5 Suggestions for Writing a Video Description that Will Rank Better

Writing a Video Description

Videos are reliant on the description provided for SEO. A video is also one of the content formats that will boost traffic to your website, engage visitors, and improve your SEO ranking. The description you provide for videos on your website or social media page will determine the perception of search engine spiders. Are you looking for an editing job online? Get a constant supply of diverse and well-paying freelance jobs online by credible employers.

Writing a Video Description
A description should capture all the details of your video. This demand may cause you to write a lengthy description that then works against your wish. Here are tips on how to write the best video description that will also boost your SEO ranking.

1. Use Keywords In The Title Of Your Video

The title of your video will help search engine spiders to track it down over an internet that is filled with content with similar words. The title of any content receives priority when search engine spiders are scrolling through the internet. Include the keyword capturing the area or category you would like the content to appear during the search.
The title must be captivating enough to motivate internet users to click on your video and not any other article. Craft the title in a natural way such that the keyword will not appear forced onto the title. If the title captures more attention leading to increased traffic, search engines will consider your content as valuable. They will raise it high during ranking and enable more people to see the content.

2. Enhance The Keywords In The Description Provided

Use the primary keywords on your description but also enhance it using secondary keywords. The description provides room for more words compared to the title. A captivating video description should give details of the video in the least words possible. However, these words must be chosen such that they will be captured by the search engine spiders.
Enhancing your description using the keywords should be done cautiously. Too many related keywords will appear like spam on the page. Spamming any article or description with keywords compromises your ranking. The best way to avoid spamming a description is to use keywords that are related to the commonly searched words. Using alternative keywords also helps your video to appear on other searches apart from your primary target.

3. Tag Relevant Keywords On The Video

Tagging is a trick used to capture the attention of search engines by adding depth. A description is too short to accommodate all the areas that you might desire your video to feature. Tagging helps you to enter the specific words instead of using secondary keywords and combinations.
The tag appears at the bottom or top of an article. Search engines make provision for tags when giving results about keywords. A tag will diversify your chances of appearing at the topic. For instance, a video may target parents, teachers, students, and other stakeholders in the education sector. It will be difficult to capture the interests of all these parties in a single title. Tagging allows you to capture these names without interfering with your title.

4. Include A Date And Update Your Description

Search engines give priority to the most recent content during ranking. The date will give an impression of content that has been uploaded recently. Include the date using the format of numbers as well as words. This will also guide readers looking for the latest videos on your subject.
The idea of time is also important when uploading your videos and giving them titles. Some words will give an impression of time and currency. For instance, people will search for the ”latest”, ”most recent”, ”fresh’,’ and updated, among other ideas. Words that give an idea of time will push your video to rank higher because the words appear in all content categories.
Constantly update your description. Include the new words that are currently ruling the search engine traffic. Updated content will appear new and, therefore, rank higher. This is a shortcut that allows you to have the latest descriptions and rank higher without generating new content.

5. Describe The Characters In The Video

Provide a detailed description of the story, characters, and activities in the video. A video involves a series of activities that would be of interest to different people. Just like the tag, a description of characters helps you to capture the attention of people looking for different ideas. For instance, a video may include people at a construction site, helping victims, using fabricated material, and celebrating their achievements. It is difficult to include all these details in a single title. The description will help you capture the scene.
Hire a professional copywriter to produce excellent quality descriptions for your videos. The descriptions should remain short while still capturing all the details needed to convince search engines to rank your video high. Update or renew the description without developing new videos.



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