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Automating your marketing efforts can go a long way toward making them easier and more sustainable for you as a shop owner. AutomateWoo automates your marketing efforts and boosts WooCommerce sales. learn how automated emails work for better marketing.

Key features which we liked most about AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo helps to automate WooCommerce marketing via workflows for your marketing actions. Each workflow consists of a straightforward system of one trigger and one or more actions.

Follow Up Emails: Automatically email customers who buy specific products and ask for a review or suggest other products they might like.

Abandoned Cart: Remind your potential customers who have left items in their shopping bag with automatic emails at set intervals.

Personalized Coupons: It also provides functionality dynamically to generate personalized coupons for your customers that increase purchase rates.

Subscriptions Automation: Perform actions based on WooCommerce Subscription events such as status changes, failed payments, and renewal reminders.

Product Recommendations: It also helps to follow up customer orders with cross-sells and related products based on their purchased products.

Review Rewards: Get more product reviews by offering discounts for reviews. Limit the discount based how many reviews posted and by the rating.


AutomateWoo has integrated with the popular MailChimp for WordPress plugin and created a new trigger that fires after a subscription occurs.

AutomateWoo provide an integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions to make managing subscriptions almost effortless. Using AutomateWoo, you can create workflows based on subscription events, such as when a subscription status changes or a renewal payment fails.

  • Subscription Status Changed 
  • Subscription Before Renewal
  • Subscription Payment Complete
  • Subscription Payment Failed
  • Subscription Trial End 

By integrating with AutomateWoo you can take WooCommerce Memberships to the next level. Create workflows that automatically send follow-up emails, reward loyal customers with VIP status and keep an eye out for membership cancellations. AutomateWoo provides four custom triggers and actions to help you stay connected to your members.

  • Membership Created
  • Membership Status Changed
  • Create/Change Membership Plan for User
  • Delete Membership for User

AutomateWoo is currently $99 for a single site license and provides tons of powerful marketing actions to help you boost WooCommerce sales.

It also integrates with other popular plugins to add new triggers and actions. You can use AutomateWoo with the WooCommerce Wishlist ($79) extension or the free YITH Wishlist plugin.

Ready to give it a go? You can start automating WooCommerce marketing today:

Check Automate Woo here



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