Facebook has added new functionality to its community. Users can now sell and buy products amongst themselves. The Facebook Marketplace has powered people to sell both in their neighborhood and to the people worldwide, thanks to the huge community of Facebook users. Let us ask you a question:

Which method would you prefer when you are buying a product?

First method: You read the product description on the website and then place the order.

Second method: You talk to the owner or vendor, ask about the product, check out the images, get to know the working condition, and then negotiate a price point.

We know you’ll choose the second method. Who wouldn’t you can get a better deal with proper negotiations, you know what to expect from the product and have a personal relationship with the buyer which can benefit you in the future (in the form of a special discount).

You can check our full review of WCFM Marketplace Plugin here.

PeepSo WCFM Plugin– Create your own Facebook Marketplace

Vendor Profile layout

PeepSo WCFM plugin allows you to create an online community of vendors, buyers, and sellers. Giving you the flexibility of creating a multivendor marketplace like that of Facebook or an eCommerce store like that of Amazon and eBay.

The most promising marketplace plugin in the market is WCFM. Pairing it with PeepSo, we have created a plugin that gives you features ⸺like, setting Flexible commission, creating a Refund Request, a Ledger Book, Withdrawal & Reverse withdrawal, Store inquiry, and review facility to name a few. You can create a website that suits your business needs.

 Reasons to opt for PeepSo WCFM plugin

Vendor Registration Page layout
  • Creates a marketplace like Amazon and eBay but with social networking features that of Facebook.
  • Create a website for reselling goods.
  • Easy Vendor registration
  • Vendors tab is added to PeepSo member profile.
  • Customers can mark products as favorites to buy later.
  • A dedicated favorites tab in the user profile.
  • Quick link from vendor social profile to the vendor store.
  • Newly released products are displayed in the activity stream for increased user visibility. 
  • The vendor dashboard is full of useful analytics, stats, and graphs for sales reports, store analytics, notifications, product sales, etc.

Final Words

These plugins can be used with any theme which supports PeepSo. We suggest you opt for a theme that is robust yet easily customizable and comes integrated with support for PeepSo, and WCFM. Reign is a theme that can work very well for creating a website similar to that of the Facebook marketplace. Having said that, if you are looking to create a multivendor marketplace with social networking capabilities either of these plugins will work wonders for you.

Reign Theme users. Download this Reign WCFM Addon.

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