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Running is often considered a solo sport/individual sports game. However, running in groups helps you cover long distances without getting tired and bored. You can benefit heavily from running solo, but we get bored of a similar pattern after a time. So then, we shall look for a group of people in our area who go for a run together. We must consider multiple things while choosing a runner’s community website for our leisure time.

Running community is the best kind of community. It is essential and easy to join. Running helps you maintain good shape and keeps you away from harmful diseases. You can quickly enter a running community by matching your interest. You can find running communities on the internet. Apart from all the social networking benefits of a community, you will enjoy online events and several other special programs, such as online running using a VR setup to run with your group from your house.

We will discuss all these things in detail, including creating a runners community website with ease. But, before that, let us first understand what a runner’s community is and some distinctive features of a runner’s community.

Create Your Own Community Website

What is a runners community website?

A runners community website is where people come together to plan running sessions and talk about running. A running community is a kind of subreddit group for only running. People can send messages to other runners, upload activity streams, write informative blog posts/short blog content, and plan running sessions. Of course, you can do many more things being a part of the running community.

Benefits of joining a runners community website

Joining a running community will benefit you in many different ways. Some of the benefits of joining a runners community are:

1. Socializing

You can join a runner’s community to look for friends within your local area. Get to meet new people sharing similar interests and socialize yourself. With time you might be able to make new friends and go for a drink post-running sessions.

2. Safe and Better

Running alone can sometimes become dangerous at one point in time. It is better to run in community groups to avoid second thoughts while crossing dark streets. Also, it keeps you away from theft attempts.

3. Competitiveness and scope of improvement

Every club is unlikely to be competitively focused. However, running a rivalry would help you get better at running. A little running feud is good for the scope of improvement and competitiveness.

4. Support and Help

Support- runner's community website
runner’s community website

Running is tiring, and if you keep running and running without no support, you will get demotivated. Joining a runner’s community will get you a pat on the back every time you perform an impressive run. This support will likely boost your running career to new boundaries.

5. Incitement- Runner’s community website

Indeed, running offers you a little bit of solitude. But, it is better sometimes to receive motivation from others in the community. In addition, it helps you get better at running because getting motivated every time you run is necessary for constant improvement.

How to create a runners community website?

Creating a community website is easy, but a few things need to be kept in check to practice the smooth and efficient functioning of the website. Here are the steps to create a runners community website from scratch.

1. Create a website using WordPress

How to create a website like Coursera- Runner's community website
runner’s community website

Log in with your account on WordPress and create a website. Creating a regular website will be your first move towards owning a complete runners community website. After creating your website, you must think of a name for it. Next, buy a hosting web package depending on how long you want to run your business.

2. Choose a theme compatible with WordPress Website

Theme- runner's community website
runner’s community website

After establishing, configuring, and naming a WordPress website domain, you must choose an interactive design compatible with WordPress. Next, select a theme that complements the principal goal of your intended website.

Keep in mind that the topic you choose must be acceptable to the members of your music community. Having multiple sub-categories will allow for maximum user participation on your community website. You can use our Reign theme. It is a WordPress-powered, all-in-one community platform.

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3. Constantly work on your website

Apply the theme and modify your website with the latest plugins. Using plugins that go well with runners will allow optimum engagement on your community website. You can depend on us for the theme and plugins! We got your back.

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5 Tips to smoothly run your runner’s community website

1. Be Tenacious

Don’t get disheartened if only a few people show at the launch of your website. Every community does not become an excellent community in the first few days after launch. Take your time, be persistent, and aim for continuous progression rather than a one-time hype.

2. Make the audience realize your online presence

Building an online presence is necessary to set up your community website. Communicating using social media and other networks will allow users to find you easily. Hence, it will increase your community website’s engagement.

3. Ask your members

Take the initiative and ask your members what updates you should bring to the website. Ask them for feedback. Feedback will help you make all the necessary improvements and bug fixes. Then, take the lead and plan running events for your members using polls and activity share!

4. Create a user-interactive design

Make sure that your design is user-friendly. If new people join your community, they should be easily able to get through the introduction, set of rules, and regulations of your runner’s community.

5. Increase online interaction

Communicate with your community and let them communicate with each other freely. People joining your community would look for people who think alike. Understand your audience, and prepare for events or discussions. Not just organize offline events, but go for online events to keep your community in touch with each other.


How to create a Runner’s community website? – Takeaway

Build your online presence and let your fellow runners join your community! Organize events, curate fascinating content, and create user engagement. Keep your community updated and communicate with your members. Do not let them feel that they’re wasting their time by joining your community!

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