Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On v1.1 Released


The Outgoing Webhook step is a technical feature but you don’t need to be a developer to understand the power it can add to your processes.

Gravity Forms Webhooks

The Webhook step has been built-in to the Gravity Flow core since its release back in October 2015 and it’s the easiest way to add webhooks to your processes that send form submission values to an external service or application. In Gravity Flow v1.5 now you can specify which field values to send in the Webhook step, add custom values and keys. Merge tags are also supported.

About Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On

Webhooks allows you to trigger a callback event with Gravity Forms to notify 3rd party services when a Gravity Forms is submitted. Easily pass Gravity Forms data to a Webhook URL for data processing or integration purposes.

Seamless Integration- Easily add Webhooks to a Gravity Form and configure what data is passed to the callback URL.

Request Methods- Configure Webhooks to utilize GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE the Request Method.

Request Formats- Pass data to the Request URL as JSON or a FORM.

Custom Headers and Data- Configure custom request headers and configure only the data you want to pass to the Webhook.

Conditional Logic- Use Gravity Forms built-in Conditional Logic to only trigger Webhooks when you want to!

Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On v1.1 Released

Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On v1.1 is now available via automatic update and the Add-On Downloads page. This is a maintenance release that resolves a bug that caused select fields to not be included in the Webhooks request.

Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On v1.1 Changelog

  • Fixed data from selected fields not being included in the request.
The Webhooks Add-On is available to Developer License owners. Don’t own a Gravity Forms Developer license? Purchase one now! You may download the Webhooks Add-On via the Add-On manager in Gravity Forms or via the Add-On download page, and read the documentation here.


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