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Create an online marketplace like Etsy that can take your e-commerce store at the peak of success and can make an ever-lasting brand positioning in the mind of your prospective customers.

Placing the foot strongly in today’s eCommerce arena is something like you’re challenging the well-established websites like Etsy. If you aren’t confident enough whether you can establish your e-commerce websites like Etsy having such a name and fame, then, I must say you must be relaxed now.


Because in this article I’m going to tell you how you can create an online marketplace like Etsy without requiring to get a deep knowledge of coding.

Some Crazy Facts About Etsy

create an online marketplace
ETSY Marketplace

Being a small domain, it consists of craft, art, handicraft and handmade items. So, first of all, you need to understand why Etsy became successful and why everyone is searching for ways to create websites similar to Etsy.

  • Having appealing aesthetics, this site encourages social shopping.
  • The brand has established and maintained its credibility along with having a personal approach towards customer service
  • The page design is incredible and has a fast loading time.
  • The search options are not cumbersome but appealing.
  • You’ll find the lists of only unique, vintage and handmade products on Etsy.
  • Etsy allows buyers to connect with sellers by providing them with an engaging multivendor website.

Want to know how to create an online marketplace like Etsy?

Building a marketplace website like Etsy is no doubt helps the seller to expand their e-commerce business. Websites like Etsy has a good potential to engage the customers on an e-commerce store. Let’s get to know how to create an online marketplace like Etsy-

Step 1: Get Your Domain and Hosting First

A good brand is a must in order to attract customers to your online store. Without a good brand name, you can’t start your e-commerce store. So, first of all, decide your domain and buy it from a hosting provider company like GoDaddy, Blue Host, etc.

Step 2: Install WordPress and Multi-Vendor Plugin

Dokan multivendor
Dokan multivendor

Next, you have to install WordPress which acts as a base to start the marketplace website. Further, choose a multi-vendor plugin and install it on your WordPress website.

I recommend you to go with Dokan Multivendor Plugin. It’s a complete multivendor e-commerce solution for WordPress. It’s super intuitive design & interface makes everything easy even for beginners.

Step 3: Add Styles to your online marketplace like Etsy

reign storemate
Reign Storemate

Without a professional appearance, your marketplace can’t perform better. Give your customer a place which compels them to say “Wow… such an amazing online store!”

Obviously, you don’t want to mess up with coding. Right? So, here is another option for you. There are lots of WordPress Marketplace Themes available in the market using which you can add a unique style to your online store.

And, your website like Etsy will get ready to launch!

Recommended themes

For your convenience, I’m telling you about a wonderful e-commerce marketplace theme that can make your marketplace looks like an Etsy store. And, that’s StoreMate!

StoreMate is a Dokan Based Multi-Vendor WordPress theme which helps you to build your own Amazon or eBay or Etsy.

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