Nurture Your Podcast Audience

There’s a lot of discussion over the advantages of launching a podcast, estimating podcast ROI, how podcasts fuel brand awareness and create leads and how to Nurture Your Podcast Audience. However, where’s the conversation concerning one of the most vital aspects of podcast success: the podcast listener?

Irrespective of whether an organization is a B2B or B2C, a professional services company, a tech startup, a nonprofit, or a creative agency, knowing the customer buyer journey is forever a priority. Knowing how a customer gets aware of a product the whole way through to their choice and purchasing step is critical to developing an effective marketing and product strategy.

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Nurture Your Podcast Audience

This concept is also applicable to podcasts. In order that a podcast achieves its goals (which could be assessed by a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics) or consider its podcast effective, a podcast must be able to get the approval of the people.

Comprehending The Podcast Audience Journey

Audience Journey
Nurture Your Podcast Audience

Developing a loyal listener base and exuberant word-of-mouth advocates is a major goal of any podcast. So, knowing the particular podcast audience’s journey is vital.

The framework known as the Podcast Listener Journey is similar to a usual customer purchaser journey and sales funnel and includes the awareness, consideration, and decision stages – with some podcast-specific additions.

Stage 1: Awareness

They initially get aware of your podcast.

1. How Does Someone Get Aware Of Your Podcast?

2 categories of listeners have been identified: those who do not hear podcasts, and those who already hear podcasts. Every group has separate traits and needs personalized marketing messages.

2. What Activities And Tactics Aid in Build Awareness?

Only the separate tactics for the two groups are discussed at this stage. For purposes of simplicity, it is assumed that all in Group 1 proceed to Group 2 during the last 4 stages (the final goal).

3. Create The Proper Podcast Marketing Mix

Treat each episode as a personal marketing campaign. Possess the proper assets (graphics, trailer, audiograms) for the correct channels (LinkedIn, Instagram) with the proper promotion strategies (paid ads, earned media, podcast swaps).

4. Outreach- Nurture Your Podcast Audience

The greatest error that podcast creators make is imagining “if we create it, they will come.”

Fact: that’s not going to occur in a noisy digital world. The idea of DREAM (Distribution Rules Everything About Me) enunciated by Marketing strategist Ross Simmonds’s underlying success of content has been agreed to. Don’t neglect distribution efforts.

Disseminate the word, make the effort, and be inventive. As stated by JAR Audio, the key to the success of a podcast launch is a 360-degree approach from entire angles.

5. Rope Guests- Nurture Your Podcast Audience

Accessing the entrenched audience of podcast guests is a simple method to draw more ears. The initial step is ensuring your guests possess an audience to start with!

Then, the finest way to assure guests to exchange the episode on their channels is to render it as simple as possible for them. Don’t offer them more work. Build a ‘Podcast Guest Package’ that includes everything they require to easily exchange on their individual accounts.

Further, obtain the go-ahead from your guests prior to sharing anything: guests love sharing things about which they are proud. They won’t like to share an event with their network if they don’t appreciate how they look or how they sound.

6. Don’t Treat Crossover Episodes Lightly

Guest swaps and publicity on other podcasts are the finest way to disseminate the word concerning your podcast. Host swapping is the parallel of guest blogging in the arena of podcasts: it functions in either medium.

7. Don’t Dismiss Paid Media: It Works

As stated by Hernan Lopez, the CEO of Wondery: “And when it comes to marketing investment, I don’t think there’s any more effective and cost-efficient way than promoting a show via ads on other podcasts. They’re starting to be reaching an audience that’s more predisposed to listen to your show, and also ‘in the mood’ to listen to other podcasts.”

External of podcast ads, remember the success of social media ads.

8. Create Truly Nice Content

Similar to any kind of content, nice podcast content will get exchanged. This is the way word-of-mouth travels. Don’t ever allow the desire for audience development and distribution attempts to come in the way of building high-quality, specific, and precious content.

Stage 2: Consideration

Your audience considers hearing your podcast on the basis of topic relevance, recommendations, reviews, and various personal factors.

After getting to know that your podcast exists, why would anyone consider hearing your podcast?

1. Influence And Credibility

People value the opinions of others. The probability that someone will truly regard hearing your podcast soars if the recommendation comes straight from a colleague, friend, influencer, or even loyal acquaintance.

