Are you wondering how to boost your business with Google+?, In this article, I will share with you Google+ Marketing Strategy, you can consider maximizing your business and website ranking. When you are posting any content on Google+, it is more likely to show up in search results because Google ranks its own social network higher and they crawl it faster.

Despite the limitations of the network and it is still developing adv options, your brand can opt Google+ to extend the reach of your content and include it in your overall social media marketing strategy. It is an essential part of your business’s social media strategy. It also plays a significant role in search engine optimization by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results.


Check Out Google+ Marketing Strategies

Let’s check out the most prominent Google+ marketing strategies to make your post and articles more popular and much demanding. Mentioned below to strategies, you can go through with them.


Find Content that Performs Well

Google+ Marketing Strategy

Check for the content performance, what goes well on Google+. Which content is more demanding and catch high leads. If you are planning to post on Google+, go to your Google+ dashboard. You must identify the types of content what attracts the audience. You also need to check out your social referrals in Google Analytics and determine is your website making traffic from Google+ efforts.


Network Building

Google+ Marketing Strategy

As we all know Google+ is a feature of Google and this means that it is a platform designed to house shareable content so that it is more easily found by Google’s search engines. Therefore, it is invaluable, unmissable, socially-motivated SEO. Building network will be more easy for Google+ users than any other social networking platforms.


Create A Content Calendar

Google+ Marketing Strategy

A content calendar can help you to determine what is your schedule to post. While it will impact the frequency of your Google+ posts, we recommend synchronizing your Google+ postings with your Facebook or Pinterest updates. Furthermore, it is important to leave flexibility on your calendar so that you can incorporate trends, hot topics and memes to boost post engagement. Google+ promotion of content tends to work best outside of business hours, as engagement on the network is typically at its highest during evenings and weekends.


Content Promotion

Google+ Marketing Strategy

Every time when you post content to Google+, Google indexes it just at the same time. What’s more, thanks to personalized search, your content is then more likely to appear in the online searches of your contacts. Once you have posted content then after you can concentrate on promoting your great content. Be sure to include +1s buttons on your website and blog posts, so that users can effortlessly like and share your content, even while not specifically on their Google+ accounts. This again is about growing your presence and authority, allowing your community to build around you and traffic engagement.


Go To Google+ Ads

Google+ Marketing Strategy

As compared to other platforms, paid tactics are not much affecting on Google+. However, you may want to consider executing a paid campaign on Google+, especially if you have an engaged Google+ community or a significant number of Google+ traffic referrals. +Post Ads are slowly gaining traction among major advertisers. However, keep in mind that when you execute a +Post Ad, viewers can post their comments directly to the ad unit itself. Also, you have to have at least 1,000 followers on Google+ to turn your posts into ads.


Make Your Text Stand Out

Google+ Marketing Strategy

You will first want to help your content stand out by differentiating the formatting. Instead of publishing a boring set of content or text, add a little formatting variety to your next Google+ post. If you publish a long post, remember that dense text can be a turnoff for readers. Use appropriate line spacing and paragraph breaks to make it easy for readers to scan your content. Use of bold, italic and strike-through text to highlight essential headings or passages will stand out your post in the stream.


Communities Engagement

Google+ Marketing Strategy

Add your content to Google+ communities and engage with other community members by replying or commenting on their post updates. By doing so, you can also need to ask them to follow yours. Encourage people to follow yours by using an active CTA or value proposition. Always respond to post comments on time, and thank users for engaging with your content or ask follow-up questions when appropriate. Better engagement will give you the endless results.


Influencers Engagement

Google+ Marketing Strategy

Keep identifying and engaging your influencers. This will help you to expand the reach of your content by connecting their networks as well as your own. Use Google+’s “Find People” suggestions, connect with influencers and add them to your circles. Filter influencer search results by topic shared circles and large or small communities. Share influencer updates to build partnerships and add to your content collection.


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Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping up my article, and hope you found this article helpful to you. If you will apply this Google+ Marketing Strategy to promote your content will be much more effective. Get your genuine audience on Google+ and make your business leads to growth. If you have some suggestions, you want to add on, you can write in the comment box below.

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