Why a Homeschool Online Community is needed!

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Education comes in various forms. Each day, the definition of studying changes and that leads to newer ways of ‘educating’ a child. Homeschooling is an old-age practice and a novel method of educating children as per their needs.

So, what is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a traditional method of education that is usually conducted by a parent, tutor or an online teacher. Education of children in their own homes has always been a common practice. Skills required by businesses and corporations are changing frequently and only bookish knowledge is not enough anymore. This is where homeschooling has an edge because parents can teach their children skills that may or may not be taught in schools. They can help children be prepared for the outside world.

The most important thing homeschooling can do is help the child become a well-rounded individual and a contributing member of the society.

But why would one need an online community for homeschooling?

When a parent is relatively new to homeschooling their kid, they may need support from fellow parents that homeschool their children. While there are formal and informal groups that deal with this need, having an online homeschool community in this digital age is the definitive answer to all such requirements.

There are homeschool groups that tend to the needs of children and parents such as projects, playing time, assignments and, even field trips. For them to stay connected with people around them, one needs to maintain an online presence. A homeschool online community is a place for parents to ask queries, offer solutions and share experiences on a day-to-day basis.

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Here are some of the reasons to build an online community for homeschooling:

1. Connect with other parents:

Connections are all we seek and an online homeschool community is the best way to bring parents together! It facilitates easy access to local groups that specialize in homeschooling. Such a community will act as a go-to place for everything related to homeschooling. So much can be done: from selling books, providing tips and hacks, passing on information about legal requirements, to sharing incidents, asking questions and so much more!

Parents have always formed communities to make things easier for their children. In today’s world, this same concept requires an online medium! An online homeschooling community is the answer.

Further, parents can come together to organize picnics, day out and other group activities for their kids. All this leads to a better and more effective homeschooling experience for both parents and children!

2. Organize activities:


Homeschooling is typically an indoor activity, but it does not always have to be that way. It is extremely crucial to introduce children to outdoor and physical activities. Doing the same in a group only helps them to shape their personality and learn skills.

Organizing activities by oneself is difficult and might prove far more tedious than expected. With an online community, all this becomes easier to handle with other parents. Not only that, but a lot more activities can also take place when responsibilities are divided.

Each family can organize an outdoor activity of their choice every week, or every month! Kids can participate in PE, drawing competitions, walkathons, group games and sports. All this will ensure entertainment for children while making them healthier mentally and physically.

3. Plan a customized curriculum:

Parents can often get confused about what to teach their children when it comes to homeschooling. When parents from different parts of the world come together, they can share their approaches when it comes to educating their children. They can have a choice of being a part of the committee that plans the curriculum. All this can be done keeping in mind the needs of children all over.

Decisions such as which subjects to incorporate, how often to organize group meetings and other outdoor activities can be taken unanimously. A proper schedule can be put in place for each session. Members can also alter the curriculum and try different kinds of methods. Online classes can be held which parents and children can attend. Classes can be interactive too!

Such flexibility of the online homeschool community takes it one step above the rigid schooling systems.

4. Set goals:

Homeschooling is incomplete without having certain achievable goals. Parents can work together in an online community and set independent as well as group goals.

A proper balance of education along with behaviour and life skills should be the aim of any homeschooling community. Other goals can include helping children to be able to self-learn, inculcating independent thinking, developing work ethic and values that will make them better human beings. Goals can be changed as per new developments and requirements.

Parents can celebrate the success of their children by hosting a convocation in groups and making the child feel appreciated.

A community of parents is a perfect and organized space to decide and set targets, create an exhaustive procedure to accomplish them and document progress while also trying to accomplish desired results.

Thus, an online homeschooling community can aid in making the homeschooling experience simple and productive for parents and children. Parents can come together and provide suggestions as members for a much better output.

There is no hard and fast rule of creating an online community. An organized community can be made as per your preferences. It just needs engaging members that help make the most of the group, thereby helping children to get an all-round education.

Homeschooling is not a foreign concept anymore. It is very much in practice all over the world. If you cannot find a reliable community online, you can make one and provide an all-purpose learning centre for everyone around!



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