Don’t overlook the potential of influence from different podcast hosts and difficult metrics such as chart rankings. The report of Trust Barometer also displays that people rely on “experts” more than “people like me”.

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2. Personal Interest

If the episode topic and podcast seem exciting and relevant, they will be nearer to listening. People hear podcasts for 2 reasons: entertainment and/or education. Be strategic and explore topics that are being searched by people on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook groups, Google, and different social media channels.

Activities And Tactics That Aid Influence Someone At The Consideration Stage

3. Write Succinctly And Clearly

An avid listener will scan the episode description, episode title, and podcast description to ascertain whether the episode is valued at their time. When you write these items, stay away from jargon and ensure that your value proposition is distinct.

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4. Invest In Initial Impressions

The quality of your visual assets constitutes a difference. Podcasts are evaluated by their appearance as sometimes, that’s wholly people have initially to form an opinion. Maintain your assets (social images, cover/episode art, website) professional, minimalist, on-brand, and simple to read. The podcast encompasses compression on mobile so always employ minimal text in a legible font. Employ PodcastLaunch to test what your cover will seem like on separate platforms.

5. Build A Trailer

Assist people to commit with a nice trailer. Trailers are the crux to drawing someone’s attention (simply imagine movie trailers and TV). Tease the finest portions of your show for someone to get intrigued and begin listening. Trailers are recommended to last, not over a minute. Some trailers last for 3 to 5 minutes – but that’s dangerous as people may not desire to assign over one minute to afford your podcast a chance.

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Stage 3: Decision To Listen

Nurture Your Podcast Audience

They decide to hear an episode on the basis of perceived worth and/or quality of recommendations, entertainment, and convenience factors.

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 What Convinces Anyone To Strike Play On Your Podcast?

1. Perceived Worth- Nurture Your Podcast Audience

If the content appears attractive, entertaining, and educational, and corresponds to what they wish to learn, they will hit play. Their interest requires to be aroused.

2. Quantity And Quality Of Social Proof


Credibility sells. If they are fascinated with the positive press received by your podcast and view multiple reviews of high quality, they won’t wish to stay away.

Podcast social platforms like Podyssey depend on their network of podcast fans to exchange trustworthy suggestions with others.

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3. Ease Of Consumption

A podcast is simply another type of content to be used, among many. Someone has to stumble upon it at the proper time and the proper place. The contribution of convenience to a podcast play is often underestimated. There is no dearth of content to use up: why would anyone elect to hear your podcast instead of watching a YouTube video, reading an article, or hearing an audiobook?

If they are at the gym, commuting, or running errands and they just have their ears open, then you have a greater chance that they’ll strike play. But don’t let it rest on luck, remove barriers that might stop someone from hearing your podcast. The most vital thing you can do is to advertise to attention durations and keep episodes brief and pleasant.

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4. Joining With A Online Community

"Community-Nurture Your Podcast Audience

Podcast fans have changed the meaning of the word ‘community’.

As Nicholas Quah from Hot Pod states: “Because there is no comment section for podcasts when you consume one it’s an isolated digital experience. But there’s this feeling that comes with podcasts, where oftentimes you feel like you’re part of a community that you’re not physically part of. You want to find other people in this nation that doesn’t physically exist. Often that takes the form of a Facebook group.”

Power listeners wish to feel linked with the podcast creator and different podcast fans. Attached listeners naturally convert into your greatest advocates.

Some tactics and actions that convert listeners into loyal advocates include:

  • Speak to your listeners by collecting their emails and cultivating deeper associations.
  • Keep good content and give attention to the spikes, dips, and consumption rates while seeking ways to improve.
  • Join their conversation by replying and engaging.

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Conclusion of Nurture Your Podcast Audience

For creating an effective show, you need to build a spot where your listeners can truly join with you and with one another. Harboring this kind of community truly draws your listeners together and evolves a deeper association between them and your podcast. However, this will take time though the effort and time to deliver the final results will most certainly be well worth it. Linking with people who actually buy into and uphold your point of view and vision is what renders podcasting so beneficial, and by establishing a flourishing, dynamic community over your exhibition, you’ll really reap all the bounties this amazing medium has on offer.

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