Market Research Tips for Online Course Creators

Several questions come to your mind while creating your online course. Thorough market research is crucial to understanding who is interested in your courses and what they expect from you. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top market research tips to make your course creation process easier and effortless.

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Online courses are becoming popular for several reasons. However, your entire hard work in creating a course depends on how well you research the market. Through this blog, we will help you develop a deep understanding of your audience to know about their interests, behaviors, preferences, expectations, etc. Here’s how to conduct market research for online courses.

Course Ideation Process

One of the first and most crucial market research tips is to determine whether it is worth creating your online course. It will help if you analyze the different aspects of your audience to discover a course idea. Research well about the industry to learn what’s in trend, what your learners expect from you, and how you can add value to their life.

  • Use different methods such as keyword research and competitor analysis to peek inside the industry trends.
  • You can research the other online course websites, such as Udemy or Coursera, to identify how your competitors are doing in the market.
  • Also, use several keyword research tools to check what your audience searches for. You can get your answers from the results on whether the idea is worth giving a try.
  • Read the latest news, discoveries, blogs, and articles to check what’s on trend and ensure that the content includes meaningful and well-researched content.

Identify Your Learner’s Needs

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Have you ever heard about Buyer’s persona? Yes, that’s what we are talking about. As an online course creator, you need to identify your learner’s needs to create an impact on them. But for this, you first need to get inside the mind of your learners. Think from their perspective to identify how your course can benefit them.

Are you able to solve their queries from your course? Thus, we can say it can be an effective approach to evaluating your learner’s behavior and expectations. Here are a few market research tips you should consider to understand your learner’s persona:

  • One of the best ways to identify your learners is through demographics. Demographics offer an excellent approach for course creators to evaluate what content will work for a particular section of your audience.
  • As a course creator, you must identify whether your content is suitable for beginners, intermediate, or expert-level learners. Make sure the content goes well for your learners according to their capability.
  • Next, identify their pain points and goals with your online courses. You need to figure out what they expect from your courses, such as knowledge, support, self-improvement, practice, etc.

All these market research tips will make your online courses more audience-oriented and reliable. Remember, your learners are your main target while building an online course. It is impossible to understand their needs without conceptualizing and identifying a solution.

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Establish Your Expertise

The online learning industry is an ever-growing field. Do you think your audience prefers learning for a fresher? As a course creator, you need to convince your audience that you are an expert in the field.

Creating an online course is not an easy deal. You must make your learners believe they are investing in the right courses. After all, your learners have the right to know that you have an experience with a particular subject matter.

You can adopt several methods to showcase your skill sets and experience in the relevant field. The best market research tips we can provide are enrolling in a market research course or conducting market research for others to gain practical experience. Both ways, you’ll learn the best ways to gather audience data for a better course creation process.

SWOT Analysis for Competitors


SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis have a great significance in all stages of product creation and market research. You may have heard a lot about this strategy before. It is an excellent market research tip that you must follow.

Once you finalize your course idea and analyze the learner’s behavior, it is time to check on your competitors. Competitors play a vital role in any industry. If you are trying to create an online course for your audience, you must first make sure.

Have a look at your competitors to check how they are performing. Pay attention to their marketing strategy to plan how you can stand out from them. But first, you need to shortlist your main competitors and compare their strengths, strategies, and weaknesses. Then, identify how you can turn their weaknesses into strengths to give something unique to your audience.

Take Surveys and Feedback

Do you think you can create a successful online course without knowing what your audience expects from you? Surveys offer an excellent solution for course creators to understand what’s going on in their audience’s minds. This is another excellent market research trick we can provide to make your course creation process more effortless. There are countless things you can ask your learners, such as :

  • How much do they prefer online courses?
  • What do they expect from an online course?
  • What do they think of a particular topic?
  • Do they want to know about a specific topic?

You can adopt several methods to learn about your audience’s needs. Find what your learners expect for a specific topic.

Never Go Against the Wind

Creating something unique is crucial, but you can’t go against the trend. Remember that your audience goes strictly with the trend. So going against it can be very dangerous. In this market research tip, we want to inform you that you must be up-to-date with the latest trends.

You should Attend seminars, read blogs, and join communities to stay updated with the latest industry trends. You can also take surveys, interviews, and other events to collect as much information as possible. This will help you determine a better method to structure your content in the best format that reflects your goals and ideology.

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Build a Post-Launch Strategy

Your work isn’t done just after the course launch. This market research tip will help make your online course successful and popular. You need to follow certain steps to find whether you have executed the steps properly or if there are deviations in the process.

Remember, you can’t control everything by merely conceptualizing and planning. To make your course successful, you need to learn from the real-time results. See how your audience behaves at certain stages of your course and what hurdles they face during the process.

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Are You Ready to Benefit from the Market Research Tips?

So we have mentioned the top market research tips for online course creators who want to launch a well-researched course for their learners. It is not easier to apply these tips at once. However, they’ll appear as a roadmap to make your courses more interactive and successful. You have several options to choose from for building audience-centric courses. However, with the right solution like LearnMate LearnDash, you can make your course creation process more fun. The vast features of the platform would make your process easier. Also, these above tips will be an appropriate choice for learners. Keep reading our blogs for more information.

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