BP Moderation: A Must-Have Community Plugin

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BuddyPress Moderation

Through the community policing strategy of BP Moderation, members of the community have an option for moderation sitewide by attaching flags to content created within the various components. It adds links/buttons to signal inappropriate user-generated content on the site, so individuals can without much of a stretch flag content as inappropriate. Admins would then be able to see all the reported content in a table in the WP backend, and order/filter them accordingly to take actions.



How does BP Moderation Work?

BuddyPress site admins can elect to have the “flag” button placed next to certain content types, including status updates, activity comments, members, groups, forum topics, and forum posts. The admin can set an automatic warning for users whose content has been flagged and automate deletion after a set number of violations.


Options to enable moderation for BuddyPress Components

BP ModerationClick on WB Plugins. A page displaying the General Settings will appear on your screen. BP Moderation allows site admin to choose for which components you want to enable moderation, It’s ready for Activities, Activity Comments, Messages, Members, and Groups. Select the desired options and click on “Save Changes”


Simple Option for Activity Updates

Activity UpdateClick on “Activity Update”.  Through Activity Update, enable/disable Automatic Moderation, BuddyPress Notification, Send Email Notification to the Admin. Enable the desired options and then click on Save Changes.


Activity Comment Moderation Options

Activity CommentsModeration options for Private Messages

BP Moderation Private MessagesBP Moderation Options for BuddyPress Members

MembersBP Moderation options for Groups

GroupsIt’s unobtrusive and keeps your BuddyPress community healthy and balanced. Depending on how active your community is, this plugin can keep members from spreading sour vibes and help your community to flourish. BP Moderation is a necessary tool for community management. BP Moderation works with both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss.

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