Are you seeking software that may serve as a collaboration tool and enable your company to communicate business information? An intranet is a limited and private internet communications network, and each intranet is often available to a specific set of people, such as team or corporate members.


Intranet Software

Employee intranets exist to give a centralized area for employees to cooperate on a range of activities such as sharing material, communicating, training, providing and receiving feedback, and so on. Check out the list below to locate the best intranet solution.

1. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint
Intranet Software

Microsoft SharePoint is a content and knowledge management system (CMS). The package also includes a collaboration feature. The system consists of standard CMS capabilities such as document and digital asset management, case and contract management, and reporting and analytics. These features work together to allow users to produce, manage, and evaluate diverse sorts of material from a single spot.

 Key Features

  • Microsoft SharePoint is capable of creating, storing, and retrieving data and managing, tagging, and searching for content, documents, and information.
  • You may use social networking features, newsfeeds, profile searching and tagging, as well as the ability to search, locate, and communicate with individuals based on their talents, organizational location, relationships, and content rating.
  • Capability to integrate Microsoft Access with SharePoint; access and show data on a Web page using Excel and SQL Server.
  • Allow dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to be used to turn raw data into usable information.
  • This includes everything from LOB connectivity to Office integration and the new Apps for Office application concept and bespoke solution creation.
  • Changing the appearance and feel of your website through built-in template updates or more complex and organizationally driven branding.

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2. Confluence

Intranet Software

Atlassian’s Confluence is a powerful content collaboration program for contemporary teams. It enables teams to develop, share, and collaborate on projects in a centralized location, conveniently publish and access corporate information, collect, preserve, expand team knowledge, and much more. Confluence is also accessible on mobile, allowing teams to track team activities, provide feedback, and stay in sync no matter what platform they use.

Key Features

  • There are over 75 customizable templates for every team, ranging from strategy and planning documents to reports.
  • Connect plans to development work with sophisticated Jira connectors that include issue tracking and dynamic roadmap updates.
  • Keep personnel informed by providing them with broad access to the information they require but share and safeguard sensitive content with authorization controls.
  • On your homepage, you may return to recent places, in-progress work, and draughts, as well as keep up with activity and popular feeds.
  • SAML SSO enforces 2-step verification, automatic user provisioning, and other features to improve administration and security across your Atlassian products.
  • To secure your team’s data, use GDPR, and Privacy Shield certified encryption in transit and at rest. SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and other security certifications are available.

3. Simpplr

Intranet Software

Simpplr is a modern intranet for employees. By improving internal communication and building employee ties, our platform assists businesses in engaging their staff. It functions as a digital newsroom where your coworkers communicate work progress and events. Users may connect socially by accessing a person’s directory and feed, which increases employee engagement. This is straightforward to administer directly, with little to no need for IT assistance.

Key Features

  • Important surface media, updates, stories, and events connect employees. Simpplr’s knowledge graph, powered by AI, personalizes information based on employee profiles like relationships, location, position, and more.
  • Engage colleagues across Slack, Chatter, and Teams with the modern social Smart Feed, including features like sharing, mentioning, like, and responding to the material, tagging content, and engaging users with polls and surveys.
  • Provide workers with a centralized location for all their alerts from HR systems, expense reports, approval procedures, and other sources.
  • Promote your forthcoming events on social media to promote participation and feedback. Event data may be published and managed, such as in-app and email alerts, time, location maps, organizers, RSVPs, and attendees.
  • With built-in content management and customizable publication procedures, you can collaborate and avoid mistakes while also ensuring that only authorized content is released.

4. Blink

Intranet Software

Blink is the industry leader in a new generation of intelligent intranet solutions for frontline employees. It consolidates all of the tools needed by frontline employees into a single user-friendly, secure platform, transforming any segmented company into a strong, close-knit community. It is designed to solve the unique internal communication requirements and cooperation issues of frontline and essential staff. However, it is equally effective for those working remotely or from home.

key Features

  • Includes pre-configured templates with suggested architecture, rights, and functionality and the ability to customize them to match the needs of individual customers.
  • Connect with the appropriate individuals quickly and simply with an employee directory that makes collaborating with coworkers simple.
  • Send instant SMS and push alerts to employees’ cellphones to keep them up to date on essential news and required activities.
  • Access and exchange files of all sorts safely and straightforwardly. There is built-in integration with SharePoint, Office 365, ServiceNow, Box, Google Shared Drive, and other file-sharing services.
  • Evaluate performance metrics and goal setting to see where you stand compared to other organizations comparable to yours.
  • Integrate with leading identity and access management solutions such as Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce Identity, and Active Directory. Employees may access company apps with a single click from their homepages.

5. Interact

Intranet Software

Interact is an all-in-one digital workplace that includes customized dashboards, onboarding tools, directories, and broadcasts. It allows you to tailor your devices following your brand, so your organization feels tied to its culture. Furthermore, solid analytic applications make it simple to see opportunities for development in your organization. Interact’s team of professionals has been working with customers worldwide for more than 15 years to create a full intranet solution that brings their workforces together to interact and cooperate.

Key Features

  • Interact is designed for communicators, with no technological obstacles to creating or consuming material. Its simplicity makes it simple to create, update, and locate the material.
  • Maintain compliance by keeping an integrated audit trail and reversing essential documents using Interact’s version control.
  • Use Interact’s drag-and-drop capability to bulk upload documents onto your intranet; you can even upload documents directly from zip files.
  • With Interact Calendar, you can make your intranet the go-to spot for discovering and managing events and meetings throughout your whole enterprise.
  • Find coworkers in the Interact People Directory, then ignite real-time interactions with Microsoft Teams and Jabber applications.

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Each intranet platform has its learning curve, and you will most likely amass a massive quantity of data on the intranet you choose to utilize. Selecting the finest intranet software suppliers for your company is a significant effort. Due diligence is essential for choosing the best intranet solution for your company. Consider your requirements and priorities, and do your homework. Finally, make use of free trials and demonstrations.

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