6 Best Business Phone Service of 2024

Business Phone Service

Business VoIP phone solutions, which are at the cutting edge of technology, are being used by small companies to improve internal and external communication. Improving both the customer experience and employee output, the best small business phone service offer dependable voice, video, and message channels. Virtual phone services, in contrast to traditional PSTN landlines, provide many useful extras, such as call routing, call recording, interactive voice response, and video conferencing.

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What are Business Phone Services?

Businesses worldwide rely on business phone services to facilitate their telephonic interactions with clients and potential clients and internal and external communications (landline, VoIP, or virtual). It’s likely that any company, no matter how big or small, will have some business phone service in place. However, it’s important to review whether or not that phone service is giving your organization all the capabilities and prospective connections (like Salesforce) that it can. Recent years have seen a lot of discussion surrounding the development of business phone services due to the many advantages and new features that providers include to keep up with technological developments.

Now, let’s examine the best WordPress-compatible business phone services.

1. Nextiva- Business Phone Service

The communications sector is led by Nextiva, a company that has quickly become a market leader. Nextiva allows you to start with a basic plan and scale up without having to transfer service providers. They can set up a phone system for a small firm so that staff is easily approachable, or they can help you construct a state-of-the-art call center with audio, video, text, and chat capabilities. There is no need to replace your current phones if you choose; however, Nextiva does provide the necessary hardware. All of the components will be factory-set and ready to use right away.

You may download the app and utilize a headset from any device. Nextiva manages all the security, so employees can work wherever they are without generating IT hassles for administrators. You may utilize the same phone numbers you have at your workplace desk from the convenience of your own home by downloading the Nextiva app. The same phone extensions you use at work may be used here. Nextiva includes all the main phone system functions, including voicemail, call routing, and an auto attendant that automatically meets your callers and sends them to where they need to go. Customers also access voicemail to email, simplifying their voicemail inbox.

2. Ooma

For businesses with as few as 10 employees, Ooma Office offers reliable and affordable phone service. Ooma is an inexpensive way to cover basic needs by allowing a group to keep using their existing analog phones, making it an attractive option for many small businesses interested in trying out a no-frills option. The barebones Ooma Office subscription includes SIP phone customer support, toll-free number choices, a group calling features, emergency (911) services, and voicemail-to-email conversions. Advanced functionality, such as virtual faxing and extensions, is also available to users. After setting up your Ooma system, you may use adapters to connect your existing phones and fax machine.

With the Ooma mobile app, you and your team can make calls from your cell phones wherever you go. Therefore, you may decide to forego the expense of a dedicated piece of hardware in favor of a mobile-only solution. However, we wouldn’t advise doing so. If you need a hardware-free business phone system, there are superior VoIP services out today. Since Ooma is compatible with many phone models, you may easily stick with the one you already have. Ooma offers great deals on all of the most popular phone types if you decide you need a replacement. Ooma may grow with your workforce. Adding users and devices, as well as managing the whole system, is a breeze.

3. RingCentral- Business Phone Service

RingCentral- Business Phone Service
Business Phone Service

RingCentral MVP markets itself as a comprehensive service suitable for businesses of any size. Its unified communications (opens in a new tab) approach provides several opportunities for app integration with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and Zendesk. At the most fundamental level, you may use call management, phone system administration, and conference phone and desk rental choices. The options that RingCentral offers are tailored to the needs of smaller companies, making them stand out from the competition. It’s dependable, safe, user-friendly, and provides a high-quality voice for crisp communication.

RingCentral MVP shines at the higher price brackets, where it includes a plethora of useful extras that should be included in any 21st-century phone service. With RingCentral’s UCaaS(opens in new tab) and CCaaS(opens in new tab), even a small company can have the same advanced communications capabilities as a large corporation. Additionally, RingCentral may provide a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), which grants access to a developer network and the APIs necessary to personalize and combine your phone system with other programs fully.

4. GrassHopper

Grasshopper is an easy-to-use virtual phone system for sole proprietors, small enterprises, and startups. The phone system here is rather basic. You’ll be able to make your first call minutes after installing the Grasshopper app. They make it easy for you to locate toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, 800 numbers, local numbers, and or transfer your old number. Because small businesses typically need more time and effort to get started, that’s exactly what Grasshopper was made for. Grasshopper’s instantaneous response time is a useful tool in this regard.

Once you have the app installed, you may customize basic call flows for multiple lines, record greetings and after-hours messages, and use voicemail. Your company’s credibility will immediately increase. Callers are met with a menu if you’re unable to answer the phone. You can now distinguish between business and personal calls with ease. Grasshopper will notify your potential client through text message that you missed their call. Sending out an automatic message like this will ensure no leads are lost.

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5. Dialpad- Business Phone Service

Dialpad- Business Phone Service
Business Phone Service

Dialpad is more than simply a corporate phone service; it helps centralize all of a company’s communication channels in one convenient hub. Dialpad’s messaging, video conferencing, and other useful features might completely transform the way your company communicates with one another. The built-in AI in Dialpad is useful since it transcribes meetings, assesses caller sentiment, and coaches new agents. Due to its emphasis on integrations and innovation, Dialpad is regarded by many as the best virtual phone service available.

The high quality of Dialpad’s call analytics directly results from the app’s ability to transcribe calls in real-time correctly. The analytics dashboard uses simple charts and graphs to reveal call traffic trends and regular callers’ patterns. In addition to the hard data, Dialpad may also provide speech coaching by highlighting times when an agent needs to slow down for the sake of the consumer. To guarantee that essential calls are never missed, Dialpad provides various management capabilities, including custom routing and ring groups. These tools allow you to designate particular teams to answer calls with simultaneous or sequential ringing across all of their connected devices.

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6. Phone.com- Business Phone Service

Phone Pad- Business Phone Service
Business Phone Service

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable VoIP business phone plan, go no further than Phone.com. As a bonus, their prices are among the market’s most competitive for enterprises of any size. Not only is the price lower than competing systems, but the licensing terms are also more accommodating. Unlike many other carriers, Phone.com allows you to combine several types of service into a single bill. If only some of your workers require limitless minutes, you don’t have to update everyone’s license to provide access to the function.

Fortunately, advanced capabilities like voicemail to email, call blocking, and call queuing are available even with this basic package. The service’s compliance with HIPAA’s privacy regulations for the healthcare industry is also highlighted. The more costly plans with higher minute and text message caps may be the most practical for most organizations. Phone.com excels in making enterprise-level cloud-based business phone services affordable for even the tiniest of organizations, such as sole proprietorships and LLCs with only one employee.

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Conclusion of Business Phone Service

Think about your specific requirements before settling on a business phone plan. If you only want a casual conversation with a few friends, you could discover that a less expensive choice has all the features you need at a lower price. But suppose you need a business phone line for frequent, extensive usage by a big group of individuals. In that case, you should consider the more expensive plans to use the more sophisticated features they often provide.

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