WordPress has released its latest version 5.3.2 On December 18, 2019, for the public that mainly Focuses on the issues which are very often trolled by the users of WordPress and has many problems faced during the handling and modifying of these issues.
Here, we have mentioned the issues that were addressed by WordPress.

Main issues addressed in 5.3.2:

  1.  Date/Time
  2.  Uploads
  3.  Media
  4.  Administration
  5.  Tests/build tools

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#1 Date/Time

Ensure that get_feed_build_date() correctly handles a modified post object with an invalid date.

wordpress version 5.3.2

When viewing the comment feed, the timestamp of the most recently modified comment will be returned.

#2 Uploads

Fix file name collision in wp_unique_filename() when uploading a file with uppercase extension on non-case-sensitive file systems.

wordpress version 5.3.2

When the name of any file is not unique then a number will be added to the filename before the extension. That will continue adding numbers to the name of the file until the filename is unique.

The callback is passed three parameters, the first one is the directory, the second is the filename, and the third is the extension.

This issue was very often on the GitHub community for a few years and then it was resolved in this latest version released by WordPress.

Create unique files?

#3 Media

Fixed the PHP warnings in wp_unique_filename() when the destination directory is unreadable.

wordpress version 5.3.2

Reasons behind the error message :

  1. Partitions of the hard drive may be corrupted.
  2. There may be some malware or virus which will be infecting your content.
  3. Sometimes this happens when external storage is damaged.
  4. Removal of external drive could also be the reason.
  5. Sometimes this issue is due to a port error.

#4 Administration

Fixed the colors in all color schemes for buttons with the .active class.


For the style and color, the color schemes are used in CSS sections. This creates a proper color scheme and hence this has other feelings related to the schemes decided. Multiple colors are chosen for a better experience.

Let us see the example in themes

#5 Tests/build tools

In wp_insert_post(), when checking the post date to set future or publish status, use a proper delta comparison.

test it

Files revised during the update

These are the files that are changed during the update of WordPress:


What’s New we have grabbed?

From the latest WordPress version release, we have got maintenance issues resolved that include the date and time return of the latest feed. Along with this, there are upload problems that are due to the file name collisions. Another issue was the directory reach problem that too was solved. Finally, the visualization of the buttons and date for publication is also resolved.


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