Choosing your Initial WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme out of numerous given options is not an easy task. There are several free themes on WordPress and more are added each day. Selecting a theme out of so many is a rather prodigious task that can sometimes lead to choosing a low-quality theme. Your WordPress theme gives the impression of your website and your business as well. The following tips will help you in choosing your initial WordPress theme more easily.

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Choose a Theme by considering what your Business is all About

Select a theme by keeping in mind your brand or business. Choose a theme that will display your content in a proper way. Choose a WordPress theme that has an approachable about page. You need to make sure that there’s enough space to display the content. Whatever you choose, it should be something that makes it easier to read everything displayed.

1. Opt for Premium Themes- Choose a WordPress Theme

You need to decide whether you want to go with free themes or with premium themes. A lot of people choose free WordPress themes. That creates monotony throughout several websites. Therefore choosing a premium theme is best as they are very flexible. Premium themes are unique and can be used across several platforms as well. You can customize and manage your premium theme according to your liking. And, you would also get customer support which you won’t get in the free version.

2. Choose a Theme that Loads Quickly- Choose a WordPress Theme

To ensure that your website has a great User Interface, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly.  Most of people tend to leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore it is crucial to check the loading time of your theme. There are several tools available that help in checking the loading time of your page. By checking the loading time you will be able to know if it is the right theme or not.

3. Buy Themes only from reputed Marketplaces

Do your research and find the most trusted marketplace to buy a WordPress theme from. By buying a theme from a reputed marketplace you can be sure of its quality and safety. Check that the theme you choose is updated on a regular basis. There are various websites that provide superior-quality themes at a reasonable rate.

Choose WordPress Theme
Choose WordPress Theme

4. Choose a WordPress Theme that can be customized

Choose a theme that has a built-in editor so that you change everything as you want it to be. By choosing a customizable theme you will be able to change the fonts or change the pictures to your liking. No matter if you choose a free theme or a premium theme, make sure that you can customize it.

5. Ensure that your Theme is Mobile Friendly

The number of people using their mobile phones to surf the internet has increased steadily. Therefore it is very important that your website can be accessed through mobile. There are several tools that help in checking if your site is mobile-friendly or not. It would be a big drawback for your WordPress theme is not compatible with a mobile device.

6. Make sure your Theme is Translation Ready

WordPress is a huge platform that enables people from all over the world to access and build websites. It is essential to ensure that your WordPress theme is translated ready as WordPress websites are in several languages. Therefore check if your theme aids multilingual plugins or not.

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Conclusion on Choose WordPress Theme

Be smart regarding what you choose for your website. You will be able to create a good impression of your website if you choose a great theme. Make sure that the WordPress theme is visually appealing to the viewers and is easier to use as well.

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