How Video Marketing Drive Sales Through The Roof

Video Marketing

If you are like most people today, the day wouldn’t pass without you watching at least a single video on your laptop or your TV set. Ever wonder why? Marketers and promoters of all kinds of products and services have realized the power of videos to put their wares to your attention. They know that most people today are hooked on videos to get entertained, to get information and to do all sorts of things. That’s why instead of spending tons of cash in conventional advertising and promotion, they are shifting their strategies to producing videos that you won’t be able to resist viewing.

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The motivations of businesses are still the same. Only the methods of achieving their goals change. Companies still want more website traffic. More website traffic means more sales. They still want more sales from each buyer. The current answer to their needs is a video or video marketing. Video marketing statistics show that in 2017, about 63 percent of companies have used videos to sell their products or services. Companies know that videos are effective in telling the stories of their brands. Videos are able to effectively show how their products or services are better than their competitors. They can demonstrate the key features and benefits of their products more effectively by using videos. Videos are also a great way to show the testimonials of satisfied customers.

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Video marketing is just one step behind social media ineffectiveness. Social media marketing is at 96 percent while the video is at 76 percent. Video marketing is the wave of the future. Do you know why? It is projected that by 2022, 82 percent of the entire internet consumer traffic will be composed of videos. Nine out of ten marketers have convinced a new customer from a video on social media because they are able to show how their product is used. Over three-fourths of consumers admit that they were convinced to download software or an app by watching its respective video. The reason is that videos are a great way to educate an audience and convince them to buy a product or a service. About 68 percent of consumers say that short videos are their most preferred method of learning about a new product. Why is that? Studies have shown that our brains are hardwired to respond to videos more than other learning methods. This is easy to see. Videos combine pictures with motion. We like to see pictures, especially if they are moving pictures. This combination is very effective in catching and keeping our attention.

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