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Online Communities are everywhere. Having a group around with whom you can share your likes and interests is everything this generation needs. Since we are living in the digital world, such groups are now formed online. Digital communities are the new ‘trend’ and if you are still not a part of it, you are missing out!

Communities are a safe space that allow you to share your thoughts and in return be a part of intellectual discussions about … whatever you want!

People are always on the lookout for information, tips and support which can be easily provided by online communities. Every community is formed with an objective, which depends on the needs of its members.

In this blog, we will explore some of the types of Online Communities that you can be a part of!

1. Social:

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We are social animals and such a type of community is most common. It can include social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or various public and private communities formed for the sole purpose of socializing. In fact, brands can capitalize on this and create an online presence for themselves to be connected with their customers through a social community. A social community is the one where people connect with each other, share their thoughts, ideas and comment on what they see. It is an informal kind of a community.

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2. Support:

Any organization would prefer a support community when it comes to their products and services. It helps in reduction of support costs and also works as an expert forum. Various questions about the kind of product and service a brand supplies can be answered, new techniques and tips on how to use the same can be given and upcoming developments about the brand can be shared with customers. It acts as an online customer support service, which makes issue solving easier for the customer and the brand!

Moreover, it can also facilitate a community wherein members help each other by resolving their issues and sharing hacks!

3. Action:

An organized action-based community can aid non-profit organizations with their social campaigns. People that want to highlight societal issues and be a part in forming solutions can form communities with like-minded people to bring about a social change. Members can organise protests, share accurate information about the same and help each other out by joining their cause. It can also help raise funds! Moreover, it can also help maintain a much-needed database of volunteers and aid them in their work. An action based community is proactive. It’s members can bring actual change in the society by working together.

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4. Professional:

Such a community includes everything related to jobs, artists and businesses. Individuals that share similar work profiles can come together and share their knowledge, give advice and discuss current happenings. A professional community endorses connections. The members can also help each other by discussing openings, latest developments in their profession and solving various issues faced by fellow members. A professional community helps them act as one unit and gives a sense of belonging to its members.

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5. Interest:

A community can also be formed on the basis of likes and preferences. Having a group that shares your interests is important. An advantage of an online community is that people around the world with similar interests can create a community of their own to discuss more on the subject and appreciate it together. It can be made for the love of reading, movies, brands and so much more. In such communities, members can share images, videos, text and everything else and have relatable content which can spark discussions and form lifelong friendships.

6. Marketing:

Communities help brands build an unforgettable online presence. The members in such a community are brand-advocates. It can be created as an appreciation for loyal, long-term customers and to retain current customers. Brands can keep its users up-to-date on new occurrences and provide them with tips, coupon codes and so much more. Online communities are a new type of marketing that does not require a huge investment and has assured returns. Customers like feeling close to their favourite brands and an online community can bridge the gap between the company and the customer.

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7. Personality Development:

In today’s world, everyone aims at getting better. Such a type of community helps its members become their best self, physically and mentally. Members can help each other out with exercises, meditation techniques and diets. It can work as a go-to place for information on psychology and behaviours with experiences from people all over the world. They can also recommend workbooks and books related to the same. People of all ages can benefit from such a type of online community.

8. Local:

People from a particular locality can come together and make a community that includes all information about the place they live in. For anyone that is not familiar with the surroundings, this can be of great help. Further, anyone can ask questions in such a community and members can answer them accordingly.

Moving to a new city is tough. Local communities could be a data mine of everything local — from restaurants to picnic spots and places to visit. It is shared by residents of a particular locality. In such a group, sharing of resources and information takes place.

It is important that as an individual and as a brand, we make the most of online communities!

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