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When beginning a website, selecting a domain name can be worrisome as you do not want to leave any room for error. Choosing an apt name for your website is central to your success as a wrong name can be difficult to switch in the future without causing any damage to your brand and rankings on the search engine. Starting out initially, it gets tough to arrive at a catchy name concept having the best suitable domain name.

To simplify the process, we present an easy framework that helps to choose the perfect name for your WordPress marketplace website.

Do Not Deviate From The .com Extension

Numerous extensions of the domain name are available at present, from the earlier .com, .org and.net to niche extensions such as .blog, .photography and even .pizza.
The best suggestion is to select a domain name with .com. Though it appears enticing to come up with smart blog names by applying for new extensions, still .com is the most credible and accepted extension for a domain name. Current extensions such as .ninja or .photography are not reliable domain names.
Dot.com domains are automatically typed by particularly those who are not technology-friendly. If your site of the type of susan.photography.com, it will result in an error page on the photography.com website. A smarter way would be to refrain from such risk by adhering to .com
As a matter of fact, a large number of smartphone keyboards naturally contain a .com button.

Apply Keywords In Your Domain Name

WordPress Marketplace Website

Keywords are essential in a domain name search. The application of keywords in your domain name informs a search engine about a website. Coupled with quality blogs and satisfying user experience, you can rank higher in search engines and Google by using keywords in your domain. It is generally not easy to find a great domain having your target keywords that have not been used earlier. You require to be imaginative and mix your keywords with different words so as to make your domain distinctive.

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Stick To Short Domain Names

Though keywords are significant, there is no need to go overboard with regard to domain length. It is ideal to have a short domain name that is worth remembering. It is often advised to restrict your domain name to below 15 characters. Lengthy domain names are difficult for your users to recollect. In addition, users will become more interested in typing typos that have lengthy domain names which can result in a lack of traffic. This makes it important to stick to a short domain length.

Make It Brandable And Unique

Keep a unique domain name for your blog so as to create an impression in the minds of your readers. It is sensible to research various blogs covering your niche and take note of the domain names used by them.
Certainly, you do not prefer to apply a trademark name coincidentally or get blamed for copying some other blogger. You can also select a domain name that appears brandable. While the domain name and the name can have a direct relation or reference to the business or its products. Such domains do not spell it particularly but rather they exhibit qualities or value of the brand product or facility. Such non-descriptive domains create a powerful brand worth over time.

Brandable domains have a lesser probability to be previously registered as domains and are not forever tagger or linked with a limited descriptive category. Domain names that are brandable are creative, catchy and unforgettable. Like for instance, “Amazon.com” is a name that is more brandable compared to “PurchaseBooksOnline.com.”

Stay Away From Hyphen Use In Domain Name

Never generate a hyphen containing domain name. Hyphens can represent spam domains and you would not like to be linked with one such spam domain. Moreover, hyphenated domains are more liable to typos and misprints. If you select a domain name having hyphens because your preferred domain has been already taken, it becomes more likely that your users will land up at the site of your rivals if they do not remember the hyphen.

Go For A Domain Name That Is Simple To Speak And Spell

Your domain name should be shared easily while speaking and also writing. You can not say exactly when your domain name can be asked to share in person.
If you are intending to utilize your domain name to build an email address for a professional enterprise, it should be simple to understand and speak for any user.

Refrain From Double Letters

A great idea is to refrain from domains having doubled letters as it raises your chances of a decrease in traffic due to typological errors. Double words become difficult to spot. Like, for instance, take a look at repairrepeater.com and repairrpeater.com as a large number of people would fail to notice the wrong spelling.
Similarly, for example, a domain such as Presssetup.com is more liable, to typos and leads to lost traffic.
Not using double letters, will help to type your domain name easily and make it more brandable.

Offer Scope For Expansion

It is an intelligent move to select a domain name that is linked to your niche or industry segment as it offers users an inkling about your website. Moreover, you also may not like to narrow down your long term possibilities.
Like for example, a florist may select a domain name such as cactusblog.com, but later they may decide to begin blogging about flowers besides cactus. In such a case, the domain may restrict you from drawing your readers who are interested in different flowers.
Moving your site perfectly to a new domain can turn into a worrisome exercise, and can also result in search ranking casualty if it is not done properly. This makes it essential to choose a flexible name for the domain at the very start.

Conduct Review Of Your Domain Name

Prior to registering a domain name, conduct a review of whether a similar registered business exists that utilizes the same name. You can conduct a trademark survey to find out whether such a similar name is already trademarked. Perform trademark research to prevent domain names that are conflicting. You can conduct a Google search and examine the visibility of the domain name on leading social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It is clever to invest in domains that are closely spelt or misspelt domains such as Microsoft possesses Bings.com and Bing.com

A matching domain name not only leads to a mix-up but can also cause serious legal consequences which can entail cost. Once you have created your own site and is up running, you can gather more knowledge about the way to trademark and obtain copyright of your website logo and name.

Utilize Generators For Domain Name And For Smarter Ideas

At present, there are above 360 Million domain names that are registered. This makes people complain that all better domain names are already in use. Looking for a personal domain name manually is very taxing and time taking. This makes domain name generators a useful option as these free tools search your defined keywords automatically. You can receive hundreds of savvier domain name ideas in this manner.
Some of the online domain name generator tools that are popular include Nameboy and IsItWP that aids to search for smarter domain name options.

Do Not Wait For Long As Other May Take It

Every day registration of thousands of new domain names takes place all across the world. Do not waste a moment if you have found your favourite domain name.
After all, domain names are similar to real estate. A continuous throng of people is searching proactively for great domain names that are brandable and can be registered so as to offer them improved rates in the near future.
If you are slow to act, others may surge ahead and register your domain name as they are comparatively cheaper.

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Final Thoughts

Your domain name represents the face of your business and should reverberate as a brand. Keep it catchy and easy to recall and also meaningful and also try creative concepts by blending portions of two words together. Make the best use of the given approaches and craft great domain names for your website or blog.

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