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Bitcoin Payment for WordPress

Cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoins are on-trend these days. This currency makes it easy to accept online payments. Many are not aware of what these currencies are. But they are a good option to take payments. A popular figure that has driven the growth of Dogecoin is tech billionaire – Elon Musk. His tweets on the microblogging site – Twitter – gave Dogecoin public recognition and are responsible for many people investing. The cryptocurrency name “Doge” in Dogecoin is coined from the misspelling of the word “dog,” which circulated the internet displaying the dog in several situations expressing a largely funny monologue.Today, it has graduated from being a meme to a popular cryptocurrency. Many people buy Dogecoin and trade with it on the cryptocurrency market.

If you have an online store built using WordPress and are want to accept Bitcoin payment in WordPress or other Cryptocurrencies, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about Bitcoins and how to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress website.

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What is Bitcoin?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography for security purposes. This currency was created by an anonymous person or group under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009.  Bitcoins are the first and the most popular and used cryptocurrency that is exchanged through a secure peer-to-peer transaction. The best part about Bitcoins is it is anonymous in nature that is there are no middlemen involved in it. It also not asks for any information from the buyer.

Bitcoins are created through a process called mining and released slowly online. All the transactions are handled by a network of computers that use their power to solve problems and act as a verification method for these transactions. These mathematical problems get harder for more bitcoins to be created. You can visit a trading website for the best crypto signals telegram channels.

Choosing Bitcoins as your payment option can be good if your transactions are dealing worldwide as this gateway allows you to convert Bitcoins to your own currency immediately. As stated earlier, Bitcoins are fully anonymous in nature and therefore, it does not require any sensitive information for the transactions to take place. These are safe and one of the easiest payment options to go for.

Bitcoin payment
Bitcoin Payment for WordPress

Top Bitcoin Payment Gateways

In order to accept Bitcoin transactions, you will require a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets are like your bank accounts which lets your debit and credit bitcoins like a normal currency whenever any transaction will take place. When a transaction takes place, Bitcoins are stored in your wallet and you can convert them to your local currency whenever you wish to do so.

Now the question arises, From where will you get these wallets?

This option is provided by Bitcoin Payment Gateways. There are some popular bitcoin Gateways that not only provide you Bitcoin wallets to store your Bitcoins but also to convert them to your local currency. These gateways have some amazing features and are completely secure and private. Let us find out some of these popular Bitcoin Payment Gateways.


Bitcoin Payment

Coinbase is one of the most popular options to help you buy and sell bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can start with this with three easy options. The first is to Sign Up by creating a digital currency wallet. Next Connect your bank account, debit card or credit to exchange bitcoin into your native currency and Finally Buy some digital currency to begin using them.

Coinbase works seamlessly on Android as well as iPhone. It provides you secure storage, insurance protection, and recurring buying options.


Bitcoin payments

Another popular gateway to help you accept, store and spend bitcoins securely. You can also turn bitcoin in dollars with the BitPay Card.
Bitpay provides you option to Accept bitcoin payments for your business, Get a wallet, Turn bitcoin into dollars and spend anywhere. This is a secure way to deal with Bitcoins easily and effectively.


Bitcoin payment

AirBitz is the easiest and secure way to use Bitcoin. You can easily trade and store your Bitcoins in the most secure manner. It also considers privacy as one of its major features.
AirBitz is secure, Decentralized, private, easily expandable and a powerful option to trade in Bitcoins.
With so many features in hand, this is one of the best methods to deal in Bitcoins.

Accepting Bitcoin on WordPress

WordPress is a platform that never falls short of features that it provides. It provides you to accept payments in Bitcoins on your website. The best option to integrates Bitcoins on your WordPress website is with the help of plugins. Let us check out 4 such amazing plugins which can help you accept Bitcoin Payments on your website.

1. GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Bitcoin Payments

GoUrl is one of the best and free plugins that allow you to accept Bitcoin/Altcoin for WordPress, You can easily sell any type of product be it a digital or physical product with this plugin.
Major features of this plugin are:

  • Set your own prices in your preferred currency without any monthly fee.
  • No ID, Bank Account needed.
  • Anonymous and secure transactions with zero risk.
  • Easily convert bitcoins in your currency straight from your wallet.

This plugin also supports more than 100 local currencies, Provides Direct Integration and much more.

2. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Bitcoin WordPress
Bitcoin Payment for WordPress

This amazing plugin lets you accept Credit Cards, BitCoins, Alipay and Apple pay on your website. This plugin for WooCommerce enabled you to do payments in Bitcoins.
Features of this plugin are:

  • Pay using BitCoin and Alipay
  • Provides currency conversation feature.
  • Full & Partial refunds
  • Stripe Overview Page

This plugin is free as well as comes in a pro version. You can easily accept and pay Bitcoins and convert it to your local currency using this plugin on your WooCommerce Store.

3. CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Bitcoin WordPress
Bitcoin Payment for WordPress

CoinGate uses a fully automated cryptocurrency processing platform and invoice system to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies easily. You can receive payouts in Euros and US Dollars directly to your bank accounts or PayPal.
Major Features of this plugin are:

  • Fully Automatic Gateway
  • Supports 40+ digital currencies
  • Provides sandbox environment for testing
  • Issue refunds directly from invoice and more.

This plugin is full of features and completely free.

4. Blockonomics Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin WordPress
Bitcoin WordPress

Blockonomics is considered the fastest and easiest way to start accepting Bitcoins in your store. You can easily accept Bitcoin payments on your website with safe and secure transactions. All your payments go directly into your own Bitcoin wallet.
Key features of this plugin are:

  • Accepts Bitcoins and other major digital currency.
  • Supports all major fiat currencies
  • Complete checkout process happens on your website
  • No approvals of API key/documentation are required.

A free plugin that provides you with an easy and safe way to process your transactions in Bitcoins.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Payment for WordPress

Accepting Bitcoin payments on your WordPress website is not just an easy option but also is a secure option. Bitcoins is a simple, easy-to-use, anonymous cryptocurrency that is the best choice for your website. It does not require any private or sensitive information of the buyer that makes it more convenient to use.  You can convert it instantly into your local currency as well.

I hope this article gave you an idea of what these Bitcoins are and How you can use them on your WordPress website for smooth and safe transactions. If you liked this article or have any suggestions for us please hit the comment section. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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