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How Can I Convert Blog Site Into LMS? Thinking about that but don’t know where to start? Take a deep breath and walk through this guide. I’ve covered some fruitful ways that help you convert your simple blog site into an interactive Learning Management System.

With the invent of Learning Management Systems, there has been a lot of change in providing training. LMS offers an excellent and cost-effective way to share your knowledge worldwide right from your home. And, WordPress offers a simple yet innovative way to get started with WordPress LMS.

Let’s understand how.

Why Should You Choose LMS Instead Of Traditional Classes?

Learning Management System provides a number of benefits. Here are the major LMS benefits that you’ll get by using it:

☛ Saves a Lot Of Time

WordPress education theme

LMS sites enable learners to complete training wherever they are, i.e., no need to present physically in the training classroom. They are easily automated and really very convenient than traditional face-to-face methods of instruction.

☛ A Cost-Effective Way To Share Knowledge

Traditional training methods require a proper setup of classroom, benches, boards, markers, and more. They are quite expensive. Moreover, the instructors’ salary, in case you want to allow students to learn multiple subjects, also adds up.

Contrary to this, an LMS site is a low-cost alternative that doesn’t require these cost to incur. Just an internet connection and website set up.

☛ Power of Creativity

Once you’ve set up a physical location for your training classes, you can’t immediately change the set up again. Rather it will take time and enough of your money and resources.

Contrary to this, LMS solutions are flexible enough to support different types of training approaches.

☛ Track & Monitor Your Learners Progress

Through an LMS website, you can collect data regarding every instructor and your learners. The data can be their course progress, badges, ranks, and more. Everything in a detailed report. This allows you to track how your learners are performing and whether there is any need to change in training modules.

Requirements To Convert Blog Site Into LMS

Since you’re already working with WordPress. So, setting up an LMS website doesn’t require much than these:

Convert Blog Site Into LMS

1. A WordPress LMS Plugin

Your WordPress site needs some functionality that allows you to create and sell courses online. You can integrate such functionality to your simple WordPress Blogging site using WordPress LMS Plugins.

These Plugins allow you to set up the courses, Course Progress information, Student enrollment and management, Content dripping, Quizzes, payment gateway support, certificates, and many more features that are necessary to make your site interactive.


[idea]Have a look at these WordPress LMS Plugins for 2019 to integrate course setup functionality to your WordPress website.[/idea]


2. A Membership Plugin

When you’ve logged In to a particular course selling website, you would have often seen you can’t access some of the content even if you’re a member of that site. They might ask you to complete a step by step process or authorize yourself for a membership level.

Similarly, you can also do this with your LMS website using WordPress Membership Plugins. For example, you can create different membership levels like Gold membership, Platinum Membership, and so on.

Here is a brief of what you can do with these WordPress Plugins:

  • Control Access to Your Content
  • Monetize your LMS website and collect payments from your members
  • Create membership levels


[idea]These Top WordPress Membership Plugins 2019 will help you to create membership levels on your site.[/idea]


3. A WordPress LMS Theme

WordPress LMS Theme

WordPress LMS Plugins allow you to provide course set up functionality on your site. While to create an interactive eLearning website, it requires a lot.

And, that’s where the importance of WordPress LMS Themes come!

WordPress LMS Themes allow you to improve your website appearance by adding some super cool features and interactive layouts. This will help you to make your learners stick and engage.

Have a look at these WordPress LMS themes.

How To Promote Your LMS Site

Once your online course is ready, now it’s time to promote your courses to create awareness among your prospective learners. Here is something that you can do:

☛ Social Media Outreach

Social Media Platforms enable you to interact with users directly depending on their interests. You can take help of various social media outreach tools as well.

The more you’ll get social, the more you can target your learners.

☛ Email Marketing Strategy

Today, many websites are eager to collect as many emails as they can. And, the reason is obvious! Sending emails is one of the best mediums to reach directly to the target customer with personalized messages.

And, it really cost approx 10x less than launching an expensive television and commercial advertisement. You can also remind them of any important update regarding the launch of new courses or any other information.

☛ Paid Advertising

Set up a list of keywords that your prospective learners are using while finding the courses like what you are offering. Create compelling ads targeting those keywords to reach your learners easily.

You can choose different forms of online advertising like:

  • PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)
  • Social Media Advertising

☛ Blog Posting

I’ll suggest you write engaging blog posts on all those keywords that you would like to target. In this way, you can easily target your prospective learners in an organic way. Try to create informative blogs that drive value to your learners.

And, don’t forget to categorize your blog posts in relevant categories.


So, when are you going to launch your own eLearning website? Is there anything that you would like to know regarding WordPress LMS? Leave a comment below with your queries and we’ll surely get back to you with a valuable answer.

See you with another brilliant information. Have a super awesome day ahead!

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