Amazing Things That You Can Do with WordPress

Amazing Things That You Can Do with WordPress

WordPress is no longer just one of the best content management solutions or CMS tools. Due to its various fantastic inherent features and different plugin integration, now you can do a lot more than just managing your website contents.  Featuring hundreds and thousands of plugins to select from, it offers tremendous functionality to the users. The things that you never imagined you can do for your website now can be performed effortlessly with the help of WordPress platform. Here are the top 9 amazing things that may not have known you can do with WordPress platform.

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  1. Create an Online Store in Minutes with WordPress platform
  2. Host a Multipurpose Website
  3. Build the Job Board Easily
  4. Make the perfect Landing Page
  5. Create a fully Developed Forum
  6. Give your Site the needed Security
  7. Create a Network of various Sites
  8. Build a Multilingual Website
  9. Create your own Social Network

Create an Online Store in Minutes with WordPress platform

WordPress online store,WordPress platform

Among the various fantastic things that you can do with WordPress, creating an online store is one of the most impressive. WordPress lets you build coolest online store through its WooCommerce plugin, developed and designed by WooThemes. Though there are other e-commerce plugins as well; but it is the WooCommerce that has an excellent stature in the market for providing best features.

Host a Multipurpose Website

WordPress allows one to choose from its various multi purpose themes, helping one to create the maximum impression on his audience. Suppose you have chosen a particular theme like Total as your business theme. Well, you can use this theme as a landing page, for educational organizations or as a portfolio theme etc. With WordPress providing countless of such multi purpose themes, create a multi purpose website has become easier have ever.

Build the Job Board Easily

Gone are the days when creating the job board for a website used to require complex set-up procedures or some expensive software. Now, you build our job board whatever way you like, using its various job board plugins, such as WRJob Board, Jobify, WRJobus etc. Whether you’re a web developer, or a recruitment agency or simply a blogger, you can easily build your job board.

Make the Perfect Landing Page

WordPress Landing pages

An attractive and effective landing page helps to grow the business by generating positive leads. The customizable post type options and coding allow you to make the desired landing page for your WordPress website easily. The more specific your landing page will be, the better your rate of investment or ROI will get. LeadPages, OptimizePress, Thrive Content Builder and Beaver Builder are some of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating ideal landing pages.

Create a Fully Developed Forum

WordPress Forums

If you are thinking about creating a full-blown and fully functional forum, then WordPress has plugins like bbPress for you. It helps you in replying to separate topics, creating different forum categories to dealing with multiple topics in each and every category. You can create a perfect forum without facing any difficulty at all.

Give Your Site the Needed Security

WordPress Website security

By using various WordPress plugins like Sucuri and iThemes Security, you can take proper security measures for your site. Security of a website is one of the major concerns for any websites. And WordPress perfectly takes care of this serious issue. Being secure CMS tool in itself, it features services like WPX Hosting and WPEngine, providing maximum security possible to the users.

Create Network of Various Sites

Now anyone can create a network of different websites and keep it under one control. Serving as a perfect solution for the University or network of bloggers, it offers one single site for managing all the departments.  By simply adding a specific line to your wp-config.php file, you can set up your multisite in moments.

Build a Multilingual Website

WordPress multilingual website

If you have thought that creating a multilingual site is a tough task; well then you haven’t tried WordPress yet. Offering various plugins like WPGlobus, Polylang, and xili-language, it helps you to manage your multilingual pages and posts easily. There is also WPML plugin that can help you to manage your multisite by generating different language for each and every site.

Create Your Own Social Network

WordPress social network

Supporting plugins like BuddyPress, WordPress also allows you to create your social network on your site.  Social networks are extremely helpful for interacting with the audience. Therefore, you can create social networks for a particular topic, for your new product or your company or school or college.

Rather than merely being a website creation tool, WordPress has become as more of a platform offering unlimited new features and options to its users. The above-mentioned 9 things are some the most impressive things that you can do with WordPress.



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