Free BuddyPress Add ons of 2018

BuddyPress is always considered as one the best and most suited plugin to help you create a social networking community of your own on WordPress. Activities, Members, Profiles, Friends, Groups, all is provided to you with this one plugin. But BuddyPress alone does not fulfills all your community needs. There are many features and functionalities that you might require to create a complete community website. Now, you must be thinking about how you can add these features to your website? The answer to this is using a BuddyPress Add on on your website so that you can add more functionality to your BuddyPress website. Therefore, we decided to present to you few of the Free BuddyPress Add ons of 2022. Let us check them out.

Free BuddyPress Add ons of 2022


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rtMedia is one complete solution for all your media needs. Its highly compatible with WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress and provides you features to play media on your website.
The major features of this plugin include:

  1. WordPress Integration
  2. BuddyPress Integration
  3. Albums collection
  4. Attach media to activity status updates just like Facebook.

Therefore, this free BuddyPress add-on is a must-have if you want to give your add the ability to add photos, albums, and videos in your BuddyPress community.

BuddyPress Group Reviews

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If you want your members to give reviews to Buddypress Groups on the website, then this BuddyPress add-on is just for you. BuddyPress Groups Reviews allows the BuddyPress Members in your community to give reviews to the BuddyPress Groups. If you like a group very much and want to show that, you can easily give a review for that particular group.
The review form of this plugin allows the users to give text review and a star rating based on multiple criteria.
Major features of this plugin are:

  1. Review Moderation
  2. Set Multiple Criteria
  3. BuddyPress Notifications for new reviews
  4. Email Notifications for new reviews

So if you wish your members to rate your group and add their reviews to your group. then you must get this completely free BuddyPress Add on.

BuddyPress Docs

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BuddyPress Docs is another great BuddyPress Add on to your WordPress website. BuddyPress Docs lets you add a collaborative workspace to your BuddyPress community. Everyone requires a document editing and sharing functionality for their community website and this add-on fulfills that.
Features of this plugin include:

  1. Link Docs to groups or users
  2. Support for fully-private document upload
  3. Fully sortable and filterable doc lists
  4. Full access to revision history

Therefore, this plugin helps you add the features of documents on your BuddyPress Website.

BuddyPress Check-ins

BuddyPress Add ons,BuddyPress Add on,Free BuddyPress Add ons,Free BuddyPress Add onBuddyPress Checkin is a free BuddyPress Add on that allows BuddyPress members to share their location when they are posting activities. You can add places where you visited, nearby locations based on Google places with this plugin.
This plugin has two major features:

  1. AutoComplete: Add location for your choice start typing location name and it will suggest based on your input and you can select it.
  2. Place Type: Restrict your members to add locations based on nature of your website, like religious website can allow adding Church, Templates etc.

A Google API Key is required in order to fetch Google Locations for your activities. So If you are eating at your favorite restaurant, you can share your location with your friends on your activity.

Wrapping Up!

So, in this article, we shared some of the Free BuddyPress Add ons that can help you add great functionality to your BuddyPress site. These add-ons are a must have if you wish to create a complete social networking community with WordPress. I hope this article was a helpful one. If you have any recommendations, hit the comment section below!

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