Almost all internet users are probably familiar with the term, ‘spam’. For any of you who don’t know, spam consists of irrelevant or unrequested contributions and activities such as posts, updates or messages posted to websites or a large number of internet profiles or user walls. This mostly takes place on social media sites for the purpose of advertising, phishing or spreading malware.

On WordPress, most spams are created by users for better search engine rankings of their sites. However, due to this, the users on your social media site suffer and their profiles look like an advertising board for other companies and users. What’s worse is that people who want to ask questions or post relevant information leave your site because of this. This leads to lower engagement levels, lower conversions and distrust among your site visitors. Hence, to combat this you need to follow some steps and ensure effective moderation on your WordPress site. However, let us first take a look at what moderation is.

What is Moderation?

Moderation is a functionality that enables you to approve or disapprove contributions from appearing anywhere on your WordPress site. In simple words, it gives you the power to allow only those activities, posts, updates and messages that you feel are relevant and disallow those that are not needed. It is a very useful technique to prevent all types of spam activities and ensure a clean and healthy BuddyPress social media platform and a personalized wall for your users.

Importance of Moderation

Activities, posts, updates, and messages are a very important part of any social media site. This is because these are the most dynamic and exciting mediums to promote interaction among all users. Not only as an engagement tool, but these are also one of the best ways to form a lasting and meaningful relationship with your site visitors. Facebook and Quora are the biggest examples of how powerful moderation can be for a successful social community.

Remember, communication is the first step to transform random visitors into loyal customers. Hence, if you do not pay attention to this aspect and take moderation lightly, you are the one who will lose the most and that too without knowing. Be aware and be successful.

Advantages of Moderation

Moderation is important as it helps you to allow and manage relevant information that is good for your BuddyPress site. Good posts or useful updates on the personal profiles of your users increase the keyword variation on your site page and make it accessible to long tail keywords. This improves your site SEO considerably. Not only this, but these posts and activities also make your site interesting, trustworthy and more shareable. Moreover, these are the best ways to start conversations or discussions on your site and make your online community even stronger.

Since relevant contributions are so important, moderation or the selection of appropriate activities, posts, updates and user permissions on your blog are extremely advantageous. Hence, be strict about the moderation policy on your social site and implement only those contributions that matter.

Employ Moderation on Your BuddyPress site

Since moderation is important how would you ensure that you are available round the clock at all times to check all the activities, posts and updates on your BuddyPress site?

Wouldn’t this be difficult to do?

Not at all. In fact, it is very easy. You just need to install a simple plugin called BuddyPress Community Moderation Pro. Easy to install and use, this incredible plugin is equipped with an effective community policing strategy. Under this, members of your BuddyPress community can enable auto-moderation for activities, comments, posts, and even private messages. Not only this but it also allows you to set individual limits for each user on your site. As a site admin, you also get options to remove access from a blocked member to post any status update, send private messages and also to hide blocked member from the members’ directory page. And to do all this, you don’t have to sit and stare at the screen the whole day around. You just have to activate the plugin in 5 minutes and then peacefully go to sleep.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of effective moderation and how to employ it on your BuddyPress site easily. If you have any queries or feedback, do mention them in the comments below.

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