5 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Multilingual Website

desiging multilingual websites

With a website that can be viewed in multiple languages, your customer base is likely to increase. But, it is always a good idea to offer something extra to the viewers in this period of stiff attention-grabbing among the websites. So, it will only benefit your multilingual website to increase its user-friendliness.

The importance of reaching out to a larger number of audiences by offering your website browsing in multiple languages can never be understated. However, with a little bit of effort, the user experience can be further enhanced. This will create an impression in the mind of the first-time visitors and might coax them to come back for repeat visits.

In this context, you may refer to the five tips discussed below to make your multilingual website more attractive and user-friendly for the user.

Optimize the Language Button

This ‘button’ allows access to the feature of changing languages while browsing. They can be customized and placed almost anywhere on the page and flags may be displayed instead of the country or language name. The point to note here is that you should make this button noticeable and prominent for the user. In case the visitor is unfamiliar with your website’s default language, he will look for this button on your multilingual website. So, it is a good practice to place the button near top or header of the page, above any visual images or content. Also, use the dropdown in case you are offering multiple language options.

Right-To-Left (RTL) Languages Require Mirror Pages

We are more used to the Left-to-Right (LTR) writing system. However, there are languages which follow the RTL system of writing. In case you are offering these languages in your multi language website, providing mirrored webpages along with the same will enhance the user experience significantly. The view will feel natural and logical to the visitor using the language feature if you change the corresponding sidebars, images, and menus in the mirrored form. Websites using WordPress will be benefitted by its support of the RTL feature.

Multilingual Website

Keep the Same Page View for the User

This relates to the default property of some language plugins redirecting the user to the site’s homepage when switching languages. In multilingual websites, this may create a setback in the user’s mind and they may be inclined to leave your site altogether. To save this hassle for the user, try using a plugin which does not force this action on the viewer.

Automatic Detection of the Visitor’s Preferred Language

You may also decide to add this nifty feature in your multilingual website. A user visiting your site for the first time may not expect to find it ready with his preferred language; this feature will surprise him in a pleasant way. Also, many users may find it difficult to locate the language button; this automatic translation feature will be a boon for them.

You will find using the default browser language of the user most reliable for translation purpose. A little technical knowledge of coding is required to affect this change in your website, but the changes are spectacular enough to worth the effort. Alternatively, you may consider investing in a plugin which offers this service.

Use High-Quality Plugins

WordPress Content Management System (CMS) offers a host of features that helps you in implementing the multiple languages in your multilingual websites. In case you do not want to get down and dirty with coding, trustworthy plugins with proven customer satisfaction and technical support are available in the market. With these plugins, you get access to a host of features while ensuring your sit’s performance is not hampered in any way.

Thus, with the 5 tips described above, you may further enhance the user’s experience with your multilingual website. Combining these features with a properly optimized website will ensure an overall satisfying user interaction, which may prompt him to return for repeat visits.



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