How To Promote TikTok Accounts

promote TikTok accounts

The stereotype that TikTok is a social network for a teenage audience has stuck in the minds of people very firmly. This was influenced, first of all, by the marketing policy of the service itself. Meanwhile, according to statistics, 33.5% of app users are aged 30 and older. That is, there is a huge scope for promoting not only goods and services for young people but also products for the older generation. In other words, there is a niche for making money here, which is not yet occupied because few people are considering such an opportunity seriously. Advertisers are interested in promoting the TikTok account in channels with more than 100,000 subscribers. Gaining such an audience on a social network with more than 500 million active users is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Many don’t even need to buy TikTok followers for that.

Promote TikTok accounts

As a rule, the growth in popularity occurs unevenly, but due to one or two commercials. In order to promote a video to the top, there are several ways.

1. Ways to promote

TikTok accounts- promote TikTok account
promote TikTok account

We will not touch on promotion methods through the creation of high-quality content but assume that the video is already ready and it is he who should collect the maximum number of views and likes.

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2. Manual audience increasing

audience- promote TikTok account
promote TikTok account

A video that no one has seen will never be recommended if the channel does not have a large number of subscribers. So if the profile was registered recently and cannot yet boast of a huge number of fans, then you cannot do without an artificial increase in the audience.

However, you can not trust all the services that you accidentally saw on the Internet. We recommend that you seek help from trusted services such as Viplikes. This is a time-tested company that guarantees quality cooperation. Here you can buy TikTok followers instantly and not worry about the consequences because the result will be great.

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3. Advertising with popular bloggers

bloggers- promote TikTok account
promote TikTok account

Like any social network, TikTok has its own influencers whose recommendations the audience will definitely listen to. Placing ads with popular bloggers can give a powerful impetus to the development of your channel.
Prices are set absolutely freely since the supply and demand market for bloggers’ services has not yet been formed. You can also contact bloggers directly through private messages.

If bloggers are not spoiled for big money, then you can negotiate for an advertising post at a fairly modest price for such coverage. To order advertising, you need to choose channels with a similar theme.

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4. Hashtags and descriptions- promote TikTok account

promote TikTok account

In order to increase your audience reach as much as possible, you need to use hashtags that are the most popular at the time of publication. Of course, they should at least indirectly affect the content of the video itself. Otherwise, such placement will not bring any dividends: users will simply scroll through the video that does not meet their expectations.

There is one more little trick: errors in the description of the video greatly increase the activity of users who will not fail to correct the author in the comments. The abundance of comments, in turn, greatly increases the likelihood of a video being recommended, thereby increasing the number of views.

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5. Where to send traffic from the platform

So far, the social network does not have sufficient functionality to conduct full-fledged advertising campaigns. But it can be a good source of transit traffic to landing pages, for example, through an Instagram page. The main convenience of using TikTok in this capacity is a very liberal moderation.

One method to get people to your landing page on Instagram is to create an account and link to the desired address in your profile information. After that, you can be active in the comments on popular videos. You can optimize the redirection of traffic through an advertising campaign to cheat subscribers.

Firstly, the people who subscribe to you may be interested in the offer themselves. Secondly, the platform, seeing that you are being subscribed, will begin to increase its reach, and you will already get organic users.

Remember to limit the number of posts. It has not yet been possible to identify the exact parameters of the restriction, but if commenting is too active, the system issues a warning that adding replicas is not available.
On the other hand, no one bothers to switch to another account and be active from it. In addition, after a few hours, the restriction on adding comments will be lifted.

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Conclusion of promote TikTok account

With proper use, TikTok becomes a very valuable source of traffic. In addition, the channel itself, with the proper approach to business, can become a source of even if not too large, but quite stable income.

So far, the social network has, in fact, not been noticed by some marketers who do not take it seriously and consider it useless entertainment for teenagers. But with an increase in the share of an adult audience, a popular channel with quality content will certainly begin to make a profit.

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