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How easy it becomes to sell a product if your customers attention is on you and you no longer require to persuade them aggressively. But this does not happen online so easily and is quite impossible. Perhaps you have to strategize your marketing differently. You need to learn the way in which people may pay attention to you and not others. But How? With email marketing and applying the proper email marketing tools, you can deliver promotions by simply clicking a button and your subscribers will be clicking at your links and purchasing from you. But before it, you have to win the trust of your subscriber so that they respond to your emails.

Here are some ideas that can help to install an automated process that will divert a higher percentage of subscribers to your ecommerce site:

Employ tools that capture email

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Presently there are amazingly powerful tools that aids in email capture. The best ones contain customizable templates devised on the current UX trends that makes signing up forms more captivating. Others contain functionality that specifies the best time for the viewing of sign-up forms, and then lets you program that particular function with a few clicks.

Though few of the best tools for email marketing do entail significant cost, they repay you back ten times by making it easy to convert traffic into purchasing consumers.

Keep The Signing Up Process Simple

It is well known that the greater your data volume about every subscriber, the more improved can be your customized messages and higher the chances for a sale. Although, subscription form is not the proper place to gather all the related information. You will avail numerous chances to work on that later, but it depends on the success of your first step.

Make entering an email address as convenient as possible. The requirement of first name upon an email form or simply asking the email address aids in personalization in future. But the rationale behind only the email address is compelling – the simpler the opt-in-form is, the higher the chances that a person may subscribe. By eliminating the name field, your email list will grow faster. If you desire speed, think about deleting everything leaving the email address. As a matter of fact, every step advanced by you to keep the form simpler will help to build the audience. The minimal steps between a prospect getting interested and subscribing aids in your business growth.

Extend Discounts To Subscribers

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Discounts are often a powerful motivators for individuals to furnish their email address, more so when the discount is utilized instantly. You can also couple the discount offer and the prompt for subscribing with an interactive activation. For instance, when the consumer adds a product to the shopping cart the discount is implemented and they get subscribed to your list.  Coffee for Less, the online coffee retailer specializing in gourmet coffee offers an instant $5 discount for first time subscribers to newsletter.

Offer More Hard To Resist Incentives

Some people require slight convincing and the simplest incentive that matters to everyone is cost savings.Rebates, voucher codes, zero shipping charges are few of the prevalent ways to make your site visitors to subscribe. Moreover, based on the type of your ecommerce business, you do not always require to offer incentives that are monetary based.

One of the best means of attracting subscribers is to consent to sending exclusive content. One such instance is an email course that has great worth for your prospective consumers and also your business. With an assurance of receiving free but useful information, more people can turn to subscription. By adding such value, you receive more subscribers who are likely to make a purchase.

Provide Content Alternatives

Employing an effective email marketing tool helps to segment details. This aids in deciding the specific types of content to be shown to particular categories of people. People shy away from subscribing as they are not aware of the information they will be receiving in return. There is always the possibility of receiving hordes of emails with content that is not useful to them.

The perfect way to go would be to segment the content genres and let your subscribers select the content they want to subscribe to. You can offer them a wide choice with regard to the type of content whether weekly newsletter, exclusive offers or events. You can also present an option of providing information with regard to particular products in which they are interested.

Request Your Subscribers To Share

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If you are offering value, it is possible that those persons may have similar thinking friends who are also likely to benefit from your information as well. You can request them to coshare by a simple call to action message. For instance, “Do you have a friend who can find this information useful? Ask them to sign up here!”

You should encourage your subscribers to share the content with various people. In addition, always ascertain that your content is convenient to share on various platforms. If possible, incorporate social media sharing buttons to facilitate the process of sharing content.

Apply Video Demonstrations

Online consumers love videos. As a matter of fact, half of the marketing specialists throughout the globe believes that video offers the best return on investment in comparison to different marketing tactics. Websites presenting video can make the average user devote 88% more time on such pages. Moreover, videos fare well similar to ads and increases engagement and interest in your products. Besides, videos resonate well with people as there is a higher chance of remembering what they viewed contrary to what they just read.

Speed Up Promotions During Holidays

Special events are occasions when people are interested in shopping and invest more than they otherwise would on a regular day of the year. So you should intensely promote holiday sales. This is your window opportunity to achieve tremendous sales during such events.

Propose Daily Deals

The possibility of daily deals or a deal of the day gives an impetus to customers to go back to your site again and again. A newsletter that nudges such “daily deals” on, in place of the customers extracting the details from the site, is beneficial and provides a reason to your clients to go through the newsletters you despatch daily.

Maximize Your Search

maximize search

Google remains the first choice for people to collect information so make it certain that you are visible in search rankings and search terms. If it is useful for your niche and business, you can even consider paid search alternatives to assure your visibility and online presence.

Publish Value Content

Setting up a blog segment on your site and publishing unique posts will be something useful for your target audience as this increases the customers attention. In addition to SEO worth, it also aids in building your reputation and credibility as being an authority in your domain.

Exhibit Display Icons That Makes Your Site Trustworthy

No shopper would prefer to purchase on your ecommerce portal if it appears inadequate or else not trustworthy. To grab the customers attention, make your website secure as cyber security is a major worry for shoppers. The last five years has witnessed credit card fraud affecting 46% of Americans. Security of its details is prime for online buyers. You have to identify this and carry out the needful adjustments. But how to prove your credibility? To this end, you can show security badges which is used by your website.

Put Up Photos While Including Customer Testimonials

User reviews and testimonials displays validity of concept. But any communication from a person without any name and photograph would not sound convincing. Carry your testimonials a step further and add the photograph and the full name and title of a person to add credibility, professionalism and to resonate more with the site visitors. Such testimonials can drive others to make a purchase and garner higher sales.

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Go For An Exit Popup To Bolster Signups

Creating exit popups which is based on latest technology and designed to retain visitors on your site and bolsters your subscriber list. This technology displays a popup whenever a potential consumer tries to exit your site, a popup appears containing a message which offers you a last chance to subscribe to the list before they move out of your site.

Research has revealed that exit popup technology can boost signup rates from 3-5%. When this is merged with concepts like an ebook, giveaway or coupon, your signup rates can spiral up to almost 10%!

Final Thoughts for getting more customers attention

As an online retailer and ecommerce website owner you have to explore innovative and creative ways to increase your subscribers and get more customers attention. All these key techniques listed above can help to create a successful email list and a chance to convert your subscribers into potential buyers.

What’s you thought on it? Do you have more ideas on increasing customers attention? Leave a comment below.



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