Why The Membership Model Beats Selling

People are rapidly turning their traditional sales model into a membership model. The reason lies in the numbers. Websites with a subscription-based model got their visitors multiplied by nine times within three years from 2014 to 2017. Of course, there are benefits of using a membership model, but no one saw such vast growth coming. Notably, it is not that it works for every business. But when and for whom it does, it works wonders, and here are some of the reasons why-

Income stream

Income stream Membership Model Beats Selling
Membership Model Beats Selling

You are getting your income stabilized and getting essential finances sorted from a constant income stream. It helps to make better forecasts and better budgets. You already know how much you will be earning in a particular month or a specific financial year. Planning the growth of business and planning the diversification becomes more comfortable with this data. 

Customer loyalty

Once the customer has committed to you, it will be convenient for them to stay with you or take different types of your products. Amazon’s  “Prime” is an example of this. Someone may have subscribed for Amazon Prime for their audible books, but once they have subscribed, they have committed themselves. They have given their loyalty to Amazon. Now, no matter if they want to buy something or not, they will want to take advantage of Amazon’s free or next-day delivery. They might have purchased a particular book’s subscription, but they will end up buying a lot of things and consuming a lot of products sold by Amazon through their OTT and Music platforms. The customer will certainly resist buying the subscriptions of Netflix or Music. They will get as much value as possible from the money they invested in their subscription. You can expect your members to ignore similar content on your competitor’s products if you can offer something roughly equivalent.

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Unintentional sales

You don’t need to sell after the sale is made. It applies indirectly to every product on your website once a customer has bought the subscription. He already knows his benefits, and he already feels special on your website. There will be times when he will buy just because he can’t imagine losing a great deal or opportunity. The average total revenue generated throughout the subscription is always higher than the average sale per customer during that period. People also try to justify their reason for subscribing to your website. So, when a new offer or a product is launched, you can expect your members to jump on it without you even advertising it aggressively. This happens at every shop or business to which we submit our loyalty. Imagine you go to a coffee shop for a cappuccino every day; now, their subscription, which offers an additional 10% on everything, will help you. However, when you buy the subscription, you will realize that you can get the muffin at a 10% discount, too, and you will end up spending more than you did without the subscription.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction
Membership Model Beats Selling

Your subscription members are also your ambassadors, and they do well for your word-of-mouth publicity. A big reason behind this is that they have benefited from your subscription. The members feel valued, they save money, and they feel premium. It leads to excellent customer satisfaction. So, it means that not all benefits of a subscription model are exclusive to the business. The membership model also has excellent benefits for the consumer. They also have a reliable and trusted source for their needs. It saves time going through options and, above that, saves them from getting in a fraud. In traditional sales, they open to scams or abuse. Overall, the subscription models are more sophisticated and trustworthy. 

Customer relationships

A great point that people seem to ignore is that a subscription model means excellent customer service, and customers love it. A good customer call can leave a huge impact on his mind and make him loyal for the rest of his life. Good customer service not only means convenience and problem solving, but it is also about empathy. The customers like being heard and understood, and if you give good customer service to your subscribers, your business can go a long way. 


Deadlines Membership Model Beats Selling
Membership Model Beats Selling

The sales funnel needs to get activated for every sale in the traditional sales model. Even when the customer is looking for a product, they need to be addressed, educated, and convinced to buy your product. Even if the customer is already aware or even regular to your business, they can procrastinate buying or forget to buy stuff. In many cases, customers can switch because they think their regularity or loyalty is going unnoticed. In short, selling any product, old or new to any customer, old or new, is a struggle in content marketing.

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In the membership model, you have to keep customers satisfied. They will automatically generate revenue for you. You can even enjoy getting more sales from them on new offers or products by giving them special access and adding deadlines to them. You can use their fear of missing out to guide them into availing of a new special offer. It also means that products don’t have to be sold once but in installments. Your members will also be more forgiving of products that are not completely refined. They will trust you in your ups and downs and know that you will improve it. However, customers in the traditional sales model will expect immediate perfection and don’t have that much patience.

Conclusion of Membership Model Beats Selling

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These are 6 of the many benefits of using a membership model instead of any sales model. They are highly promising and efficient still; it’s on you and your business whether it works or not so, be careful while adapting it.

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