Open Graph Tag Generator Tools: The Beginner’s Guide (2024)

Open Graph Tag Generator Tools

In 2010, Facebook was the first to market with its open graph tag generator tools. It gives any webpage the same capabilities as Facebook applications. The user can connect their site to the social media platform. Social meta tags have been acknowledged and adopted by all the major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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Open Graph Tag Generator tools

The Twitter bots will revert to using Facebook’s open graph meta tags as a backup if they are unable to locate any Twitter cards on a certain website.

About Open Graph

In 2010, Facebook was the first to market with its Open Graph technology. It makes it such that any website may act like any other Facebook entity. The user can connect their site to the social media platform. Social meta tags are widely acknowledged and appreciated across all major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Although Twitter now has its cards, if its algorithms cannot find any, they will fall back on Facebook’s open graph meta tags.

Search engines read open graph tags since they include precise data about your website. Higher search engine rankings can be achieved thanks to the data stored in a website’s available graphs protocol. A website’s open graph protocol will improve its ranking and exposure on Facebook and other social media platforms. These are the objectives of any responsible webmaster or a business owner.

A website can become a rich graph object on Facebook by implementing the open graph protocol. This feature allows you to manage how your website displays on Facebook. Your website will be at the whim of the social media site’s content producers if you don’t use it. When shared on social media, it may not give your website the image you want. Creating your own open graph meta tags and including them in your website’s HTML code is highly recommended. If you do this, you may keep the open graph meta tags under your control and update them whenever you like.

Implement the Facebook open graph meta tags to boost your site’s popularity and gain more customers. The more people who share your content on social media, the more people will visit your site and the more links you will receive.

Increased traffic from social media platforms should result in more purchases if your website is an online store.
When you’ve mastered Facebook’s open graph meta tags, go on to Twitter cards, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Open graph meta tags boost your website’s social media presence on popular networks. If you want to increase your site’s visibility, that’s where you need to focus your efforts.

It’s not anything you need to worry about doing. Keep reading, and we’ll explain how to make and use open graph meta tags.

1. Tags in Open Graph

Graph- Graph Tag Generator Tools
Graph Tag Generator Tools

Using the Open Graph protocol necessitates the addition of the following tags to your website’s source code.

  • Tag 1

The title of your item can be found in the on: title tag. If it’s longer than 88 characters, it will be cut off.

  • Tag 2: on: lol

The website’s name to which the object is linked should be included in this tag.

  • Tag 3: og: type

This free-form tag is where you outline the kind of material you’re distributing. Is your focus on the web, entertainment, or people? Additional tags of various types exist.

  • Tag4 on: desc

No more than 200 characters will be allowed in this open graph tag’s description. It ought to be enticing enough to make the customer want to check out the site.

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  • Tag 5 og: image

We all know the value of placing an image with the material. Content that lacks an image can be dull to read, but when one is added, it can spark the reader’s interest. As a result, including an image within the open graph meta tags is recommended. Facebook’s image tag restrictions impose a maximum file size of 5MB and a whole image dimension of 1200×627 pixels. Having a striking image on your website will entice visitors to look around.
Additional meta tags are required for media playback. However, stick to the rules of Facebook’s open graph tags.

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2. Open graph generator

graph generator- Graph Tag Generator Tools
Graph Tag Generator Tools

Knowing this, you can increase visits to your site by promoting it as a Facebook or other social media object. Here’s how to quickly create your site’s open graph meta tags. You don’t need to know how to code in HTML or remember the proper order to construct the tags. You only need a useful open graphs meta tags generator to do this.

Simply click the “open graph generator” button located within your browser to use the open graph generator that can be found on Simply enter “” into the URL bar of your browser to gain access to the open graph generator interface. To generate the Facebook open graph meta tags, you will need to fill out a number of required fields.

Simply enter the name of the item you wish to create in the box provided. It is recommended that the principal content category of your website be specified by using the drop-down box labeled “type.” If you intend to submit photographs, please indicate the number of pictures you intend to do so. Now enter the name of the website, and after that, type in a brief description. Enter the URL of the website as well as the URLs of any images that you want to show up in the Facebook object.

The HTML code for open graph tags is generated after the inputs have been entered. The next thing you need to do is to make a copy of the HTML code and paste it into the header of your website. When you do that, the item that is currently located on your website will immediately begin to appear on Facebook. You should recommend this to people’s friends on their various social media platforms if you want more people to check out your website.

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Conclusion of Graph Tag Generator Tools

Although several technologies may be integrated to address this issue, none currently provide sufficient data to accurately represent websites within a social network. Because social media platforms are significant traffic sources, web developers must incorporate open graph tags into their colonial media-ready designs. By just adding basic meta tags, you can influence the performance of your links on social media.

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