  • Support for commercial use and Mac only
  • Absence of XDebug

Download Coda 2  

8. Vim

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Extensive array of add-ons

+ Vast command set

+ Backs a huge range of platforms

Vim is a potent open-source terminal editor that’s regarded to be the “One Editor to Rule Them All” and arrives pre-installed on nearly any UNIX-box. It is wholly keyboard-based (though you can even use the mouse if you prefer) and it’s not intended to appear nice, but to be functional.

While it’s hugely powerful, Vim offers an extremely steep learning curve. Nevertheless, after being mastered, Vim displays extreme productivity advancements like managing tasks that require some time to achieve them using a few keystrokes.

Besides only handling text, Vim can be extended with scripts, plugins and fine-tuning it to suit your individual preferences, Vim will turn out to be an extremely potent weapon in your coding armoury.

In comparison to different graphical editors such as Sublime, Visual Studio Code or Atom, Vim employs only a portion of the system’s memory and loads immediately while presenting the precisely same features.

Key Features:

  • Brutalist UI
  • Amazingly passionate community for updates, documentation, and help
  • Blurs the line between text editor and IDE, depending on your skill
  • Massive plug-in system
  • Gamified learning process
  • Secure login
  • Support for each programming language thinkable
  • Syntax highlighting


  • It backs multiple programming languages
  • Recording macros
  • Presence of search and replace functionality


  • It is hard to learn
  • It offers restricted IDE features

Download Vim 

9. BBedit

Text Editors For Developers

Reasons To Buy

+ Text completion

+ Speedy and convenient

Loaded with different professional features for coding, BBedit is a fascinating option for macOS users that can manage easy coding projects apart from heavy duty ones. Multiple programmers pick BBedit for its speed and convenience. One of its features, for instance, provides you the choice of copying a large chunk of text and viewing it in a new document immediately when BBedit opens.

It hardly consumes any time if you do it once, but when you’re pasting, copying and manipulating code throughout the day, those seconds accumulate. BBedit’s other features comprise text completion (which accelerates coding by recommending completions for clippings and symbols); support for Universal Stags; code folding. It also incorporates access to Subversion and Git, permitting you to function transparently with source files under revision management.


  • API
  • Column Editing
  • Auto-Complete
  • Debugging
  • Customizable Themes
  • Multi-Monitor Editing
  • Formatting/ Table Editing


  • Sophisticated text editor with inbuilt syntax highlighting
  • Superb diff tool containing capacity to diff folders not simply files
  • Markup preview
  • Open remote folder through ftp/sftp
  • Sorting
  • Search and replace with grep capacity
  • Duplicate line processing
  • Capacity to open file or folder from command line


  • No code error examining in real time or debugging capacity
  • Occasionally, it’s slightly difficult to maintain track of files that are open remotely

Download BBedit 

EDD service


Among these options, the selection of the finest text editor for programming is completely yours. It may be slightly difficult to select, though whatever you pick, you will revel in writing code.

You need to choose the finest code editor depending on your needs.

Being a strater, you can choose Notepad++ to begin with. It is simple to use, but is extremely flexible and vast at the same time. You receive every feature you require to build a website easily.

Choose one that functions perfectly with the requirements of your workflow.

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