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Hosting is a frequently complex and cryptic issue which, to the uninitiated eye, can seem very difficult to understand fully but strangely of critical importance. Well, the second half of this is correct. Making mistakes with your hosting can have some pretty serious consequences for your website health and the numbers you are able to draw in whilst maintaining a degree of stability. However, with a little basic understanding of the field, and an awareness of what is available to you in terms of hosting options, you should be able to put your WordPress site in the best possible position to weather the storm in terms of maintaining a professional WordPress site.

Getting To Grips With Pricing

WordPress sites are hugely diverse. Some people open up small little personal blogs that might get 200 clicks a month and will happily continue like that for the rest of the time. On the other hand, you’ve got massive websites with tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors a day, all clambering for a look. In the middle, you have where most people are: sites with a few hundred clicks a day that is looking to turn into sites with thousands a day. The reality in terms of pricing is that you don’t want to be paying. Unless you are way off the mark, server hosting should be an area that you can safely save money all the way until your site has become seriously popular. “The amazing thing is how many visitors, how much traffic your site can receive comfortably whilst going for a $5 a month hosting option that really helps you save up your money”, writes Javier Perez, content manager at BritStudent and WriteMyx. Anything up to 1000 visitors a day and you can get away with paying that little. When you start going considerably north of that figure, say to 5000 or so a day, that’s when you really need to start looking at some serious options and where your monthly cost will look less like $5 a month and more like somewhere between $30-$60 a month.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers, Hosting Options For WordPress Sites

If you’ve read this far and you’re starting to panic with images of those giant warehouses filled with complex servers then put those fears to bed quickly. Owning your own servers and finding the space to house them is a drastic, drastic move which you should only consider when you’re encountering significantly increased traffic with noticeable effects on load times and page security. The cost will jump up and really the whole thing is completely different because you then need to own your own physical servers.
Contrastingly, VPS is an affordable upgrade that will be about right for pages getting 5000 clicks a day. The way that it works is a bit like how Uber or Airbnb operates. Essentially there’s a server owner with a large amount of servers and they rent out an area of their server that is private just to you, as in the activity of other people on the server won’t affect your performance, and you are able to host your site as if you had your own dedicated server. “VPS hosting is a really good option for those of us with WordPress sites which exceed the average requirements but who aren’t near the level of needing to buy dedicated servers. There are many highly respected options available to you and for very affordable prices”, notes James Ingram, tech writer at Australia2Write and NextCoursework.

Available Options

So, more specifically, what is out there for you to choose from. Well here is a couple of the most popular. The first is InMotion Hosting. InMotion Hosting is a great beginners option for VPS. Their service is strong, offering you fast site speeds by using multiple data centers. They also have extra padding (known as burstable memory) which will help you handle any massive spikes that you might encounter. Plus they automatically back everything up once every two or three days. The second is BlueHost. BlueHost is an extremely popular option which offers affordability through scalability, meaning that they have multiple price plans you can choose from that break down the specifics of what you will receive. So, if you know you need to upgrade but can’t afford a big leap, you can just take the first step. Lastly, there is HostGator, an American company boasting cheap and easy prices. Again it’s tiered, but you probably want to be on the safe side with this one.


So, as you can see, with a bit of knowledge you should be able to pretty easily unpack the best hosting options for you. It can seem complex, but it’s actually very well-tailored to all of your site’s needs. If you run into any problems all VPS companies offer very good customer service to set you right.
